Advanced Computer Mod

This mod adds a highly advanced computer to the game which offers a number of great practical applications such as Chrome, iTunes and a calculator. It’s so far one of the best computers created for Minecraft PE and the user interface is absolutely amazing.

Creator: CommandCrafter, YouTube Account


  • Unique and beautiful graphic user interface
  • Multiple applications: Google Chrome, iTunes, calculator, command terminal, check Minecraft time
  • Built in sounds system

Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Computer (190) – 6 iron ingots + 2 redstones + 1 glass pane (craft using a stonecutter, not an ordinary crafting table!)

How to use the computer?

Begin by crafting the computer with 6 iron ingots, 2 redstones and 1 glass pane. Tap on a stonecutter to craft it. A stonecutter is crafted with 4 cobblestones in a crafting table.


Place it down anywhere you like and tap on it once to start it.


The start screen offers a beautiful graphical user interface. Simply tap on any of the icons depending on which application you want to use.


The Google Chrome application will open up a new window where you can make real life Google searches.


The iTunes application will give you a 12 different sounds which you can play.


The calculator can do simple calculations such as x, + and -.


The information application will display basic information about the current version of the Minecraft computer.


The terminal application offers four different commands which you can type in:

  • switch off
  • reboot
  • screenshot
  • easter egg (type “easter egg” and you will see what happens, we don’t want to spoil the surprise!)


Tap on the Windows icon in the top-left corner to get the option to switch off the computer.


Important Install Note

Move Advanced-Computer-Mod-Sounds from the downloaded zip file to /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/.

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68 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. legobird14 says:

    The keyboard didn’t show when I went on Chrome. Fix?

  2. Alper says:

    What is the id of the pc? Because I cannot craft it.:(

    • Editor says:

      ID is 190. I’ve updated the post. It needs to be crafted using a stonecutter (not an ordinary crafting table!).

      • Mikayla says:

        But how do we craft it with the stonecutter

        • Editor says:

          I’ve updated the post with a little guide how to do it.

          In short: Craft a stonecutter in a crafting table with 4 cobblestones. Place down the stonecutter on the ground and tap on it once. Make sure you have at least 6 iron ingots, 1 glass pane and 2 redstone dusts to craft the computer using the stonecutter.

  3. Sergio says:

    Some how its not working plz reply

  4. Drayven says:

    I still can’t use i clicked on the search bar and it. Didn’t work

  5. Mikayla says:

    Is this for android or Apple or is it just both

  6. Mikayla says:

    I ment when will Apple will do the mod

  7. aaak says:

    It wont craft

  8. Mikayla says:

    Plz try to do it on Apple

  9. SkyArmysGeneral says:

    The keyboard for chrone doesnt pop up on the computer, what do i do?

  10. Darren dave says:

    Cool awsome mod it work

  11. Mobilus01 says:

    I don’t what is in the middle.

  12. Satya says:

    Wow Nice Mod Ever 5 Stars


    why the music disc 11 is there on the itunes i download the mod then i click it a scary sound happen and crash,P.S. its night time and i use extreme herobrine 3 then put me fire and ceeper blow up 🙁

  14. Lochlainn Menard says:

    Dat looks like an awesome mod i got to get it!!!!

  15. Klaus says:

    The sound doesnt go.

    • Editor says:

      Remember to move the Advanced-Computer-Mod-Sounds from the downloaded zip file to /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/.

  16. Edward says:

    It doesn’t work help pls

  17. dude craft says:

    How do you get music

  18. Kameron says:

    What do you mean tap search field to pop up I tried to tap on the search icon that didn’t work then I tried taping on the middle bar and nothing still please reply

  19. Kaneki Ken says:

    Is this compatible with version 0.13?

  20. magnus says:

    can you get this mod on PC

  21. Mcity241 says:

    Can you make it so that you can change the background?

  22. Baron097 says:

    Can you make the button smaller

  23. MiTsuO-kun says:

    Just a little question, does this mod has texture pack or it just a mod script??

  24. Annoymous says:

    Hey! Please make addon with a computer!

  25. Lauren says:

    I wish it was for iOS to it looks fun 😭

  26. Alyson Law says:

    I download it and it said cannot download on Safari

  27. Champion919 says:

    I tried to download but it said open in a app I have called “file hub”. So should I delete it or what?

  28. Tyler says:

    it wont let me get it

  29. AceXDgamerXD says:

    Can you make another one in 1.0.0 version cause the stonecutter doesn’t work anymore

  30. OPOLO says:

    WOW that means if we install that mod we don’t need a computer!

  31. Cookies says:

    Can you support it for Kindle Fire.

  32. cole says:

    we cannot craft it in a stone cutter now it wont lrt you open the stone cutter. how do you craft it now? fix?

  33. Ironmanawesome says:

    Does this need block launcher? I can never get block launcher to work so…

  34. HeavyCoding says:

    Since stonecutter MATTIS is cut off, can we now just craft it in a ordinary crafting table?

  35. UnspeakableGaming says:

    Can I download da mod plz it won’t let me 🙁

  36. Shaheel says:

    It’s giving me an error when am installing

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