Avengers: Infinity War Special (Burn It) [Minigame]

In honor of the release of Avengers: Infinity War, I (Tpops2017) have built this map. The map serves three purposes; first, it is a burn it map and every Avengers statue is hollow and your objective is to survive for as long as possible as lava comes down on the players inside. The map also has several Easter eggs from all of the MCU movies as well as some other handful bits and pieces of information in regards to the movies.

Creator: Tpops2017Twitter Account
Updated: 23 April, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Play in survival
  • Suggested to be played in multiplayer or at least 2 players
  • Last to die wins
  • No cheating
  • Check out EVERYTHING, the map is huge and it took me a while to build so, I have hidden easter eggs for the MCU EVERYWHERE
  • Enjoy! Have Fun!

Note from the creator: 

Ten years ago, marvel began its cinematic universe with the first Iron man movie. Since then, there has been 18 movies all leading up to this: Avengers: Infinity War. 

Avengers: Infinity War will see the Avengers assemble once more to battle their most formidable threat yet, the mad titan Thanos.

I am also working on the Avengers tower and the Avengers facility on my UKS city map. I will post it after Avengers: Infinity War is released, for sneak peeks follow me on twitter: @tpops1998 and follow me on instagram: Tpops1998. Also, send me some pics of you and your friends playing on the map it helps me keep making maps when I say see people are actually playing them. And DON’T STEAL THIS MAP OR ANY OTHER MAP THAT BELONGS TO DOME ONE ELSE IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE IT, UNLESS YOU WANT TO MEET THE HULK.



  • Bug Fixes (Changed some things to try and fix bugs that some people have reported)
  • Find any bugs, report it by DM me on twitter or email: [email protected]
  • Also, check if you are on the current minecraft version as that could cause bugs


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32 Responses

2.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. epicdad843 says:

    Nice try Feige 👀

  2. epicdad843 says:

    I downloaded the world from Dropbox and upon opening it, I died and everything was burned I assume.

    • BluedaFurru says:

      Same for me ._.

    • Harley Moore says:

      The same thing happened to me. Does anyone know how to prevent this.

    • Tpops2017 says:

      Hi there, could you please email me: [email protected], and please attach some screenshots.

      I have downloaded the map and tried opening it on my phone and computer and it seems to work fine. But, I will try to find and fix the problem on the original world and update the link.

      If you send me some screenshots it could help in identifying the problem.

      Thanks for downloading and sorry for any inconvenience.

      P.S. could it be the version of Minecraft your on. (I’m on

  3. Feuri112 says:

    I downloaded it on IOS but i falled down and died. After Respawn there was only Fragments of this wonderfull creation <3 😍. Van you fix this please. I reslly want to Play this awesome map!!!

  4. Peeepeepepep says:

    Everything is destroyed…

  5. Random says:

    I think the map did not load up properly for me because most of the blocks are removed and I can’t find the starting area when I go in to creative
    -I die when I join the game
    -I spawn on this black link going down
    -FIX IT!!!!

  6. Nathan says:

    I joined and tell in the void and the structures were gone.

  7. Pandajam79 says:

    Who else is hyped do da film 😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  8. GOLDENGAMER2469YT says:

    This is terrible and broken. Do not get this

  9. ImBlackFlash says:

    Dear Editor (or anyone else),

    I am very familiar with the process of map making as I have made plenty of maps before. But I’ve always been unsure about this question. I am in the middle of making a map based on an older game. Would I get infringed for using just say, names or logos?
    A Minecraft map can be classified as a parody and there are exceptions for them. How much of there copyrighted resources am I allowed to use if any?
    Please get back to me ASAP so I know if what I’m doing is just a waste of time 🙂

  10. Kaneki says:


  11. Night says:

    It just doesn’t work! I spawned at the half of the Avengers simbol, then there was strange half-builds, creator please, PLEASE fix the problem!!!

  12. Loyall penguin says:

    Everything was burned BOOO!

  13. Notch says:

    When you spawn you are in survival after you die nothing is there.

  14. Alexi says:

    I joined the game and there was just parts of buildings literally and when you would join you would fall out of the world so I’m sad:(

  15. Boss slayer says:

    I can’t down load it

  16. Boss slayer says:

    I can’t upload it

  17. Turtlelover180 says:

    This map is broken. When I spawned in I fell into the void and died. When I switched to creative mode only fragments where there. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!

  18. I am basically the Wither Boss says:

    Evreything burn down instantly and chunks missing

  19. Liam says:

    I’m just not feeling good I think a lot of hard work was put into this but it’s just not working properly

  20. Mr turtle says:

    Somone needs to create a working infinity gauntlet item

  21. Uahwy says:

    Its broken

    You suck

  22. Layan says:

    My favorite is the scarlet witch


  23. TheFemaleFeline says:

    This map is a troll! I looked in the command blocks and it just fills the statue with lava! I have a screenshot proof! What ever u guys do don’t push the buttons!

  24. TheFemaleFeline says:

    Oh ok I read the intro and……

  25. TheFemaleFeline says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Stop makin maps there rigged

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