AM Ballpark (Baseball Stadium) [Creation]

AM Ballpark is a baseball stadium which won the first place in one of NebsGaming’s building competitions. It’s a highly realistic baseball stadium in which you can find everything from the traditional football field, spectator stands, lots of seats for different types of audiences (family, press etc) and much more. AncientMariner, the creator of the map, has surely gone the extra mile to provide a really cool stadium for all you baseball fans out there.

Creator: AncientMarinerTwitter Account
Updated: 1 May, 2018 (updated for Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

screenshot-2015-07-17-13-51 screenshot-2015-07-17-13-52_2 screenshot-2015-07-17-13-53


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19 Responses

4.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. kokogamer says:


  2. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Football stadium? This Is baseball

  3. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Can we get a mcworld please

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s very hard to download could you make it Mcworld and no

  5. Luke says:

    Plz make it mcworld I can’t download the map it’s the only baseball stadium on mcpedl and planet minecraft has pretty much only pc worlds so plz make it mcworld

  6. Zack says:

    Why not ios

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how to convert to mcworld?

  8. joe says:

    How do I download?

  9. giancole says:


  10. AncientMariner says:

    Mcworld file download link! Hope you enjoy!

  11. Cube456789 says:


  12. Ty says:

    Please mpcworld or midea fire

  13. Fireball1890000 says:

    Thanks AncientMariner🙂

  14. Fireball1890000 says:

    Part of the stadium doesn’t download right and the map barriers are broken so when I spawn in I am in a area of invisible block that I know weren’t sussposed to be there

  15. Fireball1890000 says:

    And am forgot the safety net behind home playe

  16. Fireball1890000 says:

    I fixed it you have to make the world infinite

  17. Anonymous says:


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