Biome: Project 0 Add-on (Beach Update) (1.8+ Only)

This add-on implements many news mobs in the game including ones from the Better Nether and Night++ add-ons. The current version adds a total of 31 new mobs to the game and more are likely to be added in the future. By using this add-on you will be able to experience Minecraft in a whole new way as there are plenty of new mobs to fight.

Creator: CodanRaigen21Twitter Account
Updated: 1 November, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

At this moment the mobs added are Nether and Desert mobs. All of the mobs are added entities and don’t replace any existing mobs. This also means that it will only work for version 1.8 and above.

Nether Mobs

  • Blaze King (boss)
    • 500 hp
    • rapid firing fire balls
    • has 10% chance to spawn inthe overworld
  • Blood stone golem
    • 250 HP
    • 3 AP
  • Grub
    • 6 HP
    • 2 AP
  • Headless
    • 14 HP
    • 4 AP
  • Hellraiser (mini-boss)
    • 40 HP
    • shoots explosiove fireballs
  • Nether-bound
    • 20 HP
    • 4 AP
  • Nether-creep
    • 20 HP
    • 3 AP
  • Parasite
    • 5 HP
    • 5 AP, poison
  • Brute Pigman
    • 50 HP
    • 12 AP
  • Civilian Pigman
    • 20 HP
    • Passive
  • Guardian Pigman
    • 24 HP
    • 6 AP
    • Attacks only zombie pigmen
  • Severed
    • 10 HP
    • 3 AP
  • Toxic head
    • 4 HP
    • 1 AP, posion
  • Unarmed
    • 18 HP
    • 2 AP
  • Undead head
    • 4 HP
    • 3 AP
  • Under-crawler
    • 12 HP
    • 4 AP
    • Under-terranean
    • 20 HP
    • 4 AP
  • Vengeant ashes
    • 26 HP
    • 5 AP, wither effect
  • Vengeant soul
    • 10 HP
    • 5 AP

Desert Mobs

  • Cactus warrior
    • 24 HP
    • 7 AP
  •  Giant scorpion
    • Stings you if you get too close, posion 2 for 20 seconds
    • 4 variants, hairy green, smooth yellow, spikey black, and cyan
    • 4 AP from pincer attack
    • 10 HP
    • Doesn’t burn in daylight
    • Hostile
  • Cactus warrior (big)
    • Has blockier cactus-like armor but has a flower on top, 4 blocks tall
    • Has a full cactus to knock you back
    • 12 AP
    • 50 HP
    • Damaged by water and snowballs
    • Hostile
  • Sand shark (desert)
    • Uses its fin to get your attention
    • Lunges at player, model is offsetted from the ground to give an illusion
    • Beige, 2 blocks long and gives you slowness 1 for 3 seconds
    • 3 AP
    • 10 HP
    • Damaged by water and snowballs
    • Hostile
  • Flower trap
    • A Rafflesia flower
    • Has 6 variants, the color wheel
    • Gives you poison 4 for 20 seconds (planning)
    • 3 HP
    • Inanimate
  • Dusty skeleton
    • Sandy skeleton wrapped in rags
    • 2 AP, poison 5 for 3 seconds
    • 20 HP
    • Hostile
  • Mummy
    • Summoned by undead pharaoh
    • 4 AP
    • 28 HP
    • Hostile
  • Undead pharaoh
    • Summons 3 mummies at a time when attacked by player
    • Has a golden eagle staff
    • 6 AP
    • 30 HP
    • Hostile
  • Eagle staff
    • Summons 4 Mummy minions that attack most monsters for you but they last only 10 seconds being too overpowered
  • Minion mummy
    • Friendly towards players, kills monsters
    • 6 AP
    • 30 HP
  • False cactus
    • Shoots arrows at you
    • Blends in well in the desert
    • 10 HP
  • Living fossil 0
    • Undead dinosaur
    • fast
    • 3 AP, hunger for 10 seconds
    • 20 HP
    • Hostile

Beach Mob

  • Arctic spider crab
    • Light blue
    • 12 HP
    • 2 AP
  • Coconut crab
    • Brown
    • 22 HP
    • 5 AP
  • Japanese spider crab
    • Orange
    • 22 HP
    • 4 AP
  • Dungeness crab
    • Purple
    • 22 HP
    • 8 AP
  • Yeti crab
    • White
    • 8 HP
    • 3 AP
  • Coral-bounds
    • 5 existing coral variants
    • 26 HP
    • 4 AP
  • Trench predator
    • Attacks pirates
    • 22 HP
    • 5 AP
  • Pirate
    • 20 HP
    • 5 AP, nausea for 2 seconds
  • Pirate captain
    • 30 HP
    • 6 AP
  • Ocean biome-box
    • original aspects from “Biome-box” add-on
  • Coconut trees
    • 4 direction variants
    • 10 HP
    • Drops jungle logs
  • Sea shells
    • Drops flint
  • Custom item: Redstone cutlass
    • currently does nothing
  • Sand shark (beach)
    • Hammerhead appearance, yellow, rough
    • Lunges at player, model is offsetted from the ground to give an illusion
    • 4 AP
    • 10 HP
    • Gets damaged by water
    • Hostile


  • Adds 20 new beach biome entities
  • Adds aesthetics to the beach by spawning coconut trees.


Important: Make sure to enable “Experimental Gameplay” if you’re playing on 1.8! (Requires version 1.8 or above.)

  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world

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92 Responses

3.9 / 5 (58 votes)
  1. Dragonrider says:

    Its amazing,please add some animals(not monster)

  2. Rygezkie says:

    Where will the mobs spawn?

  3. Randomness says:


  4. Christopher says:

    Perfección el add-on me parece increíble me gustaria ver mas del autor

  5. bonin888 says:

    I must say, this looks like a real minecraft mod. Very well done on graphics. However, I won’t judge its behaviors and coding at all. That’s up to someone else. 🙂

  6. Speedietsiren says:

    I can’t download it the link is broken please fix

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ooof nice addon

  8. classified says:

    where do the mobs spawn??? in gamemode c i cant find the spawn eggs.

  9. XboxBeta says:

    More animals, vehicles, or dinosaur + animation + enable with experimental gameplay without replacing any default egg. 😀

  10. Insert name here says:

    It’s awesome. The blaze king spawns too often in the overworld though. Make it only spawn in the nether plz

  11. Giby says:

    Buen trabajo, se agradece ampliamente

  12. ECG says:

    Fix some textures (Swords, Compass, Clock, etc) and this will be amazing.

  13. Egg says:

    Link is broken

  14. Bro says:

    Download i no cane find button to download

  15. Jony says:

    Hey! The link isn’t working!

  16. Ooof says:

    It says the link doesnt work

  17. Kaneki says:

    Cara muito bem esse addon gostei de verdade tomara que continue evoluindo dia após dia
    Gloria a deux

  18. Giby says:

    Hey, no sirven ya el Link

  19. Caleb Houston says:

    Could you fix the blaze king? He spawns way to often in the overworld.

  20. Ace says:

    Can you make a pixelmon add-on w/out replacing other mob plz.. Tnx in advance

  21. Insert name here says:

    Good update. Thanks for fixing spawns. How about adding non-hostile animals though?

  22. Hello says:

    The nether mobs don’t spawn. Please fix it. Desert is working well.

  23. WWEgaster says:

    Is it ok if I add this into a RPG game im making???

  24. Oi says:

    It’s very nice

  25. MoonCraft says:

    Can you make the Blaze King alot rarer. 10% seems brutal for early game times.

  26. The herohunter says:


  27. SkeletorFury says:

    You should make a new godzilla addon cause it could be awesome!

  28. Noice says:

    You gotta make civilian pigman like villagers!, They must able to trade and hunted by monsters

  29. request boy says:

    pls fix nether mobs they dont spawn in nether
    and i will ask for something
    can you pls add sand stone golem it will be cool
    and pls expand you add on pls add more mobs in other biomes i love your add on i swear
    and add all biome a golem like for desert sand stone golem add all biome golemm plss

  30. Anonymous says:

    how do you change the game to v.1.8?

  31. Someone says:

    Husks don’t spawn anymore with this update…

  32. Tomzonia says:

    So great! Maybe add a giant jungle tree boss when you do jungle.

  33. request boy says:

    Why husk dont spawn?

  34. Kostas says:

    Is cool

  35. Saroke says:

    Me pueden decir como se descarga el .mcworld esque a mi no me funciona

  36. Bass231 says:

    The game crash when I start a map with the addon.

  37. Jamkabob says:

    Awesome job. You should do the snow biome next.

  38. AnAverageEnderMan says:

    Hey can I showcase this on a future vid?

    If yes then (I will put credit in description)
    And can I put the link in the description?

  39. DiegoPlayer42 says:

    I love this addon cuz you can make a survival and a series

  40. KEVERSON says:

    Eu gostei muito

  41. Mcpe gamer says:

    Just by looking at it i know it’s a good add-on.but i cant download it the link is broken plss update the link.

  42. Zack says:

    i think if you make the entity’s attack animation , this addon will be the best

  43. Prince says:

    Please add sky biome water biome and. Jungle biome city biome alien biome fantasy biome village biome I am requesting you

  44. MizoMike says:

    Do I add it to the resource pack folder or behavior pack folder and can you make a orespawn addon

  45. Link is broken says:

    Link is still broken

  46. King leyent says:

    Podrían actualizar el bioma champiñones con el addon?

  47. Boi says:

    Make the Flower traps Useful it dosen’t work

  48. Painfulhail134 says:

    I’m having a problem. Some of the mobs are invisible or have no animation with the new update. What do I do?

  49. Mr idiot says:

    Can you change the chances of blaze King spawning at the overworld it should have 1% chance of spawning in the overworld just because 10% isn’t rare to me cause the zombie villager has 10% spawning and it doesn’t seemed rare cause it spawns kinda easily

  50. Iron Man says:

    good add-on,but please add Godzilla made out of dirt then called Dirtzilla!Please.

  51. CX says:

    Na próxima atualização, vocês poderiam adicionar novos mobs no bioma de neve.

    Para quem não sabe é muito fácil matar o BlazeKing, fique em baixo dele e ele não te acerta!

  52. Anonymous says:

    It says 1.8 but I’m on 1.7 so who can use this and how much longer till I can use it cuz if I’m to guess it would probably just crash me.



  54. LegendZOfficial says:

    Add for ocean mobs kraken,ocean soul,posiden,whale,shark,flying dutchman,flying dutchman pirate,angler,seagulls,mermaids,
    Treasure guardians,sea beast(a walking four legged furry spider), and sea walkers( sea zombies that can walk on water)

  55. tilly says:

    how do you download??? ;D

  56. Cohen says:

    Can you please add a zip file so I can download it on my Xbox. Thanks

  57. XboxBeta says:


  58. Minecraft Fact says:

    Hey can you guy update your animation becuase it arm and leg is not working thank you

  59. Romantical says:

    I am in 1.8 but when i am in gamemode c i also cant find spawn eggs!

  60. Incredibat says:

    For some reason the mod doesn’t work. I’m using the beta 1.8, downloaded the mod into one world, and enable experimental gameplay but the new mobs don’t appear whatsoever.

  61. Anonymous says:

    try adding some mobs for taiga,mountains and tundra biomes like goats,yetis,frost archers(like strays but living),frost golems,ice witch,ice blaze(a icy variant of blaze but shoots snowballs instead) and etc.Also good addon

  62. antwone says:

    U should update to 1.9

  63. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the spawn eggs

  64. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work

  65. TacoSquid555 says:

    It’s not working I’m on experimental gameplay and 1.8 it won’t work

  66. Cody says:

    How do you spawn anything in I’m in 1.8 i have experiential game play on WHAT DO I DO i can’t even find anything randomly plz fix this

  67. glowingroad says:

    I have updated to the new 1.8 version of minecraft windows 10 edition. I enabled experimental gameplay as well, but still this mod does not work no new enemies in desert, beach, or nether biomes. Is the is PE exclusive?

  68. João Victor says:

    Add-on ótimo com muitos mobs diferentes, porém não funciona no meu Minecraft
    Por favor arrumem esse bug

  69. Anonymous says:

    this is broken, when i try to start a game with it all it does is change the texture of the panda and the cat PS i am playing with experimental mode ON

  70. Lmao says:

    Boi dis is broken, pls fix dis

  71. Afriza_R says:

    Please update for mcpe 1.9

  72. Anonymous says:

    Totally broken even with EX on

  73. Multii says:

    Can I know why the addon are not working where all the mobs like I have the experimental on and have 1.8 update but still the egg are not in creative mode

  74. Requester says:

    Does this still works for 1.9? It doesn’t seem to be working even in (current version)

  75. Alex says:

    Could You also Male working for Will ne viol with bedrock 2.0 addon

  76. jimmy says:

    This addon is fantastic, but I have a question:
    these mobs are generated by themselves or I have to use an egg

  77. Gametime says:

    How to find the egg mobs in creative mode,i allready use experience gameplay

  78. Arrow101 says:

    When I downloaded it, I wasn’t able to use it at all. I tried it with both experimental gameplay on and off. Neither worked. Wish I would’ve been able to use it

  79. Swallow says:


  80. Jesse says:

    Mine wont work whatever i try(i have 1.8+ and enebled experelemental gameplay and redownloaded it)

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