20 Piston Creations [Redstone]

This map includes 20 different redstone creations and all of them somehow make use of pistons. It’s a great showcase to demonstrate the great variety of things which you can build with redstone and especially piston blocks. Some of the examples include automated farms and clever hidden staircases.

Creator: Tronbot

Let’s have a look at a few of the different creations. Here’s an semi-automated cocoa beans farm. You will need to do the manual labor of using a lever but I suppose it’s not too much to ask, right?

Keep your stuff locked up and protected behind an iron door secured by a secret passcode.

Keep your most precious items in a secret room. To access the secret room you need to pull the lever.

Here’s some weird experience machine. Pull the lever to get tons of experience bottles thrown at you. It’s the quickest way to level up – that’s for sure!

There are many other piston creations but those I will let you explore in-game by yourself.

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25 Responses

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  1. samueric says:

    Uhhh! Another Restone Creation Map, love them! By the way, I have submitted a Night Vision Shader, which makes you see at night (and everywhere else) when it’s dark! Could you please check it out Editor? 😊

  2. BuggyPig says:

    I want Mcpedl to remove this map from their website forever 😡😡👎😡😡👎👎😡😡👎👎😡👎👎👎

    • Editor says:

      Hi BuggyPig. Are you OK? 🙂

      Since we’ve got A LOT of visitors we need to make sure that we post a WIDE VARIETY of items. This means that sometimes there will be things which you do not enjoy.

      You are obviously allowed to criticize the items but I would recommend that you try more specifically to express what you like/dislike about it rather than just a bunch of emojis. 😉

      Thank you for being a loyal visitor of our website. I truly appreciate it but lets remember that we are all doing this for fun!

    • Maker of the realistic bows addon. says:

      I agree with the editor. You should really respect other people’s choices. What is your favorite map? I bet hundreds of people hate that like you hate this!

    • BeastRider says:

      I dont know why anyone would want to ask MCPEDL to remove this map. Its pretty awesome, with all the redstone creations! Like your maps!

    • ExxicuteGamingYT says:

      Nooooo I like

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you crazy to remove this map..this is so awesome 😊

  3. ArcticTraveler05 says:

    Pretty neat redsone map! Your even better than me… 😛

  4. Peter Dormi says:

    I like notch

  5. Destiny Gamer says:

    Wow! This is a very awesome map!

  6. Cupcake princess says:

    This is a really cool map you got here

  7. Cupcake princess says:

    This map is amazing if I was the creator I’d love what I created.

  8. Zachary says:

    Can you make a map showing us how to make the door at the start of the map that goes up and down??

    • Nathan says:

      I would love to show you how to build it, but I don’t have a YouTube account.
      You can at the redstone behind it if it makes you feel better.

  9. Jesslyn Alvina says:


  10. ExxicuteGamingYT says:

    I loved it 🙂

  11. ExxicuteGamingYT says:

    Do a YouTube channel of red stone tatourals

  12. Cool Boy Awesome says:


  13. Cool Boy Awesome says:

    😎 so good

  14. MistakenHacker001 says:

    Try making it with a 14 floor elevator.Complicated Right?

  15. Xander says:

    I want to see this redstone how it work so i clone the world and the other world that i clone will be my house

  16. Alesscreeper says:


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