10 Things You Don’t Know About MCPE 1.2.X [Creation]

This map was created to showcase some features of the game which otherwise likely would have gone unseen. By looking at the world settings it doesn’t appear to use any custom resource packs or behavior packs, so it does seem legit. There are lots of different features included in the map such as new blocks, particles and cool tricks.

Creator: Nziom


  • New secret egg, evocation fang spawn egg, fireworks spawn egg + 7 more items
  • Anti fire
  • Secret blocks with commands
  • Fake falling diamond block +12 others
  • Floating sand trick
  • And more!

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52 Responses

4.38 / 5 (40 votes)
  1. Lloyd says:

    Hard to explore with the insane and uncontrollable amount of speed that I can’t remove.

  2. Gamer of Minecraft says:

    Hey Editor Make A MediaFire Link For This I cant download it cuz of the link….
    I don’t know how it works so Pls Fix and Create a MediaFire Link….

  3. Keyyard says:

    i thought max level is 37K? btw nice map but u should have some builders to make it looks better

  4. Anonymous says:

    Such a gross map

  5. Miggy says:

    There’s a problem every time I spawn it spawns me nowhere

  6. Meri says:

    This is the most confusing map I’ve ever played. Please make this more intelligible, I can barely read and understand anything it says.

  7. Aldrin says:

    oh my goodness the best guide in minecraft!!!!!

  8. BlueSource says:

    How do you get the secret spawn eggs? I typed “/give @s spawn_egg 1 1” and it said “theres no such value for spawn_egg” please help 😢 😢 😢

    • Emma Canada says:

      Thouse commands were removed but somehow the creator putted the I don’t know how but that’s amazing

  9. Ahmed rayish says:

    THIS APP IS supper nice thumbs up.

  10. A019 says:

    Awesome =)

  11. Nziom says:


    • CaptainJoe143 says:

      Wow giving your own map a rating. Also it makes no sense at all. You need to organize it better. And most of the signs and stuff dont make sense either. Also you dont explain how to do most things.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What is the anti fire and how do you get it?

  13. DrEnderman25 says:

    What is the anti fire and how do you get it?

  14. Jenna says:

    It’s very confusing and it’s hard to find things but it is cool

  15. Minepro says:

    It does not work for pe

  16. Twistedt says:

    It does not work on pe

  17. Shadow says:


  18. Fuzion says:

    hay do you have the creaters email

  19. Sasha says:

    Tell the command of enchanting items on this level please!

  20. Emma Canada says:

    OMG so cool that boss was big I also liked the fire works

  21. Illumi_zoldyck says:

    Cool map dude ^o^
    How did you all that stuff

  22. Ziad says:

    OMG how did he get that giant slime without add-ons also the negative fire was so cool XD

  23. Canadian_crafter says:

    Finally new secret spawn eggs it’s been such a long time also the infinite fire works boost was so op

  24. Minena says:

    WOW it’s so amazing I can use this stuff easily now thank you so much ❤

  25. TrueTriz says:

    This map is completely mind blowing legitimately am so glad I found it great job dude : )

  26. Marco says:

    Thank you mcpedl this map is so helpful

  27. Eclipsa says:

    Love it there are infinite thing’s there it’s so much fun to break Minecraft like antvenom without mods

  28. Anonymous says:

    It’s horrible! Doesn’t work!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Make better stuff
    Before upload them

  30. IM2D says:

    Horrible. honestly, cant read anything and the explanation was almost impossible to understand. the speed boost and the insane amount of fov made it even worse.

    • Obviously says:

      You obviously didn’t read the rules of the map in the very beginning and it set the fov to 40 and use that slowness potion it was there from the very beginning of the map how hard is it to read

  31. MW says:

    WoW I needed those blocks finaly found them

  32. Chara says:

    There is something scary in that map how could he make all those stuff in vanilla mcpe and there is that gaint boss also if you checked the commandblock there is a hidden message there lol is the map huntedor what 👻👽👹

  33. Raptor_1 says:


  34. Hi says:

    Thank you so much I hope you do more in the next update

  35. herobrine002317 says:

    nice bro ,but the speed is givin me a headache now,but thanks i realy like that. hope you can make another one without the speed.

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