Archery Challenges [Minigame]

This map includes five Archery Challenges where you have to use a bow and arrow to shoot a few different buttons to open a door which leads on to the next level. The buttons are placed on redstone lamps which are attached to a mob head (block).

The idea of the map is to prepare you for the real world (in Minecraft) where monsters are normal and being able to properly use a bow and arrow can prove vital for your survival.

Creator: jimbo_acob

How to play?

At the beginning of the map there is a chest. Two of the items include an infinity bow and an arrow. Take these items and then exit the house to enter the first level.

The objective in each level is to kill all monsters by shooting arrows at the buttons to open the iron door for the next level.

archery-challenges-2 archery-challenges-3


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4 Responses

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  1. Jimbo Acob says:

    Oh Sorry I didnt see the creator name Thank You very Much!!!

  2. Jimbo Acob says:

    PLS Change The Name To The Archer’s Map

    • Editor says:

      The map name is still the same. I just changed the title of the post to something else to make it make more sense.

  3. Crafting says:

    Pls get an mcworld link

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