ANDROMAX C: Survival Island

Here is a small survival island with lots of trees and supposedly a rich underground with lots of valuable ores. On the island there are also a couple of chickens you can get eggs from to survive.


Seed: ANDROMAX C (doesn’t work? Try andromax c using lowercase)

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3 Responses

  1. Tiaan says:

    Hahaha that seed doesn’t work for my mine craft PE 0.9.4 but what does work is using the same seed but without the caps. You all should try it. You get a very cool entrance to your world. And a huge tip for this seed is. While spawning in. DO NOT MOVE. The seed is : andomax c , enjoy 🙂

  2. grifficorn says:

    ANDROMAX A is better,dig down at your spawn point,lots of ores

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