Biome-Box Add-on

This add-on spawns in randomly placed boxes around your world. They’re mostly found in their specific biomes but they can be found anywhere. You need to break to obtain their loot, they have 10 hp each. The loot is native to the biome and they also have their original mob drops as well.

Creator: CodanRaigen21Twitter Account

How does it work?

The Biome-Boxes will spawn on random locations and for the most part in their biomes. Kill a Biome-Box to obtain their loot. You can find a full list of each box loot further down on this page.


  • Chicken (Plains Box)
    • Drops
      • tall_grass 2-7
      • seeds 5-7
      • cobblestone 5-12
      • stone 12-34
      • grass 3-10
      • dirt 5-16
      • oak planks 4
  • Creeper (Forest Box)
    • Drops
      • oak log 4-18
      • birch log 2-10
      • oak sapling 1-4
      • birch sapling 1-3
      • apple 6-12
      • tnt 3-5
      • oak planks 4
  • Husk (Desert Box)
    • Drops
      • cactus 8-13
      • sand 13-30
      • sandstone 7-10
      • dead bush 8-20
      • birch planks 4
  • Drowned (Ocean Box)
    • Drops
      • gravel 12-30
      • coral 1-10
      • sea pickle 4-10
      • kelp 8-23
      • flint 12-15
      • wet sponge 3-5
      • trident 2-5
      • gold ingot 4-9
      • prismarine crystals 7-20
      • prismarine shards 8-18
      • jungle planks 4
  • Snowy Biomes Box (Stray)
    • Drops
      • ice 5-10
      • packed ice 3-6
      • blue ice 4-10
      • snow ball 16-32
      • snow block 8-13
      • spruce planks 4
  • Roofed Forest Box (Vindicator)
    • Drops
      • dark oak log 13-21
      • dark log sapling 8-14
      • emerald 2-9
      • totem of undying 1-2
      • iron axe 1-2
      • dark oak planks 4
  • Swamp Box (Witch)
    • Drops
      • lily pads 5-8
      • slime block 6-14
      • slime 15-17
      • oak planks 4
  • Nether Box (Withered Skeleton)
    • Drops
      • netherrack 12-26
      • magma block 10-20
      • soul sand 8-19
      • glowstone 8-24
      • glostone dust 9-12
      • nether brick 6-25
      • nether wart 8-12
      • coal blocks 4


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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16 Responses

4 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    great add on!

  2. Codysaur2004 says:

    Cool, but kinda random xD

  3. Ahlixemus says:

    Kinda OP and replacing mobs is a bad idea, but good concept.

  4. Annoying user says:

    A good addond for a survival game, the bad of the addon is the op boxes, but all is perfect

  5. Annoying user says:

    Very very cool

  6. Apocalyptapig says:

    This is a good addon. It has a good concept, but the main thing that shines through, of all the positives, is the AMAZING 3-D models. You can tell this person worked hard to get those sprites looking as nice as possible.
    But this, like all things, has problems. Specifically, the mobs the boxes replace. They are not convenient whatsoever in terms of adding a new layer of fun, because they replace basic hostile mobs.
    Overall, a good addon with amazing visuals, but needs a few tweaks to be fun in Survival.
    3/5 stars

  7. ImTheCoreOfMc says:

    Possibly a low chance of getting a wither skeleton skull from the box, or there’d be no point in the wither or no challenge

  8. DitIsHaider says:

    I dont know if its possible buy can you do for example when a chest/Mob named “IceCrate” you get the loot table for ice or is that not possible?

  9. Eduardo says:

    how to dowload

  10. Anonymous says:

    One problem, can’t battle the wither
    Can you add wither skeleton skulls to wither skeletons loot table

  11. redigit says:

    Will download the updated version where they dont replace mobs 🙂 hope you will make it when it comes out

  12. Ashleigh Wampler says:

    How would you install this on windows 10? where would the file go

  13. Sophie Rae says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Contrary to previous comments about the replacement of hostile mobs, I was actually looking for a replacement for them. I changed chicken to zombie, and I’m adding a bone box to replace skeletons to finish the job. Obviously, a couple tweaks to the drops and such to accommodate the changes, as well as reduce the sheer quantity of drops provided. Not everyone wants to spend the night fighting monsters, but there should still be some difficulty above peaceful.

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