Amazing Mobs Add-on

The Amazing Mobs Add-on replaces 11 mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition with some of the most amazing mythological creatures. Most of them you will be able to tame and keep as your pet. And some of them, such as the scorpion, you will be able to ride like a horse. Let one of these awesome companions join you on your next adventure!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 29 April, 2017 (read changelog)

Legendary Creatures

The Manticore (replaces the cow and mooshroom) is a mythological beast with the body of a lion and a tail of a scorpion. The adult ones are hostile and will lash out with a poisonous attack if the player gets too close.

If you find a little one (a baby) then you can use any kind of raw meat to tame it. Continue to feed it until it has grown to full size. You can then use it as a mount and control it by the use of a stick.

amazing-mobs-manticore-2 amazing-mobs-manticore-1

Titanis (replaces chickens) are hostile birds which look like a big prehistoric bird or something similar to an ostrich. They are hostile and since they replace chickens their spawn rate is quite frequent.

Giant Wolves (replace wolves) are slightly larger than a normal wolf. As an adult they are hostile and this means that you must find a baby wolf in order to tame one.


There are two types of Scorpions. The black one (replaces the cave spider) is hostile and has a venomous stinger tail which is extremely poisonous. The other one is green and neutral (replaces the normal spider). You can tame the green one with any type of raw meat.


Sit on the back of your tamed scorpion and control it with a stick.


The Medusa (replaces endermen) is another mythological creature which has venomous snakes in place of hair. Whatever you do – don’t look into her eyes! She is much more dangerous than an enderman!


Little Dragons (replace bats) are extremely hostile and will spit fireballs at anything which moves.

A Wyvern (replace bats) is a mythical creatures with wings and two legs. This is the same Wyvern as found in the popular Wyverns Add-on. If you want to read some about the specific features for the wyvern then go to that page.

The Ents (replace creepers) are guardians of the nature. They will attack anything which doesn’t belong there. For example, zombies, skeletons and any of the above creatures will be attacked. Your tamed animals will do nothing to protect you against this magnificent creature – it’s simply too frightening to them.


Unicorn (replaces horses) is a legendary animal with a horn on its forehead. Besides the new look it still behaves much the same to a horse.

amazing-mobs-unicorns-2 amazing-mobs-unicorns-1

Zeus (replaces wither skeleton) is the god of sky and thunder. Naturally, he will be friendly and don’t do you any harm. But if you decide to try him in a battle then he will show you no mercy and try to kill you at any cost. He has 100 hearts and is considered a boss.

Watch out! Lightning can strike at any time if you mess with Zeus!

The Minotaur (replaces stray) is a bull-headed monster with the body of a man often depicted in Greek Mythology. It wields an enormous axe which can cause as much as 22 attack damage and it is also resistant to knockbacks.

It is hostile towards players, iron golems, snow golems, villagers, other minotaurs and ents. If you defeat one in battle it can drop 1-8 leathers and 1-10 beef.

The Wizard (replaces witches) is someone you really have to be cautious around since he’s extremely dangerous, and especially so if you provoke him. He got multiple different attack styles. For example, he can shrink and run away and shoot bullets, dragon balls and fireballs. And if he gets hurt he will immediately start drinking health regeneration potions.

However, if you do manage to kill one then he will usually drop some amazing loot.


  • Added wizard


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Add packs for a world in-game

Click here to download a .ZIP file for this addon.

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292 Responses

3.98 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. BuggyPig says:

    Cool This is So great I love the dragons

  2. SchmiddiL says:

    November 14,2016 at 4:38 pm
    Cool this is so great i Love the Dragons

  3. Coolman67 says:

    I love Addons, this one looks pretty good!

  4. Widow_Maker1 says:

    Awesome! Would love to have these as separate add-ons so we could pick and choose which to apply. I would want the ents and unicorns.

  5. KillSwitch says:

    Is this only for 0.17.0?

  6. FurenZ says:

    Please add tigers

  7. Chrisplayer TV says:

    Awesome Addon:)

  8. captainfour4 says:

    This addon is really cool, and I love it! But please make an update for more mobs!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t let me tame the animals…but beside that its my favorite add on yet!

    • anonymous person says:


    • Alexandria 1987 says:

      If you pay close attention, and the description for the add-on it actually explains how to tame them. About the only reason you wouldn’t be able to tame them, is if you had a conflicting Behavior pack active above it.

  10. EpicNekoKitten says:

    I have no words for this amazingness. Thank you, Gona, for all the epic ad dons you make. 🦄

  11. ChaoticFlame says:

    Hey, awesome addon, I was messing around with it earlier and I would really like it if you could make the tamed animals be able to sit.

  12. ChaoticFlame says:

    I also noticed that tamed scorpions (spiders) would appear as monsters and not let me sleep, I had to trap it to be able to sleep.

  13. Blizzard says:

    Awesome but when the dragon spits fire it somehow corrups my world

  14. Husky says:

    Can u make a xbox gui if u can addon if u can please

  15. Unknown iOS user says:

    Can you plz make the little dragons tameable and make them grow older and rideable plz.
    This is an amazing add on either way!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does this work for 16.1?

  17. Immanuel Yaldo says:


  18. Sam says:

    OMG what an amazing add on looks like a lot of work went in to this! Is the red manticore a Color variant or is it a bigger stage? P.S is the dragon tameable? If not it would be amazing to tame and fly one around

  19. BABY boy says:

    this is so cool i am making my own if i do who want to try it it will be about planes and phone?

  20. DankNovaGamimg says:

    After a manticore breeds they kill each other. Dude just wow, you must of put a lot of time in this. So realistic!

  21. CoolBoyPlayz says:

    Please add Tanks Addon! I’ll greatly appreciate that. 👌🏼

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am going to try and do a mob battle with them! And i really like the little dragon too!

  23. Buggy pig says:

    Why r u coping me >:( I love the dragons

  24. ChaoticFlame says:

    Hey, can you please replace zombie with goblins later on when you update this?

  25. Unknown iOS user says:

    Can you make little dragons ride able plz and tame able

  26. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded it and followed all the directions and nothing is working for me

  27. Sam says:

    How do you get the red manticore?

  28. Sam says:

    Whoops didnt see about mooshrooms sorry

  29. SnowyTheIce_Wolf says:

    OMG UNICORNS this add-on is amazing love once I saw the unicorns I got it straight away!
    Amazing good job. 👍

  30. Uzumaki says:

    Dude I can’t download this addon because of the ad fly can you plz fix that and use media fire instead… is because I really want to play in this addon

    • Widow_Maker1 says:

      Ad Fly page has a countdown clock in upper right corner. Wait and then click skip ad. Then wait a bit for it to transfer to the download page.

  31. BuggyPig says:

    Cool addon

  32. Tins says:

    Can you make it so that it can be supported on multiplayer plz

  33. Poodles says:

    Hey could You possibly make an Iron Golem become a Cyclops?Not sure if it is Mythological tho

  34. Plasma says:

    The textures are very messed up

  35. BuggyPig says:

    Plz make a Dinosaur addon

  36. A girl says:

    Too Realistic! It isn’t nice with the rest things of Minecraft!! Make it minecrafter!!! 🙁

  37. NFCorp2016 says:

    Gona/Editor how do you retexture and learn how to remodel the mobs. Plz Resopnd

  38. Daniel says:

    Yeah please make a Dinosour Add-on please that will be awesome I’ve been asking other Add-on makers I don’t think there gonna make one but can you please make one please list of Dino’s enjoy 1 T-Rex 2 Velociraptors 3 spinosourus 4 Triceratops 5 Stegosaurus 6 Bronto/Brachiosaurus 7 compsaghanatos sorry for wrong spelling and add rideable Dino’s tameable Dino’s and also add all animals scared of the dinos please add ability make Velociraptors fast please that is my only wish for my Birthday please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  39. Isaac says:

    I lovèèeeeeeeeeee

  40. Mew2master says:

    This is THE best addon for mcpe I love it!!!!! I know lots of people say this but plz add a tameable dragon!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  41. Name says:

    Please make a dinosaur add-on or maybea gun addon, that contains a whole arsenal of guns, i know theres already a gun addon, but they are really lame. I would also love a Halo add-on

    Dinosaur list

  42. Proxyl says:

    This is a very cool add-on. But how to make add-on?

  43. Ali says:

    Super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!

  44. The_Steave says:

    It won’t let me have both the resource and the behaviour pack on at the same time… weird

  45. Anonymous says:

    It only brings me to adfly

    • Editor says:

      Wait 5 seconds on that page then click the “Skip Ad” button in the top right corner of the screen to get to the download page.

  46. Jenrik Habibul says:

    The behavior pack won’t work, it just says import failed.

  47. Magic is blue says:

    Look awesome but wolfs are normal, dragons don’t spit fire, and you can’t mount/tame any of them.

  48. Raphael Alexander says:

    Love it, works for the latest version and my favourite is the ents.

  49. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Really cool! Love the textures especially! Used for one of my maps

  50. Redlol says:

    What’s your skin’s name?

  51. Tyler walk says:

    Do ents rise out of the ocean?

  52. John says:

    I want this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much how do I get it😱😥😤

  53. Anonymous says:

    U should do a add on that adds like talents like if u want to change ur wolfs behavior u can with a stick and u should be able to see its health bar and should have a food bowl and stuff

  54. LuNaLoVe says:

    All I want for Christmas is a magical mythical unicorn! Even though christmas is OVERRRRRR

  55. DaroDaKng says:

    I have 2 wishes 1.make a addon that replace ghasts to a controlable bomber plane, and 2.add a addon that replace sheeps to tricerlacops that are hostile.

  56. Awesome add ons says:

    Awesome, you should also make something into a cyclops for ender pearls or eyes of ender that would be awesome. And the ender dragon should be a hydra or maybe the wither sense it has three heads there is so many more things you can do. But please keep up the good work and this a lot it is amazing and probably the best add on that is on right now I would give it 5 stars if I could. But just keep up the good work its amazing and please update this a lot good luck.

  57. BuggyPig says:

    R.I.P Little dragons 😫😰😥😥😭 2016-2016

  58. Fahad_ajlan says:

    I love this

  59. Elliot says:

    Does it work for iPad mini

  60. Elliot says:

    Help me I am only 8 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  61. Dries says:

    I really want to download it, but i did’nt see a ‘install’ button.

  62. The warrior says:

    Ummm its cool but why whrn kill them they dont drop the item of the mob like the manticore ent scorpian plz fix or add

  63. NFCorp2016 says:

    If I make a unicorn add-on would you accept it, this add-on has a unicorn but I will have one that jumps to the sky and is fast with rainbows. Do you think that you would accept it if it is diffirent that the one in this add-on

  64. Landry says:

    Can someone help me I keep getting sent to a website and not the thing the video showed I’m IOS can someone help me please?

  65. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    make the titan ridable

  66. Nico says:

    What’s your XBOX Live username?

  67. RonanVExWilson says:

    Plz add drop cobwebs when I killed Scorpions cause I played it on survival and need cobwebs

  68. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the wyvern??? Plzzz answer🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

  69. Fire_hunter says:

    Can you add a sea monster pls

  70. Fire_hunter says:

    Also can I have a link to the texture pack site you use thx

  71. I Am Human says:


    • NavyDinoRanger says:

      That’s cool chimera has two/three heads from left head of goat, from right head of lion and the head tail is a snake

  72. Justice says:

    I tried everything, the unicorns didn’t show up as unicorns they were normal horses same with the zombie and skeleton horse, it didn’t give me the Wyvern The titans, or the Wolves, the tree was messed up in all different colours and same with Medusa. Very confused and disappointed.

    • Justice says:

      Alright so, everything now works BUT the dogs and the wyverns are puny, they are super small and I have no clue why, that’s what I was looking most forward to

  73. Tessa says:

    Hi, this is the first time I do this but how do you install it. Do you need a special app?

  74. Sprout107 says:

    Hello I love your add-on but after a tame cow and chicken grows up it kills you

    And can you plz plz plz add an animal that can be tamed with fruits and vegetables
    Like a mythical goat I think there is such a thing

  75. Notch says:

    This is AMAZING

  76. BorbingoBoy says:

    Know what I did there? 😛
    And boy, small green dragons, those are so cool, lol

  77. Amy says:

    Hi guys one question????? Do I need a certain thing to download this??.?????

  78. Nathan Emmanuel says:

    This changes 10 mobs now. 😉

  79. Personlol says:

    Is it free?

  80. Lulajaneuk_xx says:

    I WANT THE UNICORNS…!.!!!!!!!!! but sadly I cannot download it 😓😅🦄

  81. Wayve says:

    Can you please make it so there are some winged horses? Known as a fairy horse! I really enjoy this mod but I’d like it if you could make a change to that.

  82. Cormicorn says:

    This is amazing! It works perfectly!!!
    I’m leaving a like

  83. Flip flop tin says:

    I can’t feed the mobs raw meat! They just walk away! Like the manticore, I tried to feed raw meat but it did not work. But wheat works for them but still cant mount on them. I can’t tame them.

  84. FillarPhaso03 says:

    Great addon! but can u please make a ship or a plane addon?!

  85. Adam says:

    Gona your really good at this and the textures and behaviors sp can you pls make a more weapons addon with battle axes and snipers and other guns and swords pls it will make me so happy if you do. I will be checking everyday for it (not rushing you though) bit keep up the doog work

  86. NavyDinoRanger says:

    Wait a minute I saw a wrong name this looks like a Titan is that’s a prehistoric bird gona
    that image of titanis is super cool.😄😅

  87. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    Zeus? He is a powerful man! But cool!

  88. Fixedforword says:

    Please make a mini map resource pack Addons please I love the mini map with position ok

  89. UNYMoments says:

    I love it!

    Add more!

  90. Ethan says:

    It keeps going onto when I press download

  91. Icy7799 says:

    Gona your a good with making addons so can you make a turtles addon👍🏻😀

  92. Timon says:

    Could you plz make more dinosaurs plz

  93. Em says:

    The add on is not working… The add on is only letting the size and hearts of the mobs not the texture! How do I fix this?

  94. Zach says:

    Dude why won’t it work I Like the mod but it bring me to websites

  95. BastingRiver54 says:

    The wither skeleton skin doesn’t work for me probably a bug I love the addon

  96. Alexis says:

    This is a great add-on but can u sit the minatars?

  97. Alexis says:

    I meant manticore.

  98. BuggyPig says:

    More mythical creatures Gona.Add sea serpents (Elder guardians) Add killer fish (guardians) and add the kraken (Squid) add chimera (ocelot) and add Minotaur (replaces Zombie pig man or iron golem) And add werewolves (replaces Husks turns into a villager in day)

  99. Anonymous says:

    I can only see the big wolves but nothing else

  100. Solar_Flare97 says:

    It won’t let me tame a manticore
    I can feed it but it won’t let me feed it with any raw meat only wheat. What do I do!!??
    This is a great mod in all but it won’t let me do what I wanted to do 🙁

    • Radoric says:

      The manticore needs to be a baby.

    • FirewingAndSnowy says:

      You can rid Titans! You have to find a baby then tame and raise it. Then, mount it when it’s fully grown. If you can’t ring a baby use an egg. The editor forgot to put that up.

  101. Solar_Flare97 says:

    And I agree with BuggyPig I really like buggy’s ideas if you could you should implement them (really like the ideas of the chimera, serpents, and the kraken)

  102. Daniel says:

    Nice ideas Buggy But I have some too (1)add the Ya know Combination of Lion Pegasus and a Dragon tail (replace with →Iron golem prefer it being a boss when killed it will drop 2 diamonds 12 Raw beef 10 gold and Elytra (2) as I said add Pegasus it can fly ( Replace it with →A Donky Ones you throw a Star it will fly )replace the Egg a Star and make it so that when you throw it on something it will fly) (3)Godzilla I know it’s not really a myth but add it it will be so cool (replace it with→Snow golem it shoots atomic breath)replace atomic breath into Snow balls OK I hope I help with this ideas :3

  103. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Can you add hydra,kraken(not that a a kraken sqiud) is a mytology giant creature

  104. ken says:

    guys it’s upadated

  105. Boi says:

    The titanis looks like a chocobo!!!! 😅

  106. Blobfishisawesome says:

    Pls add Greek god armour to

  107. Radoric says:

    A cool thing to add would be separate behavior packs, each one letting you be a different mob.

  108. SilentNinja13 says:

    Make villagers into demigods! And zombie villagers centaurs! Make the wither hades! Make the elder guardian Poseidon! Make the guardian cyclops! Make the ender dragon Kronos! Make the iron golem Gaia!

  109. The Meowndragora says:

    Sorry, one last thing please make one of the armours texture look like Zeus (also add milk! Most new mobs poison me to death) Also fix the Giant Wolves head “Why are you looking at me like that, Wolf” -I like being funny

  110. taran says:

    its not working some of its only working

  111. Teiarnah says:

    These look amazing but I really love the unicorns the best.

  112. Teiarnah says:

    It looks amazing

  113. Ashley says:

    Next time can you replace donkeys with horses with a horn and wings! If you could thank you so much ☺️

  114. YojinplayzMC says:

    Plzzz replace wither skiletons with SOMETGING

  115. Madi says:

    Hello developers addon. You can create a mob with several moving limbs in the next addon.

  116. PANDA says:


  117. Chuchuchu says:

    I just noticed that there was a polar bear in this addon. How am i going to tame it

  118. Naamah says:

    Hey i can’t breed unicorns. Can you help me?

  119. Raymond says:

    When I try the resource pack in Mcpe. It looks like a nightmare, it is broken. Please tell me how to fix this!

  120. Greek_dude says:

    Plz do more I love This addon!

  121. DerpBurger says:

    Hey I love the Addon I was really hoping I could Ride The loin scoping thing (Sorry I forgot what it was called) But it won’t let me I did everything it said to do it won’t work Please Help!

  122. IDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe says:

    I love this addon! Especially the unicorns!

  123. Teiarnah says:

    These look amazing expecaly the unicorns

  124. Mayuki says:

    Is it intentional that after visiting Adfly, you are redirected to a site called Mcpeup where u can download the add on? Just making sure, cause I trust mediafire more.

  125. The_Villain says:

    Dear Editor, I have questions many many questions now I hope you can answer now here’s question number #1 out of 4 Regarding ZIP files do they download both resources and behavior packs? I’m asking because I cant seem to get to download manuals that would answer this btw Question number #2 How come every single browser I use cant download certain things because I have IOS7 do most of them have to be android? And this is my Question #3 Can you change the fact that it takes me to another minecraft website right after skipping ad in adfly? Question 4 I forgot what I had to ask can you tell me why :P?

  126. The_Villain says:

    You never help me editor!!! I asked questions and you haven’t even freaking responded

  127. Mikah Tichenor says:


  128. Mikah Tichenor says:


  129. TheProNoob513 says:

    Gona, could you change the end dimension to the aether dimension, and change all of the ender mobs and block to look like aethery and make the mobs more powerful and neutral (except the ender dragon)

  130. Frostbyte3YT says:

    Zeus was in the movie RUSH OF THE TITANS. (Correct my movie name if im wrong)

  131. Retiairethepro says:

    I love this addon!! It’s awesome!! However, I would prefer if the snowball wasn’t the lightning bolt. The reason for this is that I don’t want snow to be crafted with lightning. Maybe replace the enchantment bottles with lightning. That way you can also buy it from villagers and it doesn’t effect crafting. It also limits the range of the lightning so it causes less destruction.

  132. blla says:

    I can’t tame the Manticores… I’ve done everything it says but it won’t work… Anyone know why?

  133. CoolAwesomeGamergirl says:

    Looks Really Cool But can you make a Mediafire Link?

  134. XxGamerGirlxX says:

    Cool addon

  135. NoHackzJustSkillz says:

    This add-on is great, but there is one recent problem. Since you just added the wizard, he summons Zeus instead of wither skeletons right in front of him in which they’ll turn against. Please fix this or these four stars will last there.

  136. KitKat380 says:

    You should make the donkeys into pegusases (pegasi?) and make the mules alicorns.

  137. Mr bacon says:

    Could you add the windego and the island turtle their emy favorite mythical creatures and if anyone could make it I would trust you.

  138. TheHandsomeCookie🐾 says:

    Mobs are replaced. That’s alright. But they are acting like usual mobs. I mean manticore is acting like cow and others to. What should I do? And I instoled both packs.

    • Editor says:

      Could you please share which Minecraft PE version you are using? I would also just like you to make sure that the behavior pack is active. Open the settings while in-game in that world and select “Behavior Packs” and check so it’s enabled.

  139. CrEePySAUCE says:

    I cant download. It takes me to gona’s site, then i sit there helplessly with nothing to do. I press download and it does nothing . I had a non updated version added to my world to play with my friends, then one day the resource pack didnt work nor did the behavior pack. So i came today to get the new verion, and it doesnt do anything

  140. MunchingSkittles says:

    This is one of my favorite mods. The only thing that I don’t like about this mod is the wizard is way too overpowered.

  141. MunchingSkittles says:

    I have some ideas to replace mobs. Llama: Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Bunnies: Ghosts. Zombie pigmen: Goblins

  142. Troll says:

    Hey Editor I got one problem, everytime Zeus strike lightnings, my mcpe will crash plz fix this 🙁 i really wanna face Zeus

  143. Shingeki says:

    This looks so cool but I am having major problems downloading it. Every time I go to the link to download it, I tap the download button and it immediately takes me to some scam website. Does anyone know how I can actually download it?

  144. Anonymous says:

    This add-on is super amazing 😍 I love it…. buuuuuut, whenever I go to the nether and face Zuus and he struck a his lightning, my game crashes, so I was hoping you guys could fix it. Other than that, this is SUPER AMAZING ❤️😍😍, the unicorns 🦄 are my FAVORITE part ❤️❤️

  145. Anonymous says:

    Awesome addon, but when i reach zeus or throw a snowball my game crashed, since zeus and the snow golems throw snowballs, I cannot spawn them since they will crash my game.

  146. Irene says:

    I cant get it a ad called ad fly keeps coming up

  147. Amjad says:

    Can we download it on ios

  148. Talia says:

    I love the add on, but my game always exits when I or the wizard spawns a zuess.

  149. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could get this, but unfortunately whenever I press the ‘skip ad’ button, it will bring me to a log-in site. I read some of the comments, and I’m sure that this is a great add-on. Thank you for all your hard work, Gona!

  150. Anonymous says:

    Is there a working link for this addon?

  151. Freddy says:

    I can’t download it takes me to adfly

  152. Anonymous says:

    You should add all the Greek gods!

  153. ModsAreGoodForU says:

    The wizard looks like Gandalf. XD

  154. Darius1st says:

    What a amazing add on

  155. Roger says:

    How do I do this

  156. Keeley says:

    Sorry if this is way to much info just trying to give info but the Titus I think it’s called I can’t really spell it I know it replaces chickens I went up to it in a world of mine in survival normal 1.12 iOS and then I realized it’s supposed to be hostile but it wouldn’t attack even when I tried hitting it plz fix

  157. RILEY says:

    Can you update it? Umm i wanted it in minecraft…


  158. Anonymous says:

    Bro can’t download the addon it takes me to after to auto I I’m but doesn’t connect to the server can you help me

  159. Red_Panda says:

    I cant download the behavior pack . somebody help plzzzz. this add-on seems so cool

  160. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    The titanic isn’t a legend, it’s a real bird

  161. Salazar says:

    The add-on the best! But Zeus don’t use his lightning. He just push me with hands.

  162. Alex Britton says:

    I can’t download it there’s a problem with the site I had the mod once but I had to un install minecraft so I need to get it again

  163. SnowBall Tacoburrito says:

    Can you update the mod to the 1.2.13

  164. ∞Anette∞ says:

    When i enter the website it tells me it has a connectin error.. help me!

  165. SnowBall TacoBurrito says:

    The links are down

  166. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make this a media fire link, it would be much appreciated.

  167. FirewingAndSnowy says:

    I can’t get it… I have tried ate least four times but when I get to it says the server can’t be found… Please fix it I used to have this Addon and it was a lot of fun…

  168. Firewing&Snowy says:

    Hey Gona could you bring back the little dragons have them replace vex and be tame able plz

  169. MintyWolf says:

    It won’t let me get it, it brings me to ad fly then I click skip or whatever it says and it brings me to an ad and I almost get virus, or something bad happens my iPad is fine but, what do I do?

  170. Becca says:

    It won’t let me download 🙁 But I’ve been able too before and it’s amazing!

  171. Jorn says:

    I download this if are more mobs change to amazing mobs.

  172. Ming says:

    hmmm, I cant download it….but it is still AWSOME

  173. Erimaki says:

    the links are not working :’v can somebody give a mediafire link?

  174. Milamber98 says:

    Been having the same problem for a while now. It would be nice if someone could either provide a solution to us, or fix the problem with the site

  175. Milamber98 says:

    It is just missing the wizards, but otherwise, it is exactly the same.

  176. Maverick says:

    Can u update the add-on please? You know like replace the new dolphin with moby dick?

  177. Something.... says:

    It’s not working for me it just say mcpeup refused to connect Help me creator my life will die without this plz plz plz tell me what to do 😫

  178. First Name says:

    For some reason it won’t let me download the add on. Whenever I get past the ads it says that my browser can’t connect to the server. Please try to fix this! Othe than that it’s a good add on I just wish I could get the newer version

  179. MinecraftGirl says:


  180. azrael says:

    Whenever I try to download it says that refuses to connect

  181. iloveyoufornotnoticingme says:

    i cant dowload it can you give me another way to dowload it please

  182. Reanna says:

    It’s nit letting me post it plz help I’m getting triggered

  183. Anonymous says:

    It keeps saying I can’t reach the page!

  184. Anonymous says:

    I need help every time I try to download the resource or behavior packs it keeps saying cannot content to sever please help

  185. Cutlassdagger says:

    Dose not work please make it work again it says cannot connect to webpage please fix this thanks

  186. Richard says:

    Trying to activate the behaviour pack. Have an error message Missing dependency with ID 99b0adf6-ad5f-4e1b-80e8-e4e1965cbce8 and version 0.0.1. How do I resolve this?

  187. Neos says:

    Are planning to update this with custom animations and make it to where it doesn’t replace any job, if so that would be super awesome and would make survival much more unique and challenging

  188. Miffern says:

    the download link on MCPE up won’t work, it just says that it can’t connect to server

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