1000 Jump 3 [Parkour]

This parkour map includes three different levels. By jumping on different terracotta blocks you’ll gain different special abilities such as extra speed or a jump boost. At the same time it would have been impossible to complete the obstacles without those abilities it also makes it quite difficult as you will have to strategically plan your next moves to complete the levels.

Creator: Laki67


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13 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Johnpatrick says:

    Why can’t i play it..i can’t open the world..plsss help!

  2. TBNRTurtleGod says:

    I made something like this a long time ago but I didn’t know how to publish a map so it’s just lying in my worlds
    -Can anybody give me a guide on how to do it on iOS I would appreciate it a lot

    • Ray Adams says:

      I know you need some sort of way to extract the file and then to publish it… I don’t know much about publishing maps, but I hoped that helped!

    • TheKillerbro466 says:

      You need a computer and get an app I forgot which app but you go on it and you extract the file and publish it to mediafire search it up on YouTube how to publish minecraft pe maps

  3. Lela1234321 says:

    Hi i love your maps

  4. Jesse662041 says:

    Epic Map thx for publishing it!

  5. NoctOnline says:

    This is a good map

  6. GamingwithX11YT says:

    Very bad map! It’s very frusterating and raged to keep doing jumps and it keeps lagging me. This is not recommended for Not-So experienced parkourers which includes intense parkour like glass jumps and ladder parkour going around a pillar. If you start parkour I recommend doing the Parkour Spiral which includes no intense parkour and a fun experience

  7. Notchen 502 says:

    Lololol I love this map

  8. Danielle3264Tan says:

    Nice! 😜

  9. Motherfucker says:

    Good work but how did you add theese abilities

  10. Miranda says:

    It spawned me in a flat world with 2 holes in it lmao

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