Antidropper 2 [Minigame]

Antidropper is similar to dropper maps except that instead of falling down you will be levitating upwards to the sky. The main objective is to avoid the obstacles and reach the top. By doing so you will be able to complete the level and move on to the next one. It’s a very fun and sometimes infuriating minigame!

Creator: Team Infinite MindsTwitter Account, Discord
Updated: 26 September, 2018 (translated to English)


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8 Responses

3.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Jhesus says:

    Hello creator my English not good but I like map you make please make mor like this goodbye

  2. Darren Craft says:

    2 adflys in one .mcworld download:
    Clicking that link has adfly that redirects to their website
    Clicking the .mcworld link gets another adfly link.

  3. Jew says:

    I took me over 5 minutes to get through your redirect pages. Also map is ok

  4. Faid says:

    I Love yuo

  5. Girl girl says:

    What even is that? I can’t even get the game. It puts a different language I don’t understand

  6. sharplizard says:

    great map english is a little bad but the maps good

  7. KNK2008 says:

    good its easy kinda but i did all in first try and beat this map and good job for this map but i see an island with seperate map

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