5 Secret Entrances [Redstone]

This is a really useful map if you are looking for solutions for hiding certain parts of your base or creating some type of secret room. The map includes five different redstone creations. Examine the builds and try to replicate them in your own worlds. You might need to remove some of the blocks in the map in order to better understand the redstone structure though.

Creator: Lloyd Semblante, Twitter Account

Make sure to read the signs in the lobby before looking at the redstone creations. The most important part is the following blocks as they will let you know how to enable the hidden entrance.

  • Iron = Press a button
  • Emerald = Place a redstone torch
  • Gold = Drop 1 item

Secret Piston Entrance: Drop an item on the gold block and then wait for the entrance to open.

Hidden Waterfall Entrance: Press the button to gain access to the hidden room.

Enchanted Hidden Entrance: Drop an item on an enchantment table to open the entrance.

There are two more creations but those I will let you explore by yourself in-game!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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26 Responses

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  1. Storm says:

    Do you have any step by step guides to build these?

  2. Storm says:

    Is there any step by step guides to build these?

  3. Lightning12345 says:

    Do you have any other red stone maps?

  4. Pedro says:

    Best game ever

  5. Lol says:

    That’s nearly dude

  6. Crissa says:

    I like this map a lot!!!😉

  7. DANTDM/TheDiamondMinecart says:

    I like this map its perfect for my redstone showcase tommorow!!!

  8. MCPE Master says:

    I wish there was 10 secret entrances

  9. ImortalWyvern says:

    can someone make a map for a vampire or a monster like a haunted mansion? cuz i have the zombie add-on which i like to use it for a vampire based thing but i wish i had a haunted mansion to download for my roleplays and it would be great if it was .mcworld

  10. Lanaloo says:

    This is sick!

  11. GoblinOfDeath says:

    Really cool map… Try adding more red stone stuff into each world

  12. Adreana Sofea says:

    Wow, very secret mysterious, only jk, actually it’s awesome map

  13. Zip.File says:

    Can you make iron bar securtiy system ? If you can please upload the new world

  14. Zip.File says:

    Can you make iron bar securtiy system ? If you can please upload the new world …

  15. Charlie says:

    The fifth one doesn’t work. And also I tried to find your YouTube channel but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

  16. AdrianGameplays says:


  17. Hannah says:

    It is amazing and the best thing ever in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. DanTDM/TheDiamondMinecart says:

    Awesome! Perfect For My Server Idea!

  19. Storm says:

    The best map ever not

  20. Bob says:

    Your so fake stop trying to trick people u cant

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