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Quicksand Addon

This is a resource pack which changes the textures for the cobweb to make it look like sand blocks, or quicksand. Disguise your worlds with these blocks and trick other players or mobs to...


Organized Settings Addon

This addon lets you access a few really useful settings through a new menu in the in-game user interface. Most of these options are otherwise only limited to the Video Settings screen and normally you would need to scroll...


Dolphin Riding Addon (Beta)

This is the first add-on to introduce the possibility of riding a dolphin in the Minecraft beta. It’s actually already rumored to be an official feature in a coming update for Minecraft, but if...


Statue Addon

Are you tired of the armor stands? No problems! This is a resource pack which replaces the existing armor stands with stone statues. Not only do they have the same functionalities as the armor...


Map Coordinates Addon

If you find coordinates useful but don’t necessarily want (or need) to look at them constantly then you will like this addon. The coordinates will only be visible while viewing a map item. If you’ve...