BB-8: A Star Wars Add-on

This addon brings BB-8 and some other Star Wars related items to Minecraft Pocket Edition. The droid made its first appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has since then got really popular. It’s a really cute and helpful companion which will always stay true and loyal to its owner. If you love Star Wars then give this addon a try!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How to find and tame BB-8?

BB-8 is a droid which can be found spawning mostly everywhere in your world since it replaces the creeper. It’s a neutral mob which avoids players and will only attack if it’s being provoked. Wild ones are automatically hostile toward monsters.

You can tame BB-8 by giving it redstone. Once it has been tamed it can store items for you, defend you and just be a really nice companion on your next adventures.

  • iOS / Android: Hold redstone in your hand, long press on the droid and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold redstone in your hand and right-click on the droid to tame it

The droid functions similar to a hopper. It will automatically pick up items from the ground. You can also open the inventory similar to a chest.

It will protect you by shooting lasers at your enemies.

BB-8 General Features

  • Replace creepers
  • Immune to fire
  • Damaged by water
  • Healed with redstone
  •  Wild
    • Health: 12.5 hearts
    • Attacks monsters by shooting laser (arrows)
    • Avoids players, attacks if provoked
    • All nearby droids will attack you if you attack one
    • Tameable with redstone
  • Tamed
    • Health: 25 hearts
    • Follows player
    • 5 container slots

Armor & Weapons

The leather armor has been changed into a Jedi Robe and the gold armor is now a Rebel Pilot armor suit.

The diamond armor has been changed into the armor suit of a Deathtrooper.

The iron armor is now a Stormtrooper and the bow has been replaced by a Stormtrooper blaster. The blaster shoots laser (arrows) and sets mobs on fire. You can no longer reuse arrows (or in this case lasers).

Some of the swords have been changed to lightsabers. The attack damage is still the same. It’s only the textures which are different.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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114 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Josh says:

    Thank you so muck, finally a good Star Wars ADDON!

  2. PetertheMinion says:

    Really love this addon but I wish that if a tamed BB8 died, it would drop all of our stuff back if we put anything inside it 🙁

  3. Daniel says:

    sickk!!!! this is what i’ve been waiting for!!!!!!!

  4. Master Chief says:

    Gonna make a Star Wars Vechiles add on with space ships and those floating things! Pls

  5. AnugrahArya82 says:

    Awesome !!!!!

  6. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Nice Addons and plss update it with adding some Vechiles! Ex:ghast replace Tie Fighter,Cow Replace AT-AT (Can be rided and attack hostile mobs)and Zombie replace AT-AT walker (Can be Rided)

  7. NFGamerMC says:

    This was supposed to be are add-on. 🙁

    • Editor says:

      What you mean?

      • Tvvvttv says:

        This is retarded. Whenever I try to download it takes me to ad fly and never gives me the add on, just stupid spam! Very disappointed will be sure to advise people to stay away from your website.

        • Editor says:

          I do not choose which download links the creators use. I let them use whatever links they want. But since I always test everything first I obviously make sure it is safe first. If it isn’t safe then I would first make sure it is safe before posting it on the website.

          I am sorry you feel that way but there is very little I can do to help you about that. 🙁

        • GamerGodPlaysYT says:

          You’re supposed to Press Skip Ad For AdFly and Then Press The Green Button at MediaFire

  8. Endernbrine says:

    I hope this gets updated in the future. I want to see star war ships

  9. Blackcreeper202 says:

    Just another thing that you didn’t mention a skeleton is a storm trooper so could you please put that in the description thanks!

  10. Mike says:

    Yes Entity_303gamer is right please do this

  11. Superstarzs says:

    I have some ideas for this addon
    1. Change chain mail armour into Darth Vader suit
    2. Change a zombie into R2 D2 and an Witch into C3PO (work same as BB8)
    3. Change Skeletons into stormtoopers which will try to kill you
    4. Change The pig into a speeder (Rideable)
    5. Change the wither into a mini Death Star (it would be funny)
    6. Change ghast into a tie fighter (Rideable)
    7. Change the spider into a at at walker (Rideable)
    8. Change the carrot on a stick into a controller
    9. Change the bat into a x wing (Rideable)
    10. Change the Wither skeleton into Death stoomtrooper which will try to kill you
    There is a lot more you could do with this addon

    • Star wars fan says:

      Also a deflect feature that allows you to deflect blaster bolts (arrows) if you are holding a lightsaber (kinda like deflecting a fire charge from a ghast)

    • Beertdc says:

      Do that yes I’m Star Wars fan😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁!!!!!!!!!

    • TheRabster1428 says:

      They could do that, but the ghast, bat and spider would not be controllable…

  12. Daniel says:

    *Sigh* You really Stop Making Dino’s I hope Someone Make Dino’s And good models too 🙍😭😔😖😟😞 I’m gonna miss your addons

  13. Syg says:

    This addon is so cool ive been waiting for this,its a star wars i love this addon

  14. Kent Play MC says:


  15. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Awesome! This is the best Star Wars addon! Now I don’t have to choose!

  16. master janinosaurus says:

    nice work broGona dude star wars with triceratop would be mor fun

  17. TheEnderbite says:

    Thank you so much thank you thank you thank you so much! Great addon thank you i asked for this and you did an amazing job on it thank you thank you thank you! Your the best!

  18. Blueditto628 says:

    What would be a good .mcworld for this add on

  19. Phyo says:

    It very cool and awesome

  20. Kritab says:

    Hi , I LOVE THIS ALOT, however if u add vehicles then that would blow up. PLZZ ad it

  21. Applepro19320 says:

    Awesome Add-on but when I tried it some of the blaster bolts stopped in the air when BB eight shoot them and they won’t go away please fix this glitch please make a Add-on with
    R2-D2 thank you so much for making a good Star Wars Add-on 😁

  22. Master_Waskerz says:

    this is amazing tysm the best star wars add on ever sooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!

  23. Xbow003 says:

    Gona what do u use for texture making?btw ur killing it with these addons keep it up

  24. Gg says:

    Oh my i love this addon but pls fix the glitch where the lasers(arrows) when shoot slow they are just stuck in the air and can be removed….+pls make more robots and lightsaber….sorry for my english

  25. Marksman420 says:

    YES IVE ALWAYS WANTED THIS ADDON but can u plz make some vehicles and mobs plz like storm trooper mob and maybe jedi and like make the silver fish one of those rats in star wars

  26. Idiot and soggy shrub says:

    I want to see skeletons turned into battle droids and I agree with Entity_303Gamer make vehicles

  27. XxDelsinxX10 says:

    Could you replace the texture for skeleton s as stormtroopers ?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you add people

  29. Ethan says:

    Please add stormtroopers to replace strays and battle druids to replace skeletons. I also want droidekas (wheel droids) to replace spiders and spider droids to replace cave spiders.

  30. Ethan says:

    The force could also give the levitation Effect! So many good ways to implement the force into minecraft!

  31. Ikbenmika says:

    Omg I love this please make more!!! 💙💙

  32. Sstratiss says:

    OMG!!!!! I love STAR WARS! ThxSO MUCH

  33. SlinkyPieGaming Y says:

    Make more!!! Its amazing

  34. Ethan2016 says:

    This almost looks like a mod!!! Keep up the good work!😉

  35. Eman says:

    Best Star Wars ever!!!!!

  36. Thomas says:

    So cool thx

  37. Brutalomnivor3 says:

    Gona your the best addon creator and I have a challenge to make a 3D texture pack like with groves in wood planks and thicker iron bars,etc

  38. Amy says:

    I love this

  39. Amy says:

    Please add some cars

  40. DinoDNA says:

    Dude u should make a clone wars addon that would be awesome!!!

  41. SC13 says:

    OMG my prayers have been answered,gona you need to add speeders and scout troopers.please make skeletons into a storm troopers

  42. My name is Baymax says:

    Ya make more movies craft addon!!! I am very excited to see more crafts addon!!!😊😊😊😀😀😀😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🙂🙃😙😊😆

  43. DaBigfoote says:

    I made a video going over this DOPE add-on! Feel free to check it out!

  44. SSuniper says:

    Hey why cant you see the texture when you are holding the otem in your inventory?

  45. SSuniper007 says:

    Wait, can the bullet from the stormtrooper gun go forward without falling? just wanted to know I only downloaded the recource pack

  46. Star Wars Fan says:

    Who else thinks the lightsabers should have a function to deflect the laser bolts?
    (Kinda like deflecting fire charges from a ghast.)
    An awesome addon BTW

  47. Billcipher says:

    Make a fly in survival addon

  48. DARKTROOPER says:

    Amazing addon I’m glad you thought it up I looking for Star Wars everywhere

  49. markyxxxxx says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Creator I Really Waited for This Moment Finally An Mc.Pack Of Star wars and bb8 addon

  50. Cuih Sakai says:

    I showcase this addon check my channel cuih sakai and pliss komen

  51. Scorp says:

    First of all, THANK U SO KUCH FOR THIS ADDON, yesterday I was saying someone should make a Star Wars addon. And I made it. I tested it, IT IS AWESOMEEEEE! Thank u so much!

  52. ProGamingMinecraft says:


  53. Sam says:


  54. TheLittleDino says:

    Someone should make the sentry turret from portal, or I’ll try to make it my self if someone knows what it’s

  55. TheLittleDino says:

    this add-on is the best Star Wars add-on I’ve seen

  56. Kyungjiny says:

    This is awesome! Pls make more!

  57. Cool man says:

    how to remove ads in media Fire?
    I cann’t download this zip or mcpack
    And this is cool addon ever

  58. TheMcGamer089 says:

    It’s good, but can you please update it to add R2-D2 (wolf) and C-3PO (zombie/husk or skeleton/stray)?

  59. Waficool says:


    I’ve been searching for a star wars addon for ages!
    And THIS is the best o e 😄😄

  60. Raptorstar_YT says:

    Awesome addon! Here’s a suggestion: I know this sounds random but I would LOVE a Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes addon. Plz

  61. LJ524 says:

    Can you make an elephant add on? I have been waiting and I found pocket creatures but, I am using an apple device so, could you pls do it for me and whatever part of the community agrees?

  62. CoolProHandsomeGuy says:

    Cool Addon Bro!?! Can You Make Another Addon? Im Looking Forward To It Plz

  63. Grady says:

    Good all we need is ships and bad guys to the game🤗🤗🤗

  64. StarflightB4 says:

    I have only one thing to ask: Pls make it do he can sit. I put him in a space ship and I went to show my friend, and next thing I know is that he is following me. It’s so hard to get him into my ship. Pls make it so he can sit? Thx

  65. Sage Smith says:

    FINALLY!!!! A STAR WARS ADDON!!!! A little suggestion. Can you figure out a way to add Clone Trooper who fight hostile mobs like battle droids? And try changing the pumpkin into a clone mask. IF YOU TAKE MY SUGGESTION THAN THANK YOU DO MUCH!!!!! Thank you for this addon! It’s so cool!!

  66. Fallen Gotham says:

    We will not scrap our idea. We will still create a Star Wars Droids Addon. But Should I submit my new addon called CreepyPastas Addon

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      A creepy pastas add-on is a great idea for an addon! I hope to see it soon. I hope that there will be more creepypastas than just Herobrine and Entity 303, like Sonic exe, and Slender Man.

  67. Nico says:

    You should replace skeletons with storm troopers and if you are wearing iron armor they don’t attack you because they think you are one of them. And yes, this is possible, I tried it by adding “iron_helmet” to the endermens filtered attack file.

  68. DeathTrooper99 says:

    Hi I love this add on, and I think u should add some more mobs to it, also I wanted to ask u if u could make a batman add on. Please think about it!

  69. Simon says:

    Could the lightsabers have a burning effect on them? I think this would make it more like in the movies and more fun to use! Just a thought.

  70. Zoomes says:

    Holy.. I’ve been waiting for this ! 😍

  71. Stitch42 says:

    Please fix bb8 he explodes when I get close to him and I downloaded it right please fix it

  72. Kent Play MC says:

    Best ONE

  73. BuggyPig says:

    Can u plz remove the jeeps,Bikes,and tanks from mcpedl plz and stop making vehicles.Plz bring back Jurassic craft addon to mcpedl and make more Pokemon from The Pikachu addon

  74. markyxxxxx says:

    editor pls update this addon pls add TIE fighters And X-wings plsss

  75. Coolwolf says:

    I can’t tame bb a

  76. Nartea says:

    Please make a skeleton to a clone trooper and wither skeleton jedi and husk droid and zombie sith ghast tie fighter rideable blaze xwing rideable witch republic tank (a clone will ride it ) and shoot to empirial mobs ) horse empirial tank wither Death Star ender dragon falcon

  77. Ravi B says:

    It thinks tamed BB-8 is a monster and it won’t let you sleep.

  78. Lawaka says:

    Bro it is it working when I go near him it will explode

  79. Raptorstar_YT says:

    Hi Gona. I’m making a Battle Of Scarif map from Star Wars Rogue One. You don’t mind if I use your addon in the map do you?

  80. Sage Smith says:

    DO SOMETHING WITH CLONE TROOPERS AND BATTLEDROIDS PLEASE!!!!!!!! Make an addon where many of the mobs are replaced with different kinds of clones and battle droids. For example, a skeleton is a normal clone and a stray is a clone commander. PLEASE CONSIDER!!!!!

  81. MafloBLITS says:

    Gona why are you not working hard on people’s requests plzz just make a update like the others request

  82. MafloBLITS says:

    Ok gona if you are not going to make a update to the bb8 addon I will make my own Star Wars addon and I would send it to if I know how to so I might not

  83. Rockface says:

    How do you get adfly away cause I can’t do anyone plz help

  84. Max says:

    Why can’t I get Star Wars texture packs on iOS which sucks😞😔

  85. B Gamer says:

    Why can’t you update it so we can close light Sabers

  86. Cobey says:

    I did everything but it said error

  87. EpicTamale says:

    What is a pingback?

  88. ProffessorLOLS says:

    This is awsome

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