12 Command Block Creations [Redstone]

This map showcases 12 really cool command block creations which can come handy if you ever want to build your own map and use command blocks. For example, one creation will teach you all you need to know about rotating mobs and another will teach you about activating events based on user location. Examine each creation by accessing each command block and read the rules and commands.

Creator: Gab_The_Crafter


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19 Responses

3.87 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Stancher 5star says:

    Nice map

  2. Paraphernalia says:


  3. Therix says:

    Copyright detected work?

  4. DataLion says:

    Awesome map =D

  5. 09blueslime says:

    Which version did you make it on?

  6. Searmr cool says:

    I can’t download it says this file is protected my copyright and so on

  7. finalerock44 says:

    There is a problem. The download is broken cos of copyright.

  8. Jack Veney says:

    I get a permission denied when I try to download the mcworld

  9. Murtaja Ziad says:

    Link Not Working!

  10. Dave says:

    Please make your maps take up less space because I can’t download it because it takes up more that 10MB of space.

  11. _Edb says:

    Bruh, Can’t download the world :/

  12. Ethan says:

    What the hell are you saying! The link is working properly!

  13. Ethan says:

    Btw this map is very helpful

  14. anonimus says:

    ami si me deja buen mapaa

  15. KNK2008 says:

    can i have this worlds texture pack please!!

  16. Tejaswa says:

    Working properly

  17. Anonymous says:


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