BlackCelestial Survival (Ultra Hardcore) [CTM] [Survival]

BlackCelestial Survival is a Complete The Monument map with several survival challenges. It’s a quite fun map in that sense that it includes some custom features. For example, by collecting each block you will gain a new special ability. The gameplay works similar as to skyblock and the game uses a lot of custom commands and customized mobs. It’s recommended for 1-2 players.

Creator: ZucthTwitter Account
Updated: 4 November, 2018 (read changelog)

Creator’s Note

If wanna play I recommend to play in minecraft pe (warning) because it\’s can make your game clash (not available on minecraft pe new version) the command using might change!



  • Fixed Command Bug
  • Added More Resource
  • (New Feature) New BlackCelestial (Lost Castle, Recipe CraftingTable)
  • New Custom Dimension (Fur’ence Dimension)


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