Baldi’s Field Trip Minecraft Edition [Minigame] [Adventure]

Baldi’s Field Trip is a demo minigame which is based on the popular game called Baldi’s Basics. This time you will be going on a field trip to a forest. You’ll set up camp in the woods and it will then be your job to keep the fire going. This you need to do by keep fueling the fire with sticks which you collect from trees.

Creator: BendyTheDemonTwitter Account

How to play?

You’ll go on a field trip with your teacher to the forest. It’s your objective to keep the fire going. Collect sticks and use it for refueling the camp fire. Your mission is to survive for 5 minutes to win.


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12 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    This looks cool

  2. Hellen says:

    Nice map but could you add more screen shots?

  3. VitiableMoon236 says:

    I Love Baldi 🙂 and I love this

  4. Zehasep says:

    Do it work on 1,7,0 pe

  5. EnderRaptor7 says:


  6. Mlg cow says:

    I love it but what is the sock doing?

  7. SrearmintStar says:

    I didn’t play it I wad to scared after the creepy beginning

  8. I didn’t play the map.The staring was to creepy, I didn’t even walk over to benny

  9. DynamicMC says:

    Looks Cool I play it but the fire is going down baldi super fast when I running fix it plz For who scared on starting it just no jumpscare just click the button you will go to the game:)

  10. SeenWonderAlex says:

    Did you add the bully because original game has the bully that take away sticks

  11. Gamer Sans72 says:

    Nice Map I like how it work so nice job 😃

    I am giving 5 star to you.

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