Better Enchantment Names Resource Pack

This is a resource pack which changes the Roman numbers for enchanted items with regular numbers (also known as Hindu-Arabic numerals). Here is an example: Sharpness IV = Sharpness 4 and so on. You can use this texture pack with three different languages (English (US), English (UK) and Spanish). It’s a really simple addition, but could be useful for those who rather use the Hindu-Arabic numerals.

Creator: ProMasterBoy
Updated: 8 April, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

After you’ve enabled the resource pack in-game you will have to access the language settings and enable the correct language selection.

As soon as that’s done all Roman numerals will be replaced by the Hindu-Arabic numerals.


  • The resource pack is now only 230 KB (it use to be 319 KB)
  • The number of an enchantment is no longer is bold. Example: Old version: Sharpness 5 New Version: Sharpness 5
  • Now enchantments for the trident are supported.
  • Got rid of the Spanish language because no one (that I know) of used it.
  • Languages that are supported: English (UK) and English (US)


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack
  4. Settings > Languages > English (US) (Better Enchanted Names) or any of the other supported languages

You can get a .ZIP for this resource pack here.

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41 Responses

4.01 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. UpstreamComet11 says:

    Super! Can someone pls pls pls make a addon where you can enchant sharpness 100 or 50 … it would be so cool!

    • Uzumaki Naruto says:

      That won’t be possible until stage 2 or 3 of addons are released

    • SmileEverytime says:

      Are you peeps stupid? Those are called mods that yer talkin bout. If you say addons, it means texture and behavior packs. Which cannot go that far. If you are on android, you have better access to mods than iOS users. Which still means that no one can make an Addon like that. Mods are the only things that can go that far okay? Good-bye. And- People who removes or are good with my comments- Leave this here so that UpstreamComet11 knows this. Of yeah, can you restrict your comments to be on topic or off topic? This texture pack isn’t really that helpful too.

    • Aiden says:

      Yes Please!

    • IGURU says:

      You can use blocktopograph

      Yiu can change enchant level ,cheat ,enable acchievement,teleport player,slime shearch

    • ProMasterBoy says:

      Well I could if I changed the value of something in a behaviour pack but it would replace things and make stuff too op

    • LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

      Use MCPE Master

  2. Marco El Korashy says:

    MUCH more easier to unstand what the Roman numerals mean in English numbers.

    • CaptainJoe143 says:

      There is no such thing as english numbers. The numerals we use are actually called Arabic Numerals. Also Roman Numerals can be learned in 5 min. Also there are only a few used in MC

    • ProMasterBoy says:

      Your welcome!
      Btw I’m the creator of this resource pack!

  3. bot says:


  4. Benjamin Verge says:

    It just changes the Roman numerals to numbers

  5. Anonymous says:

    The most useless resource pack. I mean, why would you need to change Roman numbers to regular ones?

  6. RooksAreCool says:

    The most useless resource pack. I mean, why would you need to change Roman numbers to regular ones?

  7. Kuri says:

    People can’t read roman numerals anymore? Dang…

  8. Dark says:

    V=5 (just the numbers used in mc Ik a lot more)
    Also editor, I’m pretty sure most people don’t need to know the Hindu Arabic numbers part, just call them normal numbers

  9. JGs says:

    Whoever made this has too much time on their hands. What a waste of time!
    Minecraft barely educates kids anyway, at least let it teach them Roman numerals.
    Terrible Resource pack, you only have to learn 5 frickin Roman numerals!! It’s not that hard bud.

    • CaptainJoe143 says:

      Dont hate the creator. Hate the modern schooling system. I also think its strange that kids just suddenly arent taught them.

    • ProMasterBoy says:

      Well I was bored .-.
      But I just wanna help ‘some’ people who appreciate it. But in the new version (2.0.0) it makes the enchantment names in colour so it makes it more appealing and it makes it more noticeable.
      But I kinda think your right anyway

  10. CheesyRat says:

    Lmao! The texture pack is really bad! But I’ve seen that the creator « ProMasterBoy » literally rated this 5 stars 3 times XD

  11. ProMasterBoy says:

    If you have any suggestions reply on this comment!

  12. Dewago says:

    Sorry, there’s no more use for this texture translation pack. Can you please get the name of the items I he gui since the new update has come. Just wondering because the classic has now have this ‘box’ and it won’t show the name.

    • ProMasterBoy says:

      It’s still useful on Windows 10 and when you select the item in your hot bar it shows the coloured names as well.

  13. Aiden says:

    This sucks pro u are not the creator btw pro means pregnant retarded ostrich it only changes numbers it’s a waist of storage

  14. Infinitephoen1x says:

    I like this addon, but could you make an edition? I want to see something like 1/3 enchant so i know what the largest enchant number is so if it’s punch I have 1/5 maybe make it a seperate addon.

  15. AgentCPU0 says:

    This pack seems to conflict with other add-ons and resource packs that involve retexturing inventory items. Items and blocks tend to get expanded and blurred. It’s a cool idea, it just needs some work.

  16. Moosecraft says:

    Can I Upgrade BEKFAST

  17. Aria says:

    Gosh, why is there so much hate on this? Kids, he was trying to help out the younger generation who plays minecraft. I know a kid in 1st grade that plays minecraft. I hope you realize that most schools don’t teach roman numerals until the higher grades of elementary, and I only learned roman numerals in Middle School. Also, whoever said that he has “too much time on his hands”, not everyone is busy 24/7. This probably just took a couple minutes either way, and your acting like it took him hours. My lord, y’all are over here calling each other “stupid” and “retarded ostriches” when really, you should be reading over what you’re typing. All of the haters on here literally sound like they’re 7. Grow up.

    Also, I appreciate this, because I know several children that play minecraft but need help with the roman numerals part. I introduced them to this and they were very happy for this. Thank you.

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