Achievement World (Challenge) [Creation]

This map was created to allow you to get all of the achievements in Minecraft PE except for just one which is the Adventuring Time Achievement. The reason for that is because it’s set in a flat world. But other than that you will be able to get 71 out of 72 achievements!

Creator: Cameron, Twitter Account
Updated: 21 December, 2017 (updated for 1.2)

How does it work?

First off, make sure that you are signed in to your Xbox Live (Microsoft) account. Then enter the world.

To demonstrate that this actually works please have a look at my achievements down below. As you can see I’ve only got 4/72 achievements.

For this particular example I will get the “Saddle Up” achievement. To get it I had to tame a horse.

And as you can see, I now have the “Saddle Up” achievement and 5/72 achievements.

Let’s make this a challenge! How long did it take for you to complete all of the 71 achievements? Set a timer, play it and then let us know your time in the comments!



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165 Responses

4.78 / 5 (48 votes)
  1. Moussa says:

    thanks dude 🙂 now I can get more Gamerscore!!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    It works ! It’s really cool , thanks !

  3. NinjaxGamer7 says:

    Thank you for this, definitely helpful!

  4. dat guy says:

    Its take 2 hours tio complete it :/
    But it funs

  5. Jason Kilmer says:

    How do I do the elytra achievement??? I have been trying it on my world for 3 months, and even on this world I can’t do it:,(… can someone tell me how to do it??? Plz

    • CameronTheWolf says:

      Go to the top of the shulker achievement place and at the top of the tower, fly straight down through the checkered pattern. You may die alot for this one

    • ToxicCookie says:

      Dog a 1×1 hole directly below the large tower against a wall make sure the hole is at least 3 blocks deep. Next climb up the tower and fly directly into the hole. You will die and get the achievement. Hope this helped.

      • TTD94 says:

        Or… fly through the one block hole at the top and land on the slimeblocks and bounce. When your falling, make sure to fly with the elytra. That’s the correct way

    • Anonymous says:

      To fly you need to jump in mid air

  6. Hahns102 says:

    Where can I breed Donkey + Horse?

  7. Secret says:

    Why? I cannot open the game IT says that newer version WERE IN this game….thats why I cant play IT……but How?……but why?……Please DO something….I need TO play this map

  8. ErnestGamingEC says:

    Omg thank you so much

  9. ChaoticFlame says:

    This mapis a lot of help! One thing though, i think i need flint and steel to complete the nether portal challenge, and for the cobble challenge, could you please make the picks diamond? that would make it so much faster! Besides that, thx for this map, it was a HUGE help.

    • CameronTheWolf says:

      I originally had the pickaxes diamond and the game switched it to wood somehow when I was modding it. So, I just kept them lol

  10. Solar says:

    Wait… So if this is made in Creative… Then… You shouldn’t obtain those Achievements….

  11. What says:

    Why don’t it gives me ahchivment on iOS

    • Editor says:

      I tested it specifically for iOS and it worked fine for me. You need to make sure that you are signed in to your Microsoft/Xbox Live account.

  12. MafloBLITS says:

    First you said 72 then you said 71 plz fix

  13. InnocentHaloMC says:

    This realllyyy helped me. I showed my friend my gamer points ad he could not believe it.
    Thanks lots! Also you missed out a achievement (The Beaconator)

    • CameronTheWolf says:

      That achievement is at the end of the map behind the end portal

      • DanishTheLegend says:

        Hey Cameron ur map was a lot of help but the beaconator achievement doesn’t work for some reason. Perhaps u need emeralds instead of diamonds to fully power the beacon. I sincerely request u to update this map and fix the beaconator achievement.

        Yours truly

  14. Eagle says:

    Worked perfectly, Thanks!

  15. Jaz says:

    The world needs to have been created in survival mode for tropies to count

  16. Essem says:

    I have been looking for this for a long time. Thanks! 🙂

  17. thumpy999 says:

    I kind of doubt it works! does it? if you made the map on creative mode it wont work!

  18. Coolness24 says:

    It works! Thx!! 😀

  19. Anthony says:

    Hey it works exept I have one more achievment to get and it’s the map one and idk how to complete it can someone help

  20. NFGamerMC says:

    Can you change my display name to NFGamerMC, when I’m logged in and comment it says I’m NFCorp

    • Editor says:

      I changed the display name. Not sure if it worked. Try to write a new comment and see what it displays as. If that doesn’t work:

      No, I can’t. I would need to delete that account so you’d have to register it as new. Do you want me to do that? If so, please give the full name of the user account you wanted deleted.

      • NFGamerMC says:

        I am logged in an if you accept this comment it will say my name is NFCorp2016

      • DanishTheLegend says:

        This was an Awesome map but I have problems with the map. I sincerely request the map creator to fix them. I got all achievements except the fireball/ghast, elytra/1×1 gap, the beacon one and the Shulker one. The first two I know I will have to do it on my own but the last two, they are not made correctly. You need to place another shulker near the 50 block limit and the beacon needs emeralds to be fully powered and I am pretty sure they are not anywhere on the map. Please fix these issues while I try to get the elytra and the ghast achievements. 🙂

        • DanishTheLegend says:

          I would like to update my comment: I got all achievements even the shulker one but not the beaconator one. You do need emeralds to complete that one and I can’t find them anywhere on the map. My humble request to the map creator to update this map. Also u did an awesome job by creating this map I love it! 🙂

          • CameronTheWolf says:

            Thanks for the comment. It’ll be a while before I get to it. But I’ll put it on the to do list!

  21. NFGamerMC says:

    Can you make my email to be for my normal account (I don’t want a new one) to be [email protected]

  22. Redstone addict says:

    How did u create this???

  23. HerobrineAC0318 says:

    How did you created all of this in a flat world?

  24. Orlando32 says:

    The map achievement does not work!!Pls fix

  25. Fire5kull says:

    There is no flint and steel but I was able to make a fire charge.
    The Map Room achievement doesn’t work for me, how do I do it

  26. DiamondHunter says:

    How where u supposed to do the elytra one?

  27. Fixedforword says:

    I DNA get the map room achievements how Can I get it

  28. Wahab says:

    I can’t do the elytra wings breed a horse from a mule and the wither achievements

  29. SenpaiHackz says:

    Hey great map but I have a few problems with it. I can’t seem to get the beaconator,Map Room, and Great View from up here achievements. Over all this map is great!

  30. Jacob says:

    The diving acheivement keeps crashing my game pls help

  31. PandaBear says:

    The nether portal one does not have a flint and steel

  32. PinkFluffyUnicorns says:

    I got suspended from Xbox for using this map 😭
    At least it works for some of u…

    • Editor says:

      Are you sure? I don’t see what the problem would be.. but maybe someone else can clarify one this?

      • Nathan says:

        You did not get permanently suspended they only do that for hackers (unless you hack). There are lots of reasons to get suspended and you cannot just blame the map because maybe it was something else.

        • PinkFluffyUnicorns says:

          I sorta am permanently suspended cuz I need a phone number so Xbox can unspend me but I don’t have a phone number.

          I aslso looked at the code of conduct and I didn’t see anything that could have gotten me suspended and I think it was the map cuz that’s the only thing I did after getting an account.

  33. Jas4Real says:

    How do i complete the map room achievement i have been stuck on it for a long time and didnt understand? Please help.

  34. Anon says:

    wait how does this work, if a map was created in creative then you can’t get achievements, not even if you switch to survival

    • Editor says:

      Good question.. anyone knows?

      • MartCraftGamer says:

        I think he do it on server and download map from server to Single

      • DanishTheLegend says:

        They went into the files and somehow erased the area of the history of the world in which it was coded that it was created in creative and switched to survival.

        • Editor says:

          I am wondering about that “somehow” 😉

          • DanishTheLegend says:

            I tried doing what the map creator did. I copied replaced the level.dat and level.dat_old files of the world in which I created something in creative with the files of another world in which I could earn Xbox live achievements (this world was in survival). When I completed replacing the files and tried playing the creative world, I could earn the achievements even tho it was in creative. Try it for yourself. Btw u can change the creative world to survival in game before replacing the files and it will still work. 😬
            PS I am not sure if the map creator actually did what I have mentioned in my comment but my method also works 😀

      • Childerboyz says:

        It’s imported, which clears the worlds ‘memory’ of things like that? Maybe?

    • Nathan says:

      The person used hacks to build the map in survival

    • CameronTheWolf says:

      I’m extremely surprised no one really knows how to do this. As I come from the xbox community. We mod that heavily with different things. Its really simple. Just changing a few things in the nbt 😉

  35. Seakitten3084 says:

    It happens when the creator goes on a computer and deletes the files that make it so you can’t earn achievements

  36. Seakitten3084 says:

    I died in my first survival world right when I got elytra, so I raged and cheated some in. That turned off achievements. Then, I deleted files. 😂

  37. Hugh Mungus says:

    This was super duper helpful! Thanks! Oh and just one thing you need to put flint and steel in the nether portal achievement because you can’t get the achievement without lighting the portal

  38. CameronTheWolf says:

    You dont need to play the map. Also the map was made fully on creative. No tool needed for that. lol

  39. xXHerobrine99Xx says:

    Hello everyone! I’m having trouble with the Map Room Achievement. I can’t seem to unlock it, no matter what I do. Do any of you have any tips or suggestions on how to complete it on this map? It’s the last achievement I need. Also, down below is a guide on how to complete the Elytra (Super Sonic), Beacon (Beaconator), Shulker (Great View From Up Here), and the Furnace/Hoppers (Smelt Everything!) achievements. (If any of you know a way to put a picture or a video in a comment, please let me know. It would help me with explaining this guide.)

    Elytra (Super Sonic) Achievement: There are 2 ways to complete this achievement. The first way is to climb up the ladders on the Shulker building, grab a pair of Elytra wings in the chest (if you don’t have any on yet), climb up the tower, then you need to jump and use your Elytra wings to glide down into one of the holes in the checkered pattern creation. This will probably take a while, so you’ll need patience and practice. If you still don’t have the achievement, then watch a video on how to complete it, because you might’ve done it wrong.

    The second and easier way to complete this achievement (sorry if this way sounds confusing), is to grab all the Diamond Blocks from the chest that is for the Beacon (Beaconator) Achievement, and then going to the opposite side of the Shulker building to build a tower. Find the middle block of the building, then place a Diamond Block 1 block away from the middle block. Once you do that, place another Diamond Block to the left of the middle block of the Shulker building. Then, place one Diamond Block on the right side. It should look like this (D = Diamond Block, M = Middle Block of Shulker Building):

    D D

    Keep building a tower that looks like this all the way up to the top of the Shulker building. Now, break the second layer of blocks at the top of your Diamond Block tower, so there is a gap between the top and third layer. Do the same at the bottom of your tower, so you’ll be able to get out of it. Once you do this, go to the top of the Shulker building, grab a pair of Elytra wings (if you don’t have any on yet), then climb up the tower on top of the Shulker building. Now, jump and glide down into your Diamond Block tower, and glide out at the bottom. Assuming that you did this right, you should now have the Elytra (Super Sonic) Achievement! If you still don’t have the achievement, then watch a video on how to complete it, because you might’ve done it wrong.

    Beacon (Beaconator) Achievement: This one is pretty easy. There should be a chest near the End Portal with a Nether Star, some Obsidian Blocks, some Glass Blocks, and lots of Diamond Blocks. Take the Nether Star, 3 Obsidian Blocks, and 5 Glass Blocks. There should be a Crafting Table right under your feet. Use it to make the Beacon. Now, start building the Beacon anywhere you want! You need at least a 9 x 9 space, so I would recommend building it away from any buildings, creations, etc. To build the Beacon, start by building a 9 x 9 square. Fill in the hole, then make a 7 x 7 square on top. Fill in that hole, then make a 5 x 5 square on top. Fill in that hole, then make a 3 x 3 square on top. Fill in that hole, then place the Beacon on the middle block at the top. Tap on the Beacon, and make sure that none of the powers are grayed out. You should now have the Beacon (Beaconator) Achievement! If you didn’t get it, then break the Beacon at the top, and place it back. If you still don’t have the achievement, then go to the Crafting Table, use 1 Diamond Block to make 9 Diamonds, place 1 in the Beacon, choose your Primary and Secondary Powers, and then you should have the achievement. If you still don’t have the achievement, then watch a video on how to complete it, because you might’ve done it wrong.

    Shulker (Great View From Up Here) Achievement: To get this achievement, make sure to set the map’s difficulty to Peaceful. To do this, pause the game while playing in the map, push Settings, push on Game, then change the difficulty to Peaceful. Now, go to the chest that has a bunch of Enchanted Golden Apples, and take a stack of 64. Once you do that, go into the Shulker building, stand on the non-Slime Block in the middle of the Slime Blocks, eat an Enchanted Golden Apple, switch the difficulty to Hard, and let the Shulkers hit you as many times as they came. Make sure you keep on eating Enchanted Golden Apples so you don’t die. This may take a few tries, but you should be able to levitate high enough to land on the white blocks near the top of the building, and then jump and glide down out of the hole. You should now have the Shulker (Great View From Up Here) Achievement! If you still don’t have the achievement, then watch a video on how to complete it, because you might’ve done it wrong.

    Furnace/Hoppers (Smelt Everything!) Achievement: To get this achievement, go to the chest that has lots of Chests, Trapped Chests, Hoppers, and Furnaces. Take 3 Chests, 3 Hoppers, and then go the Furnace that should be right next to you. Now, push the Crouch/Sneak Button, and place a Hopper on top of the Furnace, on the left side of the Furnace, and on the right side of the Furnace. They should all be connected to the Furnace. Now, while you are still Sneaking/Crouching, place the 3 Chests on top of the 3 Furnaces (you might need to jump to place the Chests. If you do, you will still be Sneaking/Crouching.) You should now have the Furnace/Hoppers (Smelt Everything!) Achievement! If you don’t, then place 1 piece of raw/uncooked food in each of the chests. If you still don’t have the achievement, then watch a video on how to complete it, because you might’ve done it wrong.

    I hope you enjoyed this guide! Sorry if it was very long, and if you wanted a TL;DR, but since this was a guide, I couldn’t really make a TL;DR. Anyways, please let me know if this helped you or not. Have a great day!

    • xXHerobrine99Xx says:

      EDIT: The layout for the Elytra tower should look like this (ignore the periods):


    • CameronTheWolf says:

      Good tutorial! 🙂

      • xXHerobrine99Xx says:

        Thanks! 🙂 By the way, have you figured out how to get the Map Room Achievement? I can’t seem to figure out how to unlock it, and it’s the last achievement I need.

  40. Matthew Au says:


  41. OMG! says:

    Excuse me Editor, when the world was been imported, it won’t let be in. My version is 1.0.3 and I signed in to Xbox Live Account.

  42. DarkCreeperz says:

    im no cheater! i wouldn’t select this map if you arent a sore loser or if your trying to impress your friends + its a hacked world you cant have achievements in flats so this guy who made it is hacking mcpe.worlds file making the game think its not ever creative or flat. (i got them all without cheating, all achievements unlucked without this + i got them within 2weeks of 1.0.0)

  43. Pablo Rosas says:

    Hey dude you can’t do one achievement the one where you build a nether portal or the villager trade try updating! Thx

  44. Yolo says:

    Is this updated to 1.04 yet?

  45. TheCannibull says:

    I cant get the map room, can you pleaseeeee help?
    Its the last one I need

  46. xXHerobrine99Xx says:

    Ignore the stars, I have no idea why they are there.

  47. Alyson Law says:

    It’s was so hard to fight the enderdragon

  48. GodGamer310 says:


  49. Snehith975 says:

    THX!! Bro keep doing good stuff

  50. Sunny says:

    This is soooooooooo!! Good

  51. TheHuntedBear says:

    This isnt updated right!? Diddnt find the frostwalker, and for the cartographer 30 emeralds isnt gonna cut it..

  52. TheRealAdloxMC says:

    Thank you so much now I can have almost 100% Achievements, but one thing…the Map Room part isn’t working 🙁 if someone has it plz link me a .mcworld for me and the levitate achievement is also not working, but other than that it’s awesome! Oops forgot that Mojang is having a achievement bug with organizational wizard and I got that going for me. Also I think you forgot the Artificial Selection achievement in there. Good job on making the map though once again! 🙂

  53. DodoDave1 says:

    Nice map bro but frost walker is not there just so you know the enchantment book for it is either last or second to last out of all da books in creative thanks though!!

  54. Jj says:

    It’s not wotking for me😭

  55. Mega Charizard x says:

    Wow thanks I have 20/79 achievements now thanks you need to try this I also one shouted the ender dragon

  56. Mega Charizard x says:

    One thing can you add the 7 new achievements witch came in 1.2?

  57. RishiGamingPE says:

    Can you update this map to 1.2?Thanks 😀

  58. EnderGardian28 says:

    Update the game to 1.2 utherewise thanks!

  59. Merik james says:

    Thank you so much

  60. Adyatan says:

    Please add a wall so that no other mobs can enter at night!!

  61. WannabeVirgil says:

    Great world, but the brewer one doesn’t work now (needs blaze dust) and except for that, great map!

  62. ENDERSHADOW1803 says:

    So Long waited For so a map

  63. Seakitten says:

    THANK YOU. I couldn’t figure out how to do the llama one in my survival, and it was annoying to see 98% achievements filled.

  64. TheNoob says:

    THIS IS AWESOME, REALLY WORKS!!!! But one question, how did u got spawn eggs, if u did it all creative, how the players got achievements?

  65. TheNoob says:

    More than one question

  66. Pls do it!!! says:

    Can you pls make an christmas dresses

  67. Hazif says:

    Heyyy wait a minutes,my achievement stuck at 10/79 but I have done more than 10,help me please

  68. umario says:

    Its awesome and all but does the woodland mansion has to be that far? I mean seriously it took me like 30 minutes and still was not close! Please make a faster way to get to it like a teleporter because I know that this map uses command blocks. Either than that, pretty good.

  69. A kid says:

    Yeah actually there’s a sign saying adventure time achievement if you walk towards it later you’ll get the achievement I did this on Xbox and it worked

  70. Wollker Joel says:

    great but I have a question,is there any difference between .McWorld file?McWorld just changed the name of zip.

  71. Hamangkure says:

    You’re the best!

  72. Th3Emilis says:

    The ONLY one problem is the date. if you do this it should be a bit weird beacause it will say (for example: Benchmarking! 11/3/2010 at 10:10am ; The End? 11/3/2010 at 10:15am). Do you understand? Its bit weird! I recommend you to start a survival world and what achievements you cant get in it, get them ito this Achievements world.

  73. Ry says:

    Thank you so much for making this map!😀

  74. SixCrayfish8977 says:

    Take off the mining fatigue and make it so I don’t always die in the levitation challenge please.

  75. TameTheDragon94 says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the inception achievement doesn’t work? I’m on IOS and can sumeone help plz. Other that that plz add a teleported for the cartographer achievement and thank you so much for the help.

  76. HeroKiller1409 says:

    The cobblestone achievement has a wrong command.

  77. Survive says:

    I love this concept!!! I would love to know how alter biomes as you did in the adventuring time acheivment.

  78. Cyborg 9000 says:

    Can the creator make this for 1.3? (Update Aquatic Achievements)

  79. Cyborg 9000 says:

    Can the creator of the map make this for 1.3? (Update Aquatic Achievements) BTW, this map is great, thank you!

  80. Official_EzraTheLB says:

    Thanks from the Apple Team

  81. Mark Pan says:

    do you know if you make a command block that spawns a zombie that can pick up items it would give the achievement diamonds to you a achievement when it picks it up the command is (/summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {CanPickUpLoot:true})

  82. Gleb says:

    Update to 1.4.0

  83. ??????? says:

    How can i change tricks on/off on my world?

  84. Bal Masque says:

    Great map. Also please update it to 1.4.2, as for now we’ve 87 achievements instead of just 72.

  85. Bryan says:

    Can you add the Aquatic Achievements in there as well?

  86. Anton says:

    Are you gonna do an update to this world for the aquatic update

  87. HoodedFlame3571 says:

    Did you put mining fatigue on this mod, or is it the elder guardian, because I keep getting it even though I already killed it. But I still got some achievements, and the adventuring time achievement as well so it’s ok, besides the fatigue

  88. YTFuriesDestrop says:

    thanks!I enjoy it!

  89. Some guys says:

    U need to fix the map and update it,some parts,r broken and we need aquatic achievements

  90. Anonymous says:

    Yeah pls can you add the aquatic achievements that would be so cool then I can complete all the achievements there is 🙂

  91. Anonymous says:

    also the beacon one doesn’t work I built the thing out of diamond on its highest level and activated it using a diamond and when I did it gave regeneration so it was the right level but it didn’t complete the achievement pls fix 🙂

  92. Rhys says:

    Please update for Aquatic!

  93. SmartSteve-Xplorer says:

    Corrupt file when downloaded n while extract and link in other way download or invalid

  94. Anonymous says:

    Hey man! This map is awesome! Unfortunately, it doesn’t have Aquatic Update achievements. It would be awesome if you made an updated version!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Ok can you update this map for 1.7.0 update please and thx byeee

  96. AlinhiCraft0001 says:

    Yo cameron urnawesoem for making this world thx alot really appreciate it

  97. xXSportaKutinXx says:


  98. Rogger Henrique reduzido carvalho says:

    Atualização esse mapa pra nova atualização do Minecraft

  99. JIGgameoverSAW says:

    BEST MAP EVER!i got most of my achievements the hard way.. but getting the last ones in here is so much fun! tysm for making this! This works fine on the Android Minecraft!!!

  100. ZekonSpiracy says:

    Thank you so Much! This is very great! But, please make another achievement map for Minecraft AQUATIC UPDATE please.

  101. Angel says:

    When is the update aquatic achievements going to be on this world?

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