About Us

This website is one of the largest resources for downloadable Minecraft Bedrock Engine  (previously just Pocket Edition) content. We offer you high quality maps, mods, seeds and texture packs and everything is free to download.

The people managing the website is in no affiliation with Mojang. We are just people who love Minecraft and enjoy sharing the best content with you guys.


We are always looking for talented people to join our crew of contributors. If you are interested, let us know by sending us an email here with information about yourself and how you want to help.

Anyone can join our website but to become a staff member you need to contact us and show interest. Being a staff member requires certain responsibilities.


I am the editor in charge of all the content posted on the website. For a long time have I been involved in the Minecraft community and helped managing websites and now this one being one of them. If you have got any questions or concerns, please contact me here.


I’ve been with the staff since its early start and I manage the social media accounts and related marketing. (Not as active anymore, sometimes you will see me on the Minecraft Forums.)