Beyond the Lands [16×16]

Beyond the Lands is a medieval and fantasy based texture pack with some realism. One importance of the pack is to try to stay faithful to the original Minecraft textures, while adding a new style of design to the game. In my opinion, it’s really one of the better packs currently available for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Creator: tomaxed44, Twitter Account (original PC pack)
Updated: 3 June, 2017 (updated for 1.1, fixed crashes)


Important: This texture pack is from now on a paid pack only accessible via the Minecraft Marketplace.

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38 Responses

4.34 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    Nice texture pack! Good job!!

  2. maisong says:

    What maps or seeds are being used?

  3. Jamie GamingTM says:

    Nice texture! What map do u use?

  4. ChaoticFlame says:

    10/10 texture pack!! this is a must have texture pack

  5. Dryoshkaiwho Kuri says:

    Did you retextured everything or left some blocks un touched?

  6. SansYT says:

    nice texture pack 20/10

  7. TTD94 says:

    Pretty sweet! Only trouble is trapdoors: can’t see through them. Iron golem hasn’t changed, and weapons & horse armor looks the same, but all in all an awesome texture pack!

  8. FlossyStone874 says:

    This is one of my favorites!!! Amazing work!

  9. FlossyStone874 says:

    …And I like that it’s 16×16

  10. Rapdino says:

    Nice texturepack i would like to now What maps did you use?

  11. SolidMoney25979 says:

    What map?

  12. JolinS says:

    This is now one of my favorite packs! I don’t have a double chest texture(not sure if there’s supposed to be one) and I would love to see some tool textures, maybe something similar to John Smith style. But other than that, this is a great texture pack!

  13. Alex Richmond says:

    Where’s the hearts

  14. Minecraftgamergirl284 says:

    When I play on survival I don’t have hunger and lives

  15. Brian says:

    Thank you for fixing the nose!!

  16. Mortimer says:

    You make a very good texture pack… but when I play in survival I don’t see my lives et my hunger, please correct this!

  17. uglyblackflowereatingbigheadcucumber says:

    thats so cool but in minecraft windows 10 edition ı can’t see the mouse symbol

  18. Jiffy The Critic says:

    I like the texture pack and mostly liked it because im building a medieval themed world but the downside is it crashes everytime i exit the world so everytime i get back my world resets like nothing happened please fix i really like the texture pack

    • M1N5X says:

      It’s because minecraft using too much memory and your device can’t hold it much longer… Most device will automaticly active the home button and close the overwhelming app so they can refresh for a while… the way that minecraft save is by exiting the map, but if crash… current data like entity and block location will be reset like you do… the higher version you are, the easier for device to handle it… I experience that a long time ago in version 0.14.2, but later in from the version of 0.15.0 the possibility to crash is much lower, but i’m still crashing sometimes… from 0.16.2 till now, i’m nearly never crash and i know it’s because there are some active apps in the background that some RAMs… so i suggest before playing MINECRAFT you close (Force Stop if necessary) some apps so they will not using the RAMs and making plenty rooms for MINECRAFT to use. I hope that help

  19. InGator25 says:

    I love this texture pack! It makes my world beautiful.

    P.S. Could someone please tell me how to create a texture pack? I am so inspired by texture packs like this one and really want to create one for myself. I currently have MCPE 1.1.0…. help would be appreciated.

  20. Stevo says:

    The download link for the latest version of this pack (for Mcpe 1.1.x) dose not work. It may just be a problem with my phone, but other packs download fine. Please fix.

    • Editor says:

      It works fine for me. I have tested it. It is around 40 MB in size, so it will take a bit of time to download.

  21. Entity_21Savage says:

    Who watches Super Mario 64 Bloopers on YouTube?

  22. Brian Kim says:

    Amazing texture pack! Could you just make a separate texturepack just for the villagers? Beacuse they were the favorite part about this texture pack. Thank you so much!

  23. KillerHunter says:

    Very good .

  24. Daniel says:

    I’ll make an horror map, Can I take some textures from this resource pack?

  25. H950sm says:

    Can the texture pack be updated by the owner? I see Minecraft: Windows Edition ‘Beta’ in the title even though MCW10E has come out of beta (Now 1.1.0).

  26. Hedgiehuffles says:

    Please update to 1.2

  27. Ryan Osborne says:

    Hi there, how come when you tame a wolf they go a all reddish colour? it really ruins the wolves all together, as they look perfect untamed, or is this a glitch?

    • Brad J says:

      I have the same question and problem with purchased in-game Win10 texture. I am guessing it’s a glitch because it looks terrible. Hopefully there is a patch soon.

  28. Hteam3 says:

    So… I’ve found that I can’t access it from the market place. Which is kind of a problem… I wasn’t willing to buy the texture pack, but now, I’m a little more open minded… If there’s another link in which I can buy it, please. Send it to me. Thank you.

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