Bedrock AI Add-on (1.9+ Only)

This add-on improves the behavior of mobs, changed textures, added new mobs in Bedrock and brings game closer to Minecraft: Java Edition. This add-on was created to show that Bedrock and Java is one big happy family. It addon adds new AI, models and animations for some mobs and also changes a few other behaviors.

Creator: _marcjones_, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 December, 2018 (read changelog)

Features v1

  • new Pillager AI;
  • new model for Vindicator (from Minecraft Java);
  • now can painted the Shulkers with new dyes (blue, white, black and brown);
  • added Illager Beast:
    • summon command /summon marcjones:illager_beast.
  • new hand rotation for zombies (zombie, husk, pigman and zombie villager);
  • added new textures (by JAPPA);
  • new water fog and surface color;
  • new underwater render distance;
  • new water texture (from Minecraft Java);
  • added cracked sound for egg (chicken egg);
  • added Camera:
    • summoned command: /summon minecraft:tripod_camera.
  • deleted NPC (/summon minecraft:npc);
  • new Villager behavior;
  • update model for  Villager Priest!;
  • fixed bow and crossbow in invertory;
  • added translate the add-on for English, Deutsch and Russian;
  • added Caerbannog (killer rabbit):
    • added sounds for Caerbannog;
    • summoned command: /summon marcjones:caerbannog;
    • spawn in Swamp;
    • attacks players and wolf;
    • have glowing eyes.
  • added Illusion Illager;
  • summoned command: /summon marcjones:illusion_illager;
  • spawn in Plains;
  • summoned Illager Raid.
  • added Illager Raid:
    • Illager Raid can only be summoned when you attack an Illusion Illager;
    • Illager Raid may consist of Illager Beast, pillagers and vindicator.
  • updated biomes colormap (swamp, plains, taiga and birch forest);
  • updated textures to snapshot 18w48a;
  • updated sounds for Illager Beast(from Java Edition);
  • updated water surface and fog color:
  • water surface in all biomes and swamp;
    • water fog in all biomes and swamp.
  • updated sky and clouds (from Java Edition);
  • updated UI:
    • updated start and pause screen UI;
    • updated play screen size;
    • updated buttons color.
  • reduced fog when it rain or snow;
  • fixed attack time for Pillagers;
  • fixed Illager Beast speed;
  • fixed Illager Beast hitbox;
  • fixed Witch and Donkey textures;
  • fixed red sandstone textures;
  • fixed: spiders, endermen and phantoms do not have glowing eyes;
  •  added Caerbannog baby;
  • added new particle type “illusion_spell”;
    •  update water fog and surface color for oceans!;
      •  Illusion Illager can spawned in plains, mesa, savanna, desert biomes, jungle and ice plains;
      • ocelots can spawned in savanna;
      • pillagers and vindicators can sit on the Illager Beast;
      • update move animation for Illager Beast;
      •  update villagers and illagers textures;
      • added sounds for Illusion Illager (from Java Edition);
      •  added sounds for Pillagers (from Java Edition);
      • added Illusioner spawn egg;
      • fixed villager, witch, vindicator and evoker model ( beta);
      • fixed Illusion Illager identifier;
      •  fixed Caerbannog behavior;
      •  many technical changes.


  • added Caerbannog baby;
  •  added new particle type “illusion_spell”;
  • update water fog and surface color for oceans!;
  • Illusion Illager can spawned in plains, mesa, savanna, desert biomes, jungle and ice plains;
  • ocelots can spawned in savanna;
  • pillagers and vindicators can sit on the Illager Beast;
  •  update move animation for Illager Beast;
  •  update villagers and illagers textures;
  •  added sounds for Illusion Illager (from Java Edition);
  •  added sounds for Pillagers (from Java Edition);
  •  added Illusioner spawn egg;
  •  fixed villager, witch, vindicator and evoker model ( beta);
  •  fixed Illusion Illager identifier;
  •  fixed Caerbannog behavior;
  •  many technical changes.


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world


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53 Responses

4.44 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. trident says:

    Saint#4964 on discord if you want any help with modeling, or addons.

  2. Nanmaster says:

    Why are the bows and crossbows always look ready to fire is it the texture pack or is my file just messed up im gonna give it 3 stars now but if you fix it or tell me about the texture and how to fix it you’ll get the 5 stars you rightfully deserve

  3. grand1200 says:


  4. grand1200 says:

    plz plz plz fix the crossbow and the bow :((

  5. ImakerB says:

    Can you add behavior of spider can spawn with status effect on hard difficulty, and also made drowned chicken jockey, and adding new entity such as giant, illusioner, and killer rabbit. Made wolf can spawn in normal forest.
    Because it really bring bedrock AI closer to java AI

  6. FrostCraft says:

    How to make your own custom animation?

    can you teach me please

  7. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    Really good ADD-ON!!

  8. Fawfuls TNT says:

    This addon looks and is awsome! It makes Bedrock Edition more like Java Edition! Thank you for making this great addon! By the way, when are you going to add the Illusionur and the other unused mobs?

  9. percyjackson57 says:

    I agree with ImakerB, maybe you can also reach add NPC but fixed, also with it’s other variations. Also please fix the crossbow cuz it’s confusing sometimes. I also have a addon idea for you, in the Minecraft store there is a addon pack that adds more ocean life, my idea is to basically copy that but make it different too. Idk that was a idea so you don’t need to follow it, but cool addon nontherless.

  10. Eduardo says:

    Porque não Colocou A textura Da madeira e o barulho das portas Deferente?

  11. King Black Simth-Minecraft PE says:

    Thank you so for adding the illager beast so much 5 stars for you,and can you also add the illusioner it will twis the awesome.

  12. MyHeart says:

    Illager Beast make the Perfection


  13. stereotitan says:

    Love it, but kind of disgusted with these kind of packs which loses the originality and exclusivity of Bedrock Edition

  14. Endy the nightguard says:

    Cool,but can you use the function command to let us generate a pillager outpost?that wouldve been amazing,i want them in my mc but mojang has not added them yet(mojang didnt add anything in the past week)pls accept my idea_marcjones_

  15. Alex says:

    As it became possible (I hope so) could you please make a deltarune jevil add-on? Also I really appreciate the work on that addon

  16. MineCreeper1290 says:

    This is really cool. looks fun!

  17. kostas says:

    Illager beast’s hitbox is not right.

  18. stan talent stan loona says:

    Is it possible to increase mob spawning rates? Only hostile because passive mob spawn like crazy in latest beta

  19. Endy the nightguard says:

    Yo,best addon in the history,keep up the good work!i love it!

  20. Megawolf says:

    marcjones, what you are making here is incredible, this is what the Minecraft addon community needs, you made an addon worth waiting for updates.

  21. Mr.Pigman says:

    The raid id buggy dude…

  22. Dominus says:

    All we need is The New types of villagers, Shields, giants. and pc features (DONT ADD MODS)

  23. Yaaaaay says:

    Can you make this for 1.7?

  24. Im desperate says:

    How do I get 1.9.0?

  25. End dude gaming YT says:

    Can u fix the wither in the next update with the behavior of the wither in java and not pe

  26. lexieseneran01 says:

    Can you plssss fix this add the illager banner when attack the illager with banner they attack all pillager and illager beast and vindicator and when die the illager banner automatically they effect on player ummmm 50 seconds the effect beafore disapeard and when the player go in village and carry the effect the pillager and illager beast and vindicator attack the village any place in village when attack.

    • lexieseneran01 says:

      And im sorry to tell the illager banner.Add plss illager patrols i will check this tomorrow can you plss fix this 🙁

  27. Invictus says:

    The Addon is cool and all but i found alot of problems such as :
    – Illusionist illagers spawn too frequently ( litteraly it swarms your world,well in the plains at least)
    -the scaffolding texture is purple and black
    -The Beast hitbox is still a problem for me
    -the illusionist powers arent appropiate
    – Raids are supposed to be a uncommon event
    -sometimes the pillager shoots too fast

    I hope you fix these problems (BTW thats not all of it)

  28. lexieseneran01 says:

    Can you add patrol illager plsss i cant wait this addon plsss update this i check this tommorow plssss add patrol illager

  29. lexieseneran01 says:

    Add illager patrols can you fix again i cant wait to see the illager patrols i will check this tommorow

  30. Bread says:

    It makes me so sad that you don’t get any revenue from this!

  31. AhoPrince says:

    Hmm there is a bug ,maybe

  32. SavingCPR says:

    I can’t load my world it just keeps crashing! Please help me!

  33. Rich says:

    Do it for people on i pad who don t have pillage and village update

  34. Anonymous says:

    I can’t load to plsssssssss help

  35. zyllah says:

    Does this work for 1.8.0? (The most recent update for bedrock)

  36. Rich says:

    Marcjones add spawn egg for pillager beast and killer bunny, plus add bad omen effect

  37. Rich says:

    Add loading animation to the pillager

  38. Rolan says:

    Marjones add plsss illager patrols and fix the vindicator

  39. fasty says:

    Illager beast cannont be killed when i trying to kill

  40. ProGamingYT says:

    Will this work for (1.8.0) ?

  41. Dragonrider says:

    This is cool,but why the villager is invisible and illager beast can’t be killed

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