15 Redstone & Slime Creations [Redstone]

This map features 15 different redstone and slime creations. The majority of the creations are ones which I haven’t seen showcased in any other redstone map before. Learn everything from how to build mobile TNT missiles to arrange decorative light shows.

Creator: Ima_Hot_Dog

Christmas is getting closer and it’s getting time to start decorate your Minecraft creations. This redstone creation is perfect for that as it provides you an example of how to create a beautiful light show just by the use of some repeaters, observers and redstone lamps.


This TNT cannon can be used for blasting yourself up into the sky. Make sure to play in creative mode otherwise there’s a great risk that you will die.


Do you need to hide something in your home but don’t want to make it too obvious with an iron door? This creation looks very much just like an ordinary fireplace. But if you pull the lever it will open and you can enter through it.


Slime elevators are much more user-friendly than ladders. Just press a button to get to the top.


The slime missiles are probably my favorites. There will be signs explaining which block to remove in order to get them to move. As soon as they hit a wall a TNT block will be ignited and explode.

15-redstone-creations-4 15-redstone-creations-3 15-redstone-creations-2

There are a couple of more creations to be explored. But those I’ll leave for you to discover by yourself!

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23 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Arlo Iversen says:

    The flying piston machine does not work

  2. Somethai says:

    I just use Thebes’s machines and put houses behind them so I don’t have to copy them and make them again

  3. Bacon_Mc says:

    The disco light works fine, sometimes bugs a little but the map is good I rate it 100/100

  4. Jared says:

    I love the Slime Launcher and TNT cannon, I had blast protection 4 on diamond chestplate, boots, and helmet, and I survived in the launcher

  5. thepewwald says:

    how to creae flat world stone ??

  6. RandomLlama says:

    Ummm… this world just crashed Minecraft, i can’t get in. Any ideas on how to fix it WITHOUT deleting it?

    • FURIOUSizz says:

      Hi RandomLlama
      I know you don’t want to delete it, but you can save copies of your worlds onto your computer using iFunbox (a free application, just drag and drop the world files onto your desktop) and then reinstall MCPE and drag the files back in. Another thing that could work is restarting your device and then MCPE. Hope it works!

  7. Aydan says:

    Can you make an Hello Neighbour map plz + hello neighbour addon (if you can) whit the wither skeleton re textured whit the neighbour … You will be the best creator if you can

  8. Oscar says:

    I loved the Auto car but I also loved all of them please make more red stone maps. and where do you live?🙂😍😜😎

  9. Pvzzombs says:

    This is awesome.

  10. HotDogSide says:

    Awesome map loved it how my in game name is HotDogSide and 1 of the creators are a hotdog LEL

  11. The_Blockster says:

    Guys I fixed the bug on the plane, it was just too easy….👍👍

    I ain’t tellin’ no one…..😎

  12. ricky is sticky says:

    Good Map I Rate It 100/10 Good Job I Used One Of The TNT Flying Things On My Friends House And They Got Triggered And Left But It Was On A Backup World So It Was Funny Lol

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