Blokkit Mod (Android)

The Blokkit Mod adds 7 different types of living blocks to the game which can be tamed and used as your friendly companions. If you are ever attacked by a monster the Blokkits will always be there to defend you. You can have as many of them as you like and their cuteness make them the perfect pet for any Minecrafter.

Ported by: TaQultO_988 (Twitter Account)ElSirKael (Twitter Account)
Original PC Creator: BlueCube
Updated: 7 January, 2017


Getting Started

Begin by crafting a Blokkit spawn item. Here is a list of all item IDs and crafting recipes.

  • Blokkit Grass (2000) – 8 grass blocks + 1 redstone
  • Blokkit Wood (2001) – 8 wood blocks + 1 redstone
  • Blokkit Stone (2002) – 8 stone blocks + 1 redstone
  • Blokkit Iron (2003) – 8 iron ingots + 1 redstone
  • Blokkit Gold (2004) – 8 gold ingots + 1 redstone
  • Blokkit Diamond (2005) – 8 diamonds + 1 redstone
  • Blokkit Glowstone (2006) – 8 Bottle o’ Enchanting + 1 redstone


Tap on the ground with the item to spawn the creature.


To tame the Blokkit tap on it with some apples. It might take a few tries before it likes you. The heart particles indicates you are successful.

Once it’s tamed it can be ordered to Sit (stay) or Stand (follow).



The Blokkit starts out at level 0 with no experience. You can view its current statistics by pressing sneak and then tapping on it using an empty hand.


The Blokkit will follow you around and attack any mobs which you are attacking or being attacked by. Once it has reached level 5 you can use a golden apple to evolve the Blokkit.

As a Blokkit evolves it will gain size, strength and health.



The nametag can be used for naming your Blokkit creatures. I haven’t figured out how this works right now but I will update here once I know more.

  • Nametag (421) – 1 string + 1 paper

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod.
  2. If the downloaded file is a .zip file then you will need to rename it so that the file extension is .modpkg
  3. Start BlockLauncher and use this guide to install the .modpkg file (click here).


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69 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Plazy says:

    Do I need to import the Blokkit_data.js and Blokkit_models.js Because When I imported them it says Missing Data. BUT I think I dont need to import them right?

  2. Jamkabob says:

    It keeps saying item icon Grass Blokkit does not exist.

    • Editor says:

      Please copy and paste the entire error message so I can help you better.

      • Kobanzi says:

        Hey Editor all Ios user are sad because they don’t get cool mods like gun mods I’m sad too please make a mc.pack please it will mean the world to the IOS user I have a android I don’t use it I use my iPod , iPad, iPhone dads iphone
        Mc.pack or

  3. amy lawler says:

    I don’t get what you mean by renaming it to get it the right file I can’t give it where I can use it and I really want to

  4. Zachary468 says:

    I found a way to name your blokkit using name tags! You just crouch then tap on your blokkit with your nametag. Remember that you have to rename the name tag with the name you want your blokkit to be before you name your blokkit! I hope this helps;) 🙂

  5. MilkWithCookies says:

    **error message**

    • Editor says:

      That error message indicates that the textures weren’t properly loaded.

      Ask TaQuItO_988 on Twitter. Tell him I sent you and he might answer. Share the same error code with him, but use to paste the text and then share the Pastebin URL with him.

  6. Cold Fire says:

    İ do .mokpkg into .zip but it says “Bad Zip File” And this is happens on every file…. Why? I want help

  7. Meeee.dono says:

    Were do i click if i want to download it?

  8. Netra Vyas says:

    How can I add the diamond helmet to the evolved blokkit? Does it come automatically after 2 or 3 evolutions of the blokkit itself ?

  9. Nicholas Chandra says:

    **error message**

  10. MaulanaAliGamer says:

    Its Doesnt Exist However I Rename It Into .modpkg or .js please help me Im Stuck

  11. Jm says:

    I have the .modpkg then when i import it it doesnt work

  12. squee says:

    can i get this to work on my ipod?

  13. Nick says:

    I tried re evolve my blockkit at level 5 but it dident work

  14. TheGameDestroyer says:

    It’s kinda like blocklings from the pc version

  15. Rven Miguel D Culis says:

    What file manager is used to import and what is import

  16. Fernando Gutierrez says:

    Ok, so i have mcpe 0.15.6 All you have to do is import the texture pack first and then import the “main” mod from block launcher app. You need the app block launcher for this

  17. LuLu says:

    Can you please make a .mcworld blokkit addon?

  18. LuLu says:

    Can you Please make a .mcworld blokkit addon. I would really appreciate it. If you can’t I understand.

  19. Zara says:

    It is so cute

  20. TimeronGaming says:

    I enjoy this mod on my PC and when I found this post I was so excited to get it on my IOS Device until I realised that it can only be used on Android so is there any way you can make this file into an .mcpack/.mcworld?

  21. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    i wish there could be a blokkit addon instead

  22. captainfour4 says:

    Whoever made this, can you make an addon of this? Spawning the blokkit may be different, but the rest is possible with addons (I think).

  23. AG says:

    So I hope if I can send the pics to you Editor you can help.

  24. KappaKapeesh says:

    How to name a creature:

    1. Get a name tag.
    2. Get an anvil.
    3. Re-name the name tag using the anvil.
    4. Get in front of the creature and tap the name button

  25. Fire_hunter says:

    Man iOS users don’t get mods but unless some one one does a addon for this maybe replace villagers and all there types like the librarian is stone and the priest diamond and iron worker is steel and the butcher gold of some thang like that

  26. Harry James says:

    So cute!

  27. Harry James says:

    They are really really really cute

  28. ObsidianRange says:

    Bro make addons instead of mods cause a mod creator like you could make a gun addon with a machine gun flamethrower minigun pistol and just all guns ok so please do that : (

  29. DontGoInRandomPLLCar says:

    Hey ios ppl this addon is like this mod

  30. LPS BluePuppy says:

    Is this only for android?? Because I am using iOS but I really want the blokkit mod

  31. Ahlixy says:

    Cool…RESPOND 2 ME!

  32. XxMcpeMasterxX says:

    Can I use the render of the big grass blokkit?

  33. Reigi says:

    Please update this mod not just defend but they can have sword and they can hold Axe and cutting Wood they can hold pickaxe and minning. I Will wait

  34. Ramirin28 says:

    Why is only on android? );

  35. Slumber pro says:


  36. brayann says:

    I have a problem with the blokkit. The problem is that when I put them in and out of minecraft and re-enter blokkit they become villagers, how do I solve it? please.

  37. bPANASLAPd says:

    This is so cute!!!!!

  38. MetalWind says:

    How to spawn the blokkit?
    Im know the recipes but font know how to spawn it

  39. JG says:

    I can’t craft the blokkits. Is there another way to get them?

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