Alligator Add-on (1.9 Only)

This add-on adds one of the most iconic reptiles in the world, and not crocodiles (sorry to Eckosoldier fans) and definitely not dinosaurs. We’re talking about alligators. Yes, alligators. Those awesome creatures no one knows how to differentiate from crocodiles and caimans.

Creator: HawfHumanTwitter Account

How does it work?

The alligators are aggressive animals and will try to bite you no matter what. As you might expect they are very slow on land but very fast in water. Don’t go for a swim if you see one of them lurking nearby!

They attack almost everything that moves in the water. Once they find a target they will open their jaw.


  • Spawns naturally in swamp biomes
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom animations
  • 3 size variants
  • 2 color variants
  • Health: 45, 30, 20 (depending on the size of the animal)
  • Attack: 20, 14, 8 (depending on the size of the animal)
  • Aggressive
  • Drops: 1 to 5 leathers


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Apply the packs for a world
  4. Create the world

You can download a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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30 Responses

4.1 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. gamingstats says:

    #eckofan good addon!

  2. the elf pup and cat dino says:

    Decent. Though model could be better

  3. Maverick says:

    How do you download, when I press “download resources.mcpack” it just shows me to this weird site called free proxy

  4. End dude gaming says:

    Can this be for 1.8

  5. Michael says:

    Can you do a Bearded Dragon if you don’t know check it on google

  6. Whitfield Gage says:

    Change the download link!

  7. Maverick says:

    Could you please just direct this to mediafire? I couldn’t find a way to download it

    • ILoafAllThingsDinosaur says:

      To download it, you simply verify you’re human then click the rectangular blue continue button. After that, click the button that says “Go to link” or something like that… and it takes you to Media Fire. 😁

  8. Lexi'Sundae says:

    Are they having their own leather or its just same ase the regular leather(the one droped form cows)? And can we make an armor with it? (Maybe you can do this on next update)

  9. Jung Tae Yeong says:

    What kind of spawn egg use?

  10. Request From Centauri YT says:

    Just do a media fire link, I can’t download this addon

  11. Joshua Richter says:

    Does it replace any mob?

  12. Jirawat says:

    Can you add kaiman and crocodile and gavial and saltwater crocodile and freshwater crocodile and sarcosuchus. gradually updated. I like your addons.

  13. Jirawat says:

    Can you add saltwater crocodile

  14. Giratina645 says:

    Alligators are actually decently fast on land, but i guess this mob couldn’t always be fast because it would be to OP.

  15. BedrockStyle says:

    Looks cool, but can you put it on a MediaFire link?

  16. Tashdid says:

    Overall the add-on is great! I loved how dangerous the alligator looked and was. And my most favourite part of this add-on was a separate spawn egg! Although I searched for the alligator in a swamp biome and didn’t find it but great job! I love it! Keep going! Also I had to face many troubles for the link of this add-on.

  17. Iguana says:

    Can you make a shark please

  18. Alexander says:

    I suggest using mediafire as the main source yo download this

  19. Mr.Sniper says:

    I hope mcpedl build helicopter addon

  20. Ahmedwolfy says:

    Thankyou Very Much!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yeah me too it doesn’t spawn anywhere

  22. ไก่กาปลากระป๋อง says:


  23. Quoc says:

    Can’t believe it, it’s working!!!!

  24. Dog says:

    How do I spawn this thing

  25. Guka says:

    Can we get crocodiles aswell?

  26. ILoafAllThingsDinosaur says:

    Please make a Spinosaurus one with custom movements, that would be so cool! I am unable to download mods because I have a iOS device that’s not jail broken… so a Spino one would be amazing! Please and Thank you. 😁

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