Bloxnite (Fortnite) [PvP] [Minigame]

Bloxnite is a PvP and minigame based on Fortnite which is one of the top multiplayer battle royal games in the world. This map includes similar features such as a moving battle bus, a fully working crate and shop system and a building system which resets each round. Invite some friends and play a few rounds of Fort.. Bloxnite in Minecraft!

Creator: KrakenGames / MineClan888Twitter AccountWebsiteYouTube Channel
Updated: 27 May, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Moving battle bus
  • Working reset system so you can play infinite times
  • Working crate / shop system (only sells keys)
  • Custom textures / behaviors, note the textures were not made by us, they were made by @JEBR_Gaming, modded by Byrnorthil behaviors
  • Working building system (resets)

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  • MineClan888 (Owner/Builder)
  • RedSlimeTime25 (Lead developer)
  • DeniableTax (Builder)
  • JEBR_Gaming (Textures, special thanks to him xD, remember it’s not our textures!)
  • Byrnorthil (dev)
  • XPAdventure (Builder)
  • SchylTEK (Builder)
  • Gameboi (Builder/tester)


  • Modes! – Classic Mode, Explosive Mode, Bloxz Mode, Gauntlet Mode, Half v Half, Zombie Mode
  • Bug fixes
  • Got rid of balloon for bus due to lag
  • Added new locations. Play the game to find them!
  • Added STORM!
  • Added Jump Pad and Nether Stars
  • Banos


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84 Responses

4.05 / 5 (44 votes)
  1. AndreiTGK says:

    This is a great map

  2. Prime Gamer 90 says:

    I knew it when i watching minecraft videos

  3. xItzCoolDudex says:

    How to start? We already have 2 player yet it doesn’t start… pls help

  4. Helpy says:

    The realm isn’t open anymore

  5. No name says:

    It’s good but the terrain is so flat. Maybe you can do something about the flatness

    • Edgecreated says:

      While you do that, you should replace horses with shopping carts and make them spawn on the map

      • Morgan B007 says:

        I found a way to do that. Get the Fortnite Addon, apply it to the world, and custimze the crates and go into creative to place the shopping carts.

  6. NOOB says:

    I Really like it, thanks to the builder has make this map

  7. MCHurt12 says:

    Nice Map. There’s a problem with the mcworld link

  8. Dinogamer4674 says:

    It’s not letting me download it it says that it was removed from media fire.

  9. Press start says:

    Its not working the download is not working

  10. ItsOnlyMC_ says:


  11. Dou blade says:

    Awww the .McWorld doesnt work. SOME PLZ TELL ME IF THAT WAS A GLITCH OR NOT

  12. Didhthavenames says:

    I forgot that i name it .mcpack not .mcworld

  13. Lahom101 says:

    why .McWorld link is not available?

  14. Minecraft player 123 says:

    I can’t download the map ( it says it was elected by the creator in mediafire

  15. Gabriel Gamer says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it

    I’m sad because it’s my favorite game

  17. EpicTamale says:

    Can’t get the link in

  18. Angrysouza says:

    The link is broken

  19. MinecraftGaboK says:

    Can u play in singleplayer?

  20. Anonymous says:

    The name is cringey

  21. Enderbite says:

    How do I get to the lobby because when I spawn I spawn inside the battle bus and Im having trouble getting the game started.

  22. Redslimetime25 says:

    Man I LOVE GAME I have a blast making the Redstone for you guys! A LOT OF HARD WORK WENT INTO THIS!!! There are a few bugs, I promise those will get fixed. Thanks Again!

  23. A.I. says:

    First Comment, Great but lags. Fix that bug. Here’s Five Stars ✨!

  24. MidgetIdiots says:

    I’m also staff, BTW.

  25. Enzo Valadez says:


  26. CalebisMOMMA says:

    It’s Microsoft And Notch

  27. MiniPro27 says:


  28. CalebisMOMMA says:


  29. TheKennyFlash says:

    I Love fortnite I play almost everyday so thanks for maling It into Minecraft

  30. Zyroth says:


  31. fymxxx says:

    can you guys add Like bots, so we can play solo. please

  32. Superslimeboy says:

    Map is very small but whatevr…

  33. Jackson says:


  34. Notch says:

    Tons of fun!

  35. Rffrice says:

    Please stop

  36. Rage says:

    Please add new map PVE (Player Vs Enviroment)

  37. OrangeWither999 says:

    Looks Great!
    Will be doing a video of it soon

  38. Mr. Piggles says:

    This Map is actually awesome because here are my 3 reasons why. Number#1, is that it has a nice moving battle bus which is extremely cool! Number#2, is that you have downloaded a awesome texture pack like the guns,meds,and a lot more. Number#3, yes, finally we can build in mc Fortnite, to help us make our defense and buildings better! This has been a successful map which I guarantee you should try it out!!! BTW can try to make the STORM!!!

  39. ociN says:

    First comment(i think) havent played it tho…

  40. My Personal Opinion (do not take offense) says:

    Really cool, I can tell you all worked pretty hard on the map and whatnot but just for clairity the moving battle bus is not the first of its kind in MCPE the same idea has been used in PC and has already been applied to animate other vehicles in MCPE far before your battle bus was created, also moving houses have also been created in MCPE using slimeblocks. Here’s a link to the moving train which you can find also on mcpedl which uses command blocks to move just like your battle bus

  41. IHateThisCreator says:


  42. Huy Like You says:


  43. ZaineAce says:

    Btw maybe i could edit the map a little a map creator ,command block specialist, redstone adict you can contact me in FB: Zhayen Elias Sorilla

  44. Huy Like You says:


  45. Rickyissticky12 says:

    Great map but when I used the nuke it broke the map lol idk how u would fix it but just tellin you

  46. Cooper says:

    Great game except I have to frequently re download the map because it breaks and gets messed up with the wins.

  47. Huy Like You says:

    Can you upgrade this map to not upgrade the graphics and add more map extension if I swear I will support you all.

  48. Cla5HD says:

    Yo i used rpg to my friend and then he dies and the terrain exploded.
    We have one more game but the terrain doesnt reset how to fix this?
    One more bug, we have already 2 players but the games doesnt start so i put a redstone block on the commandblock

  49. antonio says:

    the enter of server is no restart and my character is bug in the part of carrot

  50. XxEpix_DarxX says:

    Please make it single Player! I love it coz I have no friends please update it because I like to verse the computers.

  51. ManOfStrong says:

    I love fortnite

  52. Huy Like You says:

    I like you so much because you made the map so interesting that you will upgrade the map again thank you

  53. Huy Dark says:

    I like you so much because you made the map so interesting that you will upgrade the map again thank you

  54. New to Fortnite says:

    How do u open crates?

  55. TheMinecrafter says:

    Cool game. Lags a bit but is nevertheless an awesome game

  56. Dave says:

    This looks really good but the game dosent seem to have a start button. Unless it requires a second player and will auto-start then even better. Otherwise really nice.

  57. Kyle says:

    can you pls fix lag in mcpe then i will give u 5 stars

  58. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it

  59. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Bloxnite? Sounds like as if it was on roblox

  60. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work😢😢

  61. Pablo says:


    And it sent me to hacker room for doing parkour

  62. Pablo says:

    Please how do you take away the FORTNITE logo off the game

    The game sent me to the hacker room for doing parkour

  63. Jose says:

    Do u need an xbox account to ay this with freinds if so why?

  64. ThatOneStupidChicken says:

    bad. really bad

  65. Thomas says:

    So are pickaxes and swords diffrent or the same?

  66. ScarletGaming17 says:

    Can you make it compatible for as well? thank you

  67. CSB says:

    Does this work for 1.8+?

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