Alex’s Guardian Addon

The Guardian is a giant compared to most mobs but it’s really justified by its incredible power. It’s basically a guardian of the Overworld and its main mission is to protect villagers and players against all possible threats. The Guardians are your alliance and you can always rely on their assistance if they are nearby and you are in danger.

Creator: AlexFirey1411, Twitter Account, Website

How does it work?

To spawn The Guardian you will need to build an iron structure (much similar to spawning an iron golem). For that you will need four Iron Guardian’s Iron Blocks (replacing iron blocks) and one pumpkin. Place the pumpkin last as the final block on top.

The Guardian is bigger, stronger and generally just more powerful than an iron golem. If you ever find yourself in danger then just sit on the shoulders of The Guardian and no one will be able to reach you. However, you can’t control it.

The Guardian has an magnificent amount of health (350 hearts) and it’s also extremely strong. This means that it can take on most monsters, and even bosses like The Wither.

The iron tools, weapons and armor have been replaced by The Guardian items. However, their stats are still the same as to before.

General Features

  • Replaces the iron golem
  • Health: 350 hearts (100 hits with a diamond sword to kill him)
  • Rideable (not possible to control it)
  • Can be healed with iron ingots
  • Longer attack range
  • Can defeat the Wither
  • Never attacks players
  • Iron Guardian armor and weapons


  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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22 Responses

4.72 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Lol says:

    CAn u do a WITHER with spawn_eggs addon

  2. Razzbery Mcpe says:

    😉 amazing!

  3. Someone says:

    I like the idea, and the new things, but the iron blocks doesn’t look normal. I know, it’s a texture pack but I still don’t like it. The iron golem is cool too. There is only one thing left I want to say. Dear creator, can you please make an item that can control the golem, while you’re riding it???

  4. bukan editor says:

    Umm editor
    can you show me a op tools addon
    Sorry for ny bad grammar

  5. Regiceus says:

    Derp, First. BTW Nice mod.

  6. PhoenixJump says:

    Add new cool mobs

  7. NetherExplorer78 says:

    Can it defeat ender dragon? Btw nice addon.

  8. Master Craft 874 says:

    Please make this Giant Golem can attack Ender Dragon 😀

  9. Sabino8153 says:

    Armor and weapons are more stronger

  10. Lisa says:

    My golem don’t attack mob’s and he doesn’t move how do I fix that?

  11. Johnson says:

    Editor, this is unfair. In 2016 I submitted an add on called Overpowered iron golem, which the iron golem is completely invincible, contains 25 storage slots, has a 15-50 ranged damage and tameable, you can tempt it with an iron ingot. The only cons are that the texture of the Overpowered iron golem is the same as the regular iron golem. Just because of that, you refused to post it on the website. I don’t got a Twitter account that year. And this year, AlexFirey1411 made a almost same add on as mine, and it got posted because it has its own texture and AlexFirey1411 has his/her Twitter account… Totally Unfair.

  12. Lucas Henrique says:

    Oh my Good

  13. Minecraft guide says:

    cool addon can he beat witther storm

  14. Dead Shot says:

    I love the mod, you should add in a more detailed golem so it looks better, ppl will judge by the looks.

  15. Game says:

    100 hits lol
    Does effect strength 99999 255
    Golem dies in one hit

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