AVA Music Festival 2016 [Creation]

The AVA Music Festival is a yearly EDM Festival where famous artists such as DJ Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway and many other DJs have played. This map is supposed to be a replica (or at least inspired by) the AVA Music Festival which took place in Myanmar last year (2016). This map features a big stage and a control panel which can be used to fully control the lights, LED screens and fireworks on stage.

It’s a really cool map which lets you arrange your own music shows in Minecraft PE!

Creator: OSK Oak soe khant, Facebook Group

The spawn is on a large parking lot in front of the festival area. Walk through the entrance to enter access the festival.

There are lots of visitors which have come to see the show. You can spawn more by using the villager spawn eggs.

Let the show begin!

All of the lights, fireworks and so on can be controlled at the control table. To run this show you’ll need at least a couple of players.

Here’s a DJ skin which you can use. There isn’t any music so you will have to use YouTube, Spotify or similar if you want to simulate a DJ show in-game.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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41 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. BB-8 says:

    Cool,Im DJ 🤖💃🏼

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it!

  3. Chuck says:

    LOL, all the villagers went into the washrooms (and not always in the right ones)

  4. Pixelbrine says:

    This so COOL

  5. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    What texture pack are the villagers from?

  6. Blaze_Gamer says:

    Thank you,I love this map so much

  7. Minecraftien111 says:

    Sup map, gonna download it

  8. Tejan Bah says:

    How do you spawn npc please answers and email mail [email protected] for your response

  9. HAKMW says:

    I live in Myanmar

  10. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    Hi…So much great work in this map…love it

  11. guy says:

    brill the way u put more stages aroud the world good job

    • Oak Soe Khant says:

      Thank u 😉
      The more festival will be comming soon in this park. (also in real life)
      so stay tuned for the next update.

  12. thattoetayza says:


  13. Hamstergirl says:

    My name is Ava so I had to download it lol it’s very nice

    • Oak Soe Khant says:

      Hk Hk great. 😀
      The AVA music festival
      was named for the
      ‘Inwa’ . It is called AVA by english . Inwa was the capital of Burma for nearly 360 years, on five separate occasions, from 1365 to 1842. So identified as the seat of power in Burma that Inwa (as the Kingdom of Ava, or the Court of Ava) was the name by which Burma was known to Europeans down to the 19th century.
      🙂 😉

  14. MojiMC says:

    Wow, this is epic!! I’m a DJ/Music Producer and it’s pretty good. well done Dude!

  15. SuperSniper_Boy2 says:

    My friend told me about this map and it is great!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Its so annoying and so laggy with all the villagers in the map

  17. Emilia says:

    Wow amazing

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