10 Second Parkour by Blu [Parkour]

Parkour your way across 6 different colorful districts. Reach the reset point within 10 seconds to reset the timer. Once the timer counts beyond 10, you lose and get reset back to the last checkpoint. Special colored blocks gives special effects.

Creator: BluFlyawayTwitter Account
Updated: 8 January, 2019 (read changelog)


  • Blue wool will kill you
  • Green wool will set your spawn
  • Magenta wool are rest stops. You can roam around without having to worry about the timer after you step on one
  • Yellow wool are reset points. They will reset the timer
  • Brown wool will give you speed
  • Iron bars can be gripped on if you jump 1 block below it


  • Special blocks
  • There are 6 Easter eggs. Find them all to unlock the secret level.
  • Each district has special features (e.g.: Exploding crystals in mines)

Secret Level

In order to unlock the secret level you need to find 6 special items hidden throughout the districts (Hint: Easter eggs are mainly found in places with rest stop blocks. Stay alert). After completing the last district, you will get reset back to the lobby. Drop all 6 items on the ground to unlock the secret level.

Creator Notes

Sorry for the major gap between maps. I didn’t have time to make much progress. Hope you have a delightful Merry Christmas.


  • Fixed the flat world bug


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16 Responses

3.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. eliasmaranescu says:

    yeah good map you dawaloand

  2. Aisa says:

    Great map
    3-stone pickaxe
    4-dead Bush
    5- don’t know???

  3. Eric Yang says:

    Where is the 4th Easter egg pls?

  4. eugenio says:

    It doesn’t work, when I download the map I appear in a completely flat map with only grass. I’I’ve searched in all directions but I couldn’t find nothing.

  5. Vedant says:

    It doesn’t work

  6. Lorna0815 says:

    Flat World.

  7. Mich135 says:

    Can you fix this map for android because what we only get is a flat map no platforms

  8. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work

  9. H20 says:

    It’s the same for IOS

  10. ChaoticPlayz says:

    dosent work

  11. BluFlyaway says:

    It happened again didn’t it.. sorry for all the inconveniences. It seems my PC did it again. The map has been corrupted. I’ll fix it ASAP

  12. ChaoticPlayz says:

    its not working its a flat world!!!

  13. DearPowa says:

    This map is so frustrating that at some point isn’t even fun anymore

  14. Help me says:

    Hey waht are the names of items?

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