Auxiliary [Adventure]

Auxiliary is the long away sequel to Genisys which by the way is another highly recommended map to those of you who haven’t played it already. The story picks up where it was last left off and takes you on a new adventure where you attempt to escape the genius mind of an artificial super intelligence called IRIS.

Creator: MatPatCat


You’ve escaped from IRIS – at least you thought so until very recently. IRIS looks to has captured you again and this time you will be sent through another set of twisted experiments. But this time you remember IRIS and you immediately attempt to escape.


  • Don’t break anything
  • Play on peaceful
  • Make sure that the gamemode is set to survival
  • No cheating

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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54 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Chad says:

    Here’s a tip just put this in your description set gamemode adventure

  2. Raymond Madden says:

    Its a really cool looking map from what I seen by flying around it, Will re-download to play it

  3. TheFireBrother says:

    Uhhh, it’s a bit, confusing. (No offence though, I know you worked hard on it).

  4. David Villa says:

    Hello there, i was wondering, who created the map? And of the creator of the map (not the redstone or story, i mean the actual design and architecture) is reading this, can you please message me? I was wondering if you could make a map for an adventure map i’m going to me (i will of course give you credit) anyway thnxs!

    P.S i rly liked the map, its a good sequel!

    • David Villa says:

      I’m going to make*

    • Editor says:

      MatPatCat (as mentioned in the post.)

    • MatPatCat says:

      Hello! I am MatPatCat! I created the entirety of the map! If you tell me what you have in mind and some specifications, I can build the template for your map! Just give the information in a reply and I will send you a download link for the template! Note that it may take me a while because I have some projects of my own, but I will do my best!

  5. Theashortnose says:

    FIRST! XD Also totally going to get the first map so it makes sense

  6. RCooLB says:

    So laggy in my device

  7. 500 says:

    im stuck in the prison cell and found a lever what should i do

  8. SithSidious says:

    Finally Auxiliary is here! Thanks MatPatCat!

  9. 5tr4 says:

    I found a bug. The Anti Virus Codes don’t do anything when dropped into the chutes.

    • MatPatCat says:

      For anything to happen, you need all 3 anti virus codes. I’ll look into it though in case you did get them all to see if it’s the map itself or just an issue with your download!

      • Foxy02016 says:

        I didn’t work for me so I went gamemode C and fixed it for myself so it worked I didn’t cheat because I did it right.

  10. 5tr4 says:

    When will you make Omega???? Your maps are amazing I can’t wait for Omega.

  11. yusuf says:

    Nice map

  12. Darkbrian says:

    ABOSULTY LOVE THIS MAP!!! Can’t wait for the next one

  13. NaomiPanda777 says:

    THIS IS AMAZING its so cool how its an adventure!! I feel like James Bond!!

  14. NaomiPanda777 says:


  15. Blockbreaker0501 says:

    Help, I’m stuck in the courtyard outside the cells. I can’t get back through the doors, what should I do?

  16. LUCKY_BLOCK_17 says:

    I love your maps and im your number one fan in makers of minigame and adventure
    I have a question, omega is the last series of that adventure

    • MatPatCat says:

      Yes, Omega will be the last in the adventure. I’ve had fun making the series though, and I see everyone has enjoyed it! Thanks everyone for your support!

  17. Unknown says:

    Hi I was wondering what to do in jail sell the rules say don’t break blocks then how do I get out.

  18. unknown says:

    Hi I was wondering I’m stuck in the jail sell the rules say don’t break blocks then how do I get out.

    • MatPatCat says:

      You don’t have to break anything, you just need to place the lever by the trapdoor. The lever is in the chest in the corner by the signs.

  19. Maohei says:

    I am stuck at Iris Jail cell,what should i do

  20. Foxy02016 says:

    I can’t wait for Omaga

  21. Princessbells777777 says:

    What do I do with the codepls help thanks love the map btw

    • MatPatCat says:

      There’s a room in the Internet that you have to climb IRIS to get to in which you will meet Lenny. Put the codes in the chutes.

  22. MangoShark says:

    Where can i find Geneisys

  23. Random person says:

    I don’t know where to go after the short minecart trip
    Plz tell what I need to do!

  24. HiddenKid_618 says:

    There is a way to get past the courtyard I found (I saw a hidden Lever) Somewhere

  25. Hobson says:

    Where’s the button on the last test?!?!!!

  26. LBKira says:

    So im in the nether and I do the mini puzzle where I have to get to the red stone block to the top , I did it and got the code from Chest , but how do I get back up ???

  27. LBKira says:

    Also for the last one , for the codes you drop into chute puzzle , I think you left out the pressure plates.

  28. 5tr4 says:

    For Omega , will you use Command Blocks?

  29. diamondspidertv says:

    There is no adventure mode!
    by the way is mc win 10 ever coming out???

  30. guruhsh says:

    Just a tip make maps for mcpe 1.1 beta.

  31. Peanutdude29 says:

    What do I do when I get the emerald?!??!!??! I’ve been looking for a half hour and I still haven’t found it !! Please help!!!!

  32. Random person says:

    PLEEEEEAAAAAASE SOMEONE give me some help at the BEGGINING with the minecart brain washing….please

  33. farmer Joe says:

    This map was awesome. I had fun. Keep up the good work!

  34. Thunder says:

    Umm… this map is awesome but what do I do once I’m in the cell?

    • MatPatCat says:

      I’m not allowed to repeat comments, so just read throughsome here where people were confused, there are a lot of answers.

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