Bendy Game Horror 4 (FINAL) [Adventure]

This is the fourth and final map of the Bendy Game Horror map series. This time you will find yourself waking up inside a prison. You were put in prison because they thought you were dangerous. It’s now up to you to find a way out and escape.

Creator: BendyTheDemonTwitter Account


You wake up inside a prison and you meet two peoples. They captured you because one of them think you are dangerous. You had to live inside that prison like one week. But in one day you were leaved behind to dead but then you figured out the way to get out now you must find your way to the end of this place and comeback home but it won’t be easy the monster and the demon will find you and kill you.


Important note: This map only work on version or 1.8+, version 1.9 might caused some bugs. This map will not work probably if you don’t have the add-on or the right version

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17 Responses

3.23 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. John Bogan says:

    The grammar of the story and map is positively atrocious

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I don’t think they thing is bad but the boat is bad you have to update the map and make no giant bendy hand on the boat it gets to hard for me

  3. Jayden says:

    And also I need no boat and no ink water and also when are you going a bendy addon

  4. tekabo s tsg 7 says:

    yaaaay it came i was waiting for years for ths map

  5. Freddy FazCraft says:

    Wow great work but.. No one has reply..

  6. SecretBlockGuy says:

    You mean chapter 5 not chapter 4

  7. Anonymous says:

    I tried to download but it says import failed

  8. Anonymous says:

    It says import failed

  9. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    This just looks like the chapter 5 map from the real Bendy and the Ink Machine game.

  10. Linkcraft says:

    Bendy the demon18.this is the best map you have ever made!the hype has been worth it.please reply.what is next?a bendy Addon,more maps,WHAT

  11. Travis says:

    I need a .zip file because I can’t play it without a .zip file

  12. A Person says:

    Very nice map, however I am unable to pass after having Bendy smash all four pipes in the final fight. The original game had it to where a door opens after breaking the pipes but I have no clue on what was intended afterwards for this map.

  13. Bou says:

    Kind of glitchy but good

  14. clenexGD says:

    I like the map but the animations they have a couple of failures but all ways Is asome 😀

    Goog woork

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