Batty and the Killing Machine (Chapter 1) (Short Horror) [Adventure]

Batty and the Killing Machine is a fangame based on the popular game called Bendy and the Ink Machine. This map is the first chapter and if everything goes as planned there will be five in chapters in total.

In this map you play as Steve who 30 years ago used to work as a cartoon artist at Jeffrey’s Studio. Today he has invited you back to the sudio but when you get there you notice it’s abandoned and there’s ink all over the place. Your objective is to activate a machine and then safely get to an exit without dying.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZTwitter AccountYouTube Channel
Updated: 12 November, 2017 (read changelog)



  • New character
  • 3 new rooms
  • Updated textures
  • Updated map
  • New storyline
  • Bug fixes


Important: Make sure the resource pack is enabled before playing!

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93 Responses

4.26 / 5 (56 votes)
  1. DinoDude says:

    You put five in chapters in total. I’m not sure if that’s intentional. I just wanted to tell you just to be safe.

  2. NIGGAWHAT says:

    Do I need to turn on the sound to play?

  3. Kennethjohn1406 says:


  4. ExoWolf says:

    Part 2. Just make it. For the love of minecraft.

  5. JeremiMcPE says:

    Does this support 2-Player mode?

  6. SteampunkGamer63 says:

    Its like bendy and the ink machine

  7. OrangeWither999 says:

    Clearly not Bendy and the Ink Machine make over……still, I was especting this, thanks. This will help my YT channel grow

  8. OrangeWither999 says:

    Also I like the Build Up Our Machine refference…..thanks DA games

  9. Fishy says:

    I’ve been waiting for somthing like this glad it’s finally here

  10. EnderGardian28 says:

    How do you uploade maps to your website?

  11. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Amazing game great job

  12. Flamey says:

    This is awesome

  13. ZapGear says:

    Best map!

  14. TheDiamondPig says:

    Cool looks nice good work

  15. Merisays says:

    This is sooo not a knock-off 😂😂😂

  16. ThunderBoy says:

    Nice Dude

  17. Skyler says:

    Um.. it just spawn me on nowhere…

  18. Awesome guy says:

    Finally FHminer. I follow u on Twitter btw

    • Awesome guy says:

      Sorry changed my mind…
      Horrible map textures are good but the map sucks. I did not expect this from you FHminer.

  19. LAZZA says:

    Epic map 👌 can’t wait to play next one ☺️ I recorded a video on it ( search laino4664 for my YouTube channel) uploading it later after work 😃

  20. Jed says:

    Yes bendy and the ink machine

  21. Keeper CReeper says:

    wow. soo cool

  22. Keeper CReeper says:

    Soooo cooooooollllll

  23. Sss says:

    Please make game console addon

  24. DereK says:

    “Today he has invited you back to the ‘sudio’ but when you get there you notice it’s abandoned and there’s ink all over the place.”

  25. Ali says:

    THIS WAS AMAZING BRO! The mechanics into this must of taken forever once I saw this and saw the creator I knew it was good because you’ve made some seriously good stuff! So good Im posting it on YouTube! I hope you make a chapter 2. The only thing that needs work was how scary it was because I didn’t get that scared apart from the beginning. Oh and the ink flood took a long time as well. But ignoring that it was great! Nice voice acting as well

  26. CreeoerGamerZXZ Is Tha Best says:

    Finally New Mao Horror Thanks To CreeperGamerZXZ Make Me happy !

  27. Bilal hussain says:

    So fun I got caught

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Husky says:

    Seems interesting might play it soon

  30. ToastedUnicorn says:

    Hey, i saw a typo: in the diary you typed romors when its actually spelled rumors

  31. Dalek 1 says:

    This is great!!!!!! Make Chapter 2!!!!

  32. Vruzzt says:


  33. Heavystroker says:

    Very good map

  34. ???? says:

    First comment? Who cares?

  35. billy2704 says:

    Is there any way editor that you guys can make music packs?

  36. Husky says:

    Wow really great! nice job

  37. Kittentuber5 says:

    Good job!!

  38. lasri3l says:

    Isnt it bendy?

  39. Bobrojas says:

    its a rip off dont download it i did and it was just a flat world

  40. Bobrojas says:

    this map is a rip off don’t download it i did and it was just a flat world

  41. Rick says:

    This is awesome and can you make it multiplayer so some ones batty and the other is the main character

  42. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    I had the texture pack on and it was glitched.

  43. 💎 Diamond Wither 123 💎 says:

    That was short 👎🏻

  44. I am here says:

    bAtIm ReFeReNce

  45. Lyn SCP says:

    For all Versions?

  46. Alan Tomathy says:

    You put sudio instead of studio.

  47. PixelBoy says:

    Very fun map! love it I can’t get bendy so this is amazing!!

  48. PoignantFox2182 says:

    Dude…Why dont you just make the REAL Bendy and the ink Machine map

  49. BendyFan says:

    um first I like this and bendy but I print have the resource pack when I download so can you please put a resource pack download link separate from the map download also whenever I load up the map im in the midole of nowhere

  50. DarkService8_MC_Gaming says:

    OMG O-O 😱😱😱 man so scary

  51. Shadow says:

    Can you give us a download link so we can use the texture pack in some of out other builds?

  52. 7 Million says:

    I wonder why nobody else is commenting here. This is one of the best BATIM MCPE maps ever

  53. Anonymous says:


  54. SheepieYT says:

    Wow looks cool havent downloaded it yet but I’m going to

  55. Villagerunite says:

    Where can I get the resource pack?

    • Some Dude says:

      I’m pretty sure you get the resource pack with the map. Just exit out of the map. Go on the map’s settings and look for the resource pack

  56. Ethan says:

    Doesn’t work for me

  57. Crafters_Cre3d says:

    It teleporter me in to a flat

  58. Aditya says:

    Boring map I hated it but the textures are okay. But again the map is terrible

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Foxy02016 says:

    Awsome loved it so much hope to see more but I have some questions

    1. Is Scratch the Cat based off the mascot of Scrtach named The Scratch Cat

    2. Will you make a texture pack of this Oke release one with the textures of this) so other people could make Bendy type stuff?

  61. PauloSérgioJúnior says:

    Hello ha lets go

  62. OrangePicker says:

    Hmm hey creepergamerzxz u put some easter egg or secret on this game like the same game but the not the same is u cant put some chapters and thats cool god bless and some bug fixes.

  63. Great!!! says:

    Amazing work!! Didn’t scare me, but still, amazing.

  64. A.I. says:

    This is so terrible it shouldn’t even exist.

  65. Your says:

    Hey there !
    A video has been made
    Have a nice day

  66. SwellMonster354 Original says:

    Sounds like butty and the farting Machine

  67. Tatar says:

    This is the first Horror map I’be played so I’m gonna scream so bad

  68. ansh says:

    man i just downloaded the map a lot of times but the spawnpoint it was like in a plain grassland.i am very sad😕

  69. Sean says:

    Wow it like bendy and the ink machine or BATIM!

  70. The dabbing beast says:

    I love it I can’t wait for the next chapter

  71. COOL-981 says:

    Hello Theres A Typo: Studio Instead Of Sudio.

    Ok theres only one typo: i reviewed the whole page n’ so far theres only an typo with studio.

  72. Rhett says:

    I was not very frightened but it was great

  73. BendyFan2018 says:

    Really cool! I loved it!!! Can u please make a part 2? I would love it if u could cuz I’m already drawing Batty XD!! I wanna make old school animations when I’m older, Batty is a unique bendy-like character that I can draw! Can I make cartoons on Batty? I’m just asking for permission. Anyways, I love it and I wanna see more.. ITS AMAZING!!!!

    • CreeperGamerZXZ says:

      Yeah, you have permission to do animations aslong as you credit me and link the batty maps in the description or video 🙂

  74. Red#5 says:

    Great map! It has a lot of parallels with bendy and I can tell it took a while to create the custom sounds and Resource Pack, though can you include all of the chapters in one map? Cause it was kinda short, other than that I had quite a bit of fun and can’t wait for the next chapters 🙂

  75. cool981 says:

    There’s a typo – Studio instead of Sudio.

  76. Alex says:

    at the end wheres the exit

  77. YousifGamingYT says:

    Nice game!

  78. DoTheMarshMell0w1 says:

    Well, great map in all. But maybe add Chapter 2 into the game 🤗

  79. DoTheMarshMell0w1 says:

    Great map in all, add Chapter 2 into this. Interested into it 🤗

  80. Did Die Die Die says:

    Rip off
    Of bendy num nuts
    I hate it why is this a thang ???!!!???
    Hmmm ok MAKE BETTER MAPS [email protected][email protected]$&#

  81. Did Die Die Die says:

    This does not deserve stars

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