Ancient Creatures Addon

This add-on resurrects the ancient and legendary creatures of long forgotten times. Most of the new mobs are more dangerous than those which they replace and this means that the gameplay also gets more difficult. Pharaohs, ancient cobras and flying skulls are just some examples of the new creatures which you might come across on your next Minecraft adventures.

Creator: TheEnderfaceTwitter Account

The New Mobs

Anubis (Creeper): Shoots six second bursts of small and big fireball projectiles.

Ancient Cobra (Spider): Inflicts a poisonous effect for 2 seconds on target and causes 4 attack damage. Health: 4 hearts

Big Ancient Cobra (Cave Spider): Inflicts a poisonous effect for 10 seconds on target  and causes great damage. Health: 125 hearts

Pharaoh (Stray): The Pharaoh has the ability to summon an Ancient Cobra. If killed, it will also transform into an Ancient Cobra. Health: 50 hearts

Hound Eye (Ghast): Shoots shulker bullets (no homing) which explode on impact.

Flying Skull (Vex): Similar to a normal Vex but slightly bigger. It causes 6 attack damage and sometimes inflicts a blindness effect for 10 seconds on its targets.

Term Crystal (Blaze): Protect the player and attacks all hostile entities. Shoots 3D Projectile (llama spit).


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

Other Files:

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29 Responses

4.88 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. BuggyPig says:


  2. JamieGamingTm says:

    What World are u using?

    • xXBACHIKINXx says:

      He’s using Stonehaven, Skrimville, and Swampton. The maps on site, ands it’s rlly good with this mod

  3. Zero says:

    Best add-on in the world woah woah the sounds are amazing

  4. PrestonPlayz says:

    Coolest addon ever please upgrade this please

  5. PrestonPlayz says:

    Coolest addon ever please upgrade

  6. Hoa_Nguyen2005 says:

    Can you make Sea Monster
    Name[Kraken, Loch Ness monster, And Furry Dolphin and Orca and Predator X it’s Pliosaurus and more

  7. Snake101 YT says:

    So awesome!

  8. Juan says:

    Ok i’l do it

  9. Starwolf_35 says:

    This Is Such An Awesome Addon One Of The Best.

  10. Enderman PE Official says:

    Never seen such a unique addon like this before! now imagine Gona create the texture model and EnderFace as the coder

  11. Raya nuramdhan 37 says:

    Tell me! how you can make a own addon. If you know tell me for the aplication ok!

  12. RAGEQUITgaming says:

    Can you make a Alien vs. Predator addon??? That would be AWESOME if that would be made ^-^

  13. ariantt says:

    What map are you using dude

  14. AaribAaqibYT says:


  15. AaribAaqibYT says:

    I like it

  16. recs aiuges says:

    This addon is legendary

  17. ajfrisb says:


  18. VolcanSquid says:

    Question. Im making a Kraken addon and am wondering how to get the textures to wrap properly. If someone could replay that would be wonderful! (save the squids!)

  19. Joey says:

    Creator I got an idea for a new update!
    Maybe a titan and a pharao minion (replace Skeleton).

  20. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    The coolest and creepiest sounds are by the flying skull! Just listen to them, so creepy! 😀

  21. ImTheCoreOfMc says:

    Could you make zombies and some of the other vanilla mobs into ancient creatures, it’d make it feel more interesting because you get very few changed in the over world and nether world

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Coolkatz says:

    How I get it?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good addon tho the eye hound’s texture is kinda similar to guardians which i love guardians

  25. Anonymous says:

    make a mutant hound eye

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