Best Hogwarts [Creation]

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a fictional school in the popular Harry Potter book series. This map is considered one of the best Hogwarts replicas available for Minecraft and it includes everything from the Great Hall to the Quidditch pitch. If you’ve ever read the book series or watched the movies then this is most certainly something worth checking out!

This map was originally created for Minecraft: Java Edition but has now been ported with the proper permission to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Creator: churchner420 (Original Java Edition Map)
Ported by: MrMvBPETwitter Account (Porting permission in PlanetMinecraft comments)


Important: This file exceeds 130 MB!

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106 Responses

4.25 / 5 (67 votes)
  1. Steve says:

    How exactly do you port a java map?

    • diamondptto says:

      So you need to get the java file and then convert it to a mc file and import it to Minecraft
      Note: This is way harder on mcpe so I recommend Windows 10 edition.
      I am soon going to make a tutorial on youtube how to do this because it is harder to explain in text than in visuals

  2. Random guy says:


  3. Dylan says:


  4. TK-6606 says:

    Awesome! But I can’t afford to download it as it has 130 MB.

  5. Ahmad says:

    your a wizard harry

  6. VinnSauce says:

    That’s amazing and first

  7. Finn says:

    First comment! This is literally the most AMAZING Hogwarts map I have ever seen. True fan! I’m a Gryffindor, so I know what I’m talking about. Great job!

    • Finn says:

      Forgot to mention! Is Hogsmeade in the map? If so, where is it?

      • SlytherinMememaster says:

        It’s meant to be teleported to by the whomping willow command block. Same with the fluffy one, but alas, they broke…
        UPDATE PLS?
        Also, let’s hunt for co-ords to fix it.

  8. Billygoat says:

    May the lord bless your soul for making it a mc world

  9. miner1678 says:

    Can you do a pocket edition map of diagon alley?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Someone should make an addon that adds flying brooms and magic wands, cause that would be really awsome in this world 😀

  11. Carmen says:

    This map looks awesome but I cant find the cordinates for Hogwarts I always spawn in the middle of the ocean

  12. Game night99965 says:

    Can you give the cordanents of the quitige field

  13. DreamBurrito says:

    Wow! This map is ammmmaaaaaziiiiiiiiingggggg! But… One problem… WHERE ARE THE SLYTHERIN AND RAVEN CLAW DORMITRYS??? I would want to know because I am a fellow Ravenclaw.

  14. KO14 says:

    can you change it to a mediafire file i cant seem to download it through the current link

  15. nitro8881 says:

    I originally thought oh my God yes so I clicked on download. But then it brought me to this stupid ad page which says I could win £9b. I can’t get off the page so I can’t download it! I have never been so angry!!!

  16. RAVENCLAW says:

    Is there a hedmasters office? if so where?

    • Emily Griffin 👱🏼‍♀️ says:

      Dumbledores office is near the gryffindor common room, in the three towers piled on top the main tower. If you go up the moving staircases to the top it’s on the right side

    • Anonomous says:

      Dumbledores office is near the gryffindor common room, in the three towers piled on top the main tower. If you go up the moving staircases to the top it’s on the right side

  17. Random guy says:

    I found a problem with the map, all the leaves are slowly dissapearing, can you please fix this? Because its kinda annoying. But the map is amazing! Thanks for making it a bedrock edition map.

  18. Piggymaster1313 says:

    So many ads to download this 🙁

  19. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    Can you add a quidditch addons with brooms and quaffle and snitch and bludgers and bats and armor and cloaks thx great map though

  20. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    I’m a Griffindor btw let’s go griffindor let’s go griffindor editor have you took the house test if so what house are you in

  21. pandykiss says:


  22. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    It won’t let me download i got so many ads i could not get through

  23. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    And i almost just got a virus for downloading it but i don’t have it and this looks like a great map to ☹️😞😔😢😰😥😓😭🤧😤😡😠

  24. John Smith says:

    Hi guys I luv hogwarts and all but when I download it it takes me to a web called something like ah1 can any1 halp me to make this web media fire?

  25. jacob says:


  26. CreeperCraft18 says:

    I have asked for this like 100 times, and when I downloaded it, my jaw just dropped to the floor. This is AMAZING!!!!

  27. 3 says:

    I can’t download it!!! It takes me to a site and I have to click stuff to get through but I never get anywhere. Help, please?

  28. Ruben Lujan says:

    I can’t find the Quidditch Court or area. Will somebody tell me where it is please?

  29. miner1678 says:

    can you do some other amazing builds like star wars

  30. CreeperGamerGirl says:

    I has a problem… I CAN’T GET THE MAP!!!! It takes me to this weird website and I don’t know how to leave it! Pls change to!

  31. Tashiku says:

    Map looks cool but one problem when I go to click the download it takes me to the wrong site it takes me to a site FOR ONLINE DATING AND INAPPROPRIATE SITES THAT COULD SCAR A CHILD!

  32. Melon says:

    It is not giving me the mediafill it is giving me this can you please give me the mediafill please comment back

  33. Amariel says:

    This map is amazing! My only problem is the passage way between the whomping willow and shrieking slack doesn’t seem to be working for me but besides that I love this map!

  34. Mummy270570 says:

    How do I download it there are to many adds!

  35. Mummy270570 says:

    How do I download it there are too many adds!

  36. ....... says:

    How do you download this map or .McWorld?

  37. Pasta pizza says:

    Every time I try to download the map it redirects me to an ad and it won’t let me download

  38. Xander Spencer says:

    Anyone else have trouble getting the download? The link wouldn’t take me past the ad page

  39. Andrew says:

    I can’t get passed the crazy ‘’ website to download the Macworld file. Any ideas?

  40. Jimmy says:

    I want to install it but it always brings me to an innapropriatte site.

  41. Swallow says:

    Could you possibly give the coordinates for the command blocks that don’t work

  42. Jone says:

    Can not download it keep taking me to other websites

  43. Zoggna says:

    This looks so cool but I dont know how to get it

  44. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    Finally got it it’s awsome but can you add diagon ally and some more stuff from the book/movie thx and the command block to get to the sheriking shack does not work may need to fix that and can you add a quidditch texture pack and and wand and robe texture pack too thx but over all it’s good thank you for this map

  45. Daboi says:

    Looks good but one question how do I get past when I press the links it goes here

  46. Cool girl says:

    I can’t download it because it will take me to a innapropiat website

  47. SerpentoriaC says:

    it’s an incredible map !!!! it just misses hogsmeade, the secret passage of the screaming hut and the room of requirement and fluffy command block do not work it’s really a pity !! also, the bedrooms are not great … but I guess there will be an update soon! Good job!

  48. Tom Riddle says:

    The ravenclaw’s dormitory is on the top of the castle and slytherin’s dormitory is located on the dungeon but i don’t know where’s the dungeon

  49. Booo says:

    It just takes me to a amazon quiz

  50. Bob™ says:

    Awesome, love the books, good job

    Your a lizard Gary – Gidhag

  51. RAVENCLAW says:

    PO can you please please port this map: . I have wanted Hyrule castle for ages!!!!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    It won’t work for me

  53. Rudy says:

    Finally someone made this, to the creator, thank you

  54. Stevo says:

    Great map. I’ve found all four common rooms, Dumbledores office, Harris’s hut, Fluffy, Quidditch Pitch, Shrieking Shack, Owlery, Potions classroom and Library. Hospital wing anyone? And Obstacles to Philosophers Stone? Anyone have coordinates? The command block under fluffy I presume was meant to tranport you to them but it (and Womping Willow passage one) don’t work. Would be good to see hogsmede.

  55. Stevo says:

    Anyone found Myrtles Bathroom and The Chamber of Secrets and The obstacles to the Philosophers Stone. If so tell me the coordinates. I found Fluffy but the command block didn’t work. Found everything else.

  56. XxMissKoalaxX says:

    I can’t seem to download it because it won’t work when I press the green button on media fire

  57. nun ya business xd says:

    B E A U T I F U L

  58. says:

    Here I had the same problem I cannot get after a long time I got it

  59. Callum says:

    For everyone’s sake, here is the DIRECT LINK:

  60. Finn says:

    Please port a Disneyland map! Thanks!

  61. Acissej says:

    Amazing but can’t seem to get command blocks to work? Any ideas??

  62. Anonymous says:


  63. MS1994 says:

    Please provide the actual download link and not an adpocalyspe link. I can’t find the Captcha on the website. If I click “Click Here to Continue” I get redirected to many ads but not the download link.

  64. No.1 fan says:

    Is there a slythrin dorm room and a hang out

  65. No.1 fan says:

    I love this map

  66. No.1 fan says:

    Disappointed with slythrin common room

  67. Johnryan1515 says:

    Great Map just I had to find Hogwarts! and parts are flooded

  68. KO14 says:

    I found the Chamber of Secrets! Coordinates are 233 3 483! Hope this helps

  69. Fangirl101 says:

    Ermmmmm where is Hagrids hut?


    • KO14 says:

      Hagrid’s hut is through the quarry looking area which is on the 4th or 5th floor i think. Go to the bottom of the quarry and go through the giant door and keep going through until you reach a bridge. Go through the bridge and keep going straight and follow the stone path down, Hagrid’s Hut is waiting! The owlery is actually the path going up in the same area

  70. Mia says:

    Where’s the hufflepuff common room PLEASE TELL ME

  71. Anonymous says:

    Everytime I download it, it puts me in the middle of nowhere and I explore the map and still can’t find Hogwarts? Why??

  72. CreeperGamerGirl says:

    Was fixed! I has the map and it is best Hogwarts ever! I’m a Griffindor or Slytherin. I also might be Ravenckaw. But there is NO WAY I’m a Hufflepuff. I’m not loyal enough.

  73. Mia says:

    Quidditch area is at 483 , 6 , 857
    Hagrids hut is at 631 , 29 , 266
    Fluffy is at 259 , 97 , 359
    Great hall is at 277 , 52 , 227
    Hufflepuff is at 260 , 88 , 382
    Raven law is at 186 , 143 , 849
    Griffindor is at 259 , 133 , 291
    Your welcome and if you know were Dumbledore’s office,slithering common room and kitchens is please tell thx

  74. Someone says:

    Looks amazing but every time I go on Minecraft now it crashes 😔 help?

  75. Victoria says:

    I LOVE THIS MAP. There are so many hidden areas around the stairs. I found the 3 headed dog as the first thing I found and then the hufflepuff common room. Still exploring, (barely started) this was easy to download and open and I’ve had no problems.

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