3t3 Texture Pack [16×16]

3T3 is a very simple and clean texture pack which changes the look of almost every block, item and mob. The one thing which surely looks unique (in a good way) is the sun. It has a much more clean design than the default one. Everything have very straight lines and there the colors are really well put together.

We definitely recommend this pack for anyone who want a more simplistic style to your graphics.

Creator: URNR, Twitter Account
Updated: 27 October, 2016

screenshot-2015-07-05-21-18_33t3-1 3t3-2 screenshot-2015-07-05-21-19 screenshot-2015-07-05-21-20

Simplistic Addon

The simplistic addon is an optional texture pack which can be added to the main textures. They look much more simplistic than the normal 3t3 textures.


Make sure the SimplePlus pack is selected in the following order for it to be applied correctly in-game.


.McPack Files:
Download (Main Textures, Required) (.McPack)
Download (Simplistic Addon, Optional) (.McPack)

.ZIP Files:
Download (Main Textures, Required)
Download (Simplistic Addon, Optional)

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13 Responses

  1. Diwas says:

    Umm is this for 0.16?

  2. ThePlayer says:

    Can you make it a .mcpack?

  3. ThePlayer3156 says:

    It says import failed on my iOS device. Could you fix it?

  4. Wert929 says:

    +Editor I have no ressource pack – texture pack – Add-on on my IOS device… just the SEUS PE shaders. But for the rest I have nothing.

  5. Diamond says:

    Can you update it so that it works on 1.0.0 as well. Please : )

  6. ThePlayer3156 says:

    Guys I found out the problem, the actual .mcpack is in the zip, so when the editor made it a .mcpack it bugged it out.

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