2 in 1 Classic Games [Minigame]

2 in 1 Classic Games is a two-player minigame map which contains two different minigames called Connect 4 and Guess Who. The games are two entirely different games with their own sets of rules and guidelines to be followed. It’s a quite sophisticated map with 827 command blocks powering the games. However, the command blocks are only run on user request basis, so it should be fully compatible even with low-end devices.

Creator: AgentCPU0 (Twitter) (YouTube), TheGamingCyclone (Twitter) (YouTube)

How to play?

Let both players join the Realm or the multiplayer server before entering into a game. There are detailed guides for each game in-game.

Video Showcase


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Installation Guides

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3 Responses

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  1. NickThebeast500 says:

    Amazing! Just finished recording a video on the map – I’ll post the video here soon!

  2. Poop says:

    Good job.

  3. Danielius194 says:

    Very very good map!

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