Simple Small House Designs [Creation]

This is a useful map if you are in need of some inspiration for building your next house. There are 16 different designs and each one uses materials which relate to a different biome. All of them are fairly easy to build (since they are small) and include most of the essential blocks you’ll need (e.g. crafting table, bed and so on). And they also look really nice!

Creator: itzBojan, Twitter Account
Updated: 23 May, 2017 (added 6 new houses, new lights, new fountain)

Here you can see some of the houses included in the map. As you can see, there are houses for multiple different biomes.

The houses are designed to fit one person.

Most of the houses are really cozy!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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19 Responses

4.83 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. TheMistakerz says:

    First Comment Anyway Good Map!
    Please Do 10 Simple Redstone Mechanic

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  3. DoggyPaddle says:

    Nice, I see you used some strategies that Grain uses.

  4. CMAN says:

    A bit too repetitive for my taste, but it’s great how small they are! But still, they all seem the same.

  5. ShaneTheRager says:

    Very good for me

  6. Bang toyib says:

    Is really good map

  7. I Hate Adfly says:

    Nice! P.S, y u stalking someone sleep

  8. MinatoNamikaze says:

    This map is Cool you can pick and copy it to your own world please make more

  9. SkullGamer says:

    Great map ever…..

  10. Keefe502 says:

    Nice map I can absolutely get more ideas and inspirations!

  11. cooldude45 says:

    yes please make more simple and small houses. I have used a lot of your ideas in most of my houses that i built. Awesome map!!!!!

  12. McGaming says:

    This map is awesome

  13. Sincal Gamer says:

    So very very good the map . I like this map

  14. Aidan Cyrenne says:

    Great map!

    I love all the ideas, and I also love every single update that has to come, not to mention that I’m sure there will be more! Thanks for making this map! And I hope to see more made by you in the future!

  15. AnyFireDog says:

    I watched Unspeakable Gaming showcase this map, and remembered thinking, I really want these houses! Now I can have them! Thanks a lot, can’t wait to get started!!! 🙂

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