10 Command Block Creations [Redstone] (1.0.5 Only!)

A command block can be used for executing text commands and in this map you can explore 10 such creations. Give it a try and examine some different ways which you can combine command blocks with other redstone related blocks and items to create clever mechanisms. Hopefully this showcase will give you some ideas on what you can build using this new block!

Creator: Assassiner 003, Twitter Account, YouTube

Infinite Diamonds: Press the button to obtain a diamond pickaxe. Then use the pickaxe to break the diamond block. As soon you’ve mined one diamond block another will appear.

Raining Arrows: Don’t stand too close to the button if you hold your life dear. Arrows will come raining from the sky.

Trump’s Wall: Use the buttons to build or remove the wall.

There are 7 other creations included in the map but those I’ll let you explore for yourself in-game!

Important: This map requires version 1.0.5 or higher. Android users can sign up for the beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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49 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Lavaboy says:

    Ha ha, trump wall. Nice one 🙂

  2. Nathan says:

    The Great Wall of Trump! Would it be acceptable to make a Donal Trump add-on or would it be bad to post?

  3. Burak says:

    We want a fear map with a command block

    • MouseSkull says:

      You mean a horror map? Oooh, I’m waiting for that too, especially after a possibility to customize sounds was added.
      Maybe I would even make one, but I’m waiting until they get /playsound to work.

      • Not important says:

        /playsounds does work
        You just need to search up the sounds.json files to play thise sounds you want
        And you can also download the music add on in minecraft

  4. SardineBackbord says:

    You can hide the “[@ object szccessfully summoned]” by tiping “/gamerule commandblockoutput false”, so the chat doesn’t get spammed by that message.

  5. Fouladgar says:

    I downloaded the map, extracted it, and put it in the minecraft worlds file but it isnt appearing ingame WHYYYYYYY

    • SolidMoney25979 says:

      Are you running on 1.0.5?

    • PolygonForLife says:

      Edit:You can put a .zip (in minecraft world folder )file without even extracting it.
      (P:S:Addon and resource pack works too.

    • AndreiTGK says:

      That’s a bug of low end devices

    • OmegaLlama says:

      I had the same problem but the solutiin is to go to setting, profile then click the button that says application and switch it to external

    • Hebe says:

      You have to delete all your worlds and select : Save worlds to external(From application to external) and then extract the world to the sdcard/games/com.Mojang/minecraftWorlds. That folder should be there whebn you select external. Hope you understand.

  6. Anthony_Was_Here says:

    I can’t wait till 1.0.5 is out on iOS 😀

  7. Bob says:

    Can you make custom commands like a wyvern the aether. Now would be awesome

  8. Awesome ave says:


  9. Michael says:

    Me too but for some reason my minecraft in the AppStore won’t update 😕

  10. raccoon says:

    How are there command blocks?

  11. Hoohoo says:

    I feel like it is super cool I love the trumps wall part

  12. Lukas says:

    Very good map bro

  13. Ian says:

    Thanks dude it’s helpful

  14. The Legend says:

    Could you do an actual with a story and command blocks!

  15. Gamer Rbyte says:

    Wow is Epic But we’re z the download button?!

  16. School says:

    Hey there
    A video has been made
    Have a nice day….

  17. AbyssDroidZ says:

    I can’t download the file even the .Macworld or the zip file but whyyy???

  18. Chris says:

    With the unlimited diamonds one, make it a fortune 3 diamon pickaxe, and change the block to diamond ore. Then you have infinite diamonds and Xp.

  19. Hunter Albritton says:

    I was in heaven for a while marking all the ores to blocks and something telletported up there and hit me and then teleported away and now I like don’t want to play minecraft because I think it was herobrine

    • Hilmy843 says:

      Herobrine is only an creepy pasta lolz, and true herobrine is HACKER who make terror in Single Player survivor

  20. Matthew says:

    I’m just about to download it and I can’t wait!

  21. Matthew says:

    Very cool commands dude!

  22. DarkEnderKnight says:

    i like the Heaven part. 🤠

  23. Alex says:

    I can’t download it. It keeps saying that adfly refused to connect. I already disabled my adblock and firewall. Please give me other link.

  24. Ethan says:

    I really want to know how you get command blocks in minecraft. SuperMCE9

  25. SuperMCE9 [YT] says:

    My favorite part is Heaven.

  26. McpcGamingYT says:

    Hey Everyone I am A YouTuber called Mcpc Gaming

    • Golden_Swordsman49 says:

      Cool. Hey i will give you ideas about maps if you are making one. Ganbaru yo! (Good luck!) I will support you.

  27. D33ZNUTS says:


  28. pro redstoner999 says:

    dude (warning constructive criticism) these are easy basic stuff no awesome stuff so if ur gonna label this awesome, this has to have something non basic. (and for anyone out there who says that I cant do better then I built a thing that lets you climb on the underside of iron bars and I made a zipline and a grappling hook that actually shoots out a line B.TW and I made it so that you can ground-pound stuff and made insta-explode landmines k?)

  29. Alen Paul Varghese says:

    It’s notch who created the game

  30. Kate says:

    Hahaahahaha trumps wall haha i love it 🤣

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