My 20 Favorite Redstone Creations [Redstone]

This map features twenty different redstone creations which include a great mix of complexity. However, one thing they have all got in common is that each one is very useful in its own way. Each creation is very easy to examine so it’s a great map if you are a redstone beginner. Check them out in-game and see if there’s any you can find use for in your own worlds.

Creator: Redstonephantom2017

One of the creations is a hidden fireplace and another is a huge massive auto storage machine.

Keep your house safe with the Quadrillion Combination Lock. No one (except for maybe explosive creepers) can break inside your house!

Do you have a structure with multiple floors? Don’t use stairs! Instead, I recommend that you take the time to implement this elevator.

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23 Responses

4.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. GalacticCreator says:

    Omg these are SO good

  2. hi says:

    copy cat. this was already a map, you just added things.

  3. MaverickandNoah says:

    Luv It!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Redstonephantom2017 says:

    No its my creation.
    I created all of it the prob is my account is benn removed, so I created another one

  5. Redstonephantom2017 says:

    I recommend this to all redstone lovers like me , because its helpful.

  6. Romain says:


  7. Pepe956 says:

    Wooow Guys This map is so cool

  8. Awesomeness says:

    This game Is awesome try It out it is so cool

  9. Furnace says:

    Aren’t some of these like the 4×4 vault door, triple piston expender feed tape and the 2×2 hipster door Mumbo Jumbo’s designs?

  10. JealousMouse says:

    I’ll make a video about this

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty cool if you can add more that would be great

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Taco says:

    Sooo cool! And what’s the texture pack you use?

  14. Artur4000x YT says:

    The bridge crashed my computer 🙁

  15. Anvil says:

    I Don’t have mcpe, how i install it?

  16. Anvil says:

    is there a download button?

  17. CreatorKiller98 says:

    It can’t open.why i download it is 25,6 kb.i re-download it,but still can’t me!!!

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