3D Blocks (Tessellation) Mod

The idea of the 3D Blocks Mod is to convert all blocks into 3D which basically means they will look much more realistic. At the time of writing this only a couple of blocks are 3D but it’s definitely enough to get a taste of what a world in Minecraft in 3D will look like in the future.

If you want to learn more about how you can participate in helping the mod expand and grow then check out their Google Plus page where you can become a tester.

Creator: DarkserverMod Testing Group, Twitter Account

3dblock3 3dblocks13dblocks 3dblocks2 3dblocks4hollowpumpkin1


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30 Responses

4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Levi says:

    3D blocks mod is not compatible with 11.0

  2. Markj says:

    This mod looks awesome! But i can’t use it. My block launcher cannot support 12.1 alpha build mincraft. Is there any other way i can use this mod?

  3. kit says:

    thank you for this

  4. kit says:

    you all work so hard i feel so proud of you ?

  5. akmalzahidi says:

    Its perfect thanks

  6. NewBattle says:

    Hello dude I’m on iOS I have mcpemaps without jailbreak

  7. Franzee AL says:

    Its support for minecraft pe 0.12.2 ????

  8. Senpai says:

    Cant use it with texture pack..

  9. Senpai says:

    I still can’t use it with texture pack

  10. Rizki Maulana P says:

    Please remove circle wood log its not good for Minecraft

  11. Merhaba says:

    Please update for 14.0

  12. DooDoo says:

    I’m playing in 0.14.1 and it won’t let me download ?!?!?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Guys does the mod work for v0.15.1/9

  14. Lizze says:

    OMG LOOKS SO FUN! me and my sister we’re waiting for minecraft to look more real THANKS!!!

  15. Chev says:

    How can i download it?
    If i click on download i can only comment

  16. ZombieExtermina says:

    Think you can try to make this into a resource pack for latest versions of MCPE? It doesn’t have to be an add on, but I like the textures on this. And please, if possible, don’t make it an AdFly link. Some of us can’t use those links.

  17. OPOLO says:

    Is that texture pack?

  18. RielMajo says:

    Hey, can you port this map to 1.1.x beta? I really like this one back when MCPE 0.12

  19. james says:

    can you make an mcpack mod please my game wont work with this without it being an mcpack
    but i do like the looks of it

  20. Anonymous says:

    How do u download this add-on

  21. LiamL says:

    love it

  22. YTFFUNZ says:

    Download file?

  23. Geckie says:

    Can you update this for 1.2.3 please

  24. Tuan says:

    Why minecraft pe don’t have shield ?

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