BluJay’s Creative Testing World [Creation]

BluJay released his first Let’s Play World just a few months ago and since then he has gained thousands of subscribers. Today he’s releasing a second world in celebration of reaching 5000 subscribers. The world works as a testing ground for new redstone contraptions and other structures which he intends to build in his own survival world or in the Unity SMP world.

If you’re a fan then take this chance to look behind the scenes of how BluJay plans a design for an episode! Enjoy!

Creator: BluJayGamesTwitter AccountYouTube


Watch the video down below to get a better understanding about the different builds included in the world.


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4 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. hiddenhero says:

    Congrats 5 thosand

  2. PLS REPLY by Notcha says:

    ADD MORE!! 4 star cost u dint add more TROLOLOLOL

  3. Nathan. Nikolovski says:

    FIRST! Lol! I can’t wait to play this map but when it’s on faithful The texture what I see on the blocks are different and I get very annoyed I want the Actual Normal Faithful Anyways I rate this map a 8/10

  4. TheMasterStarDestroyer 676811 says:

    hope its good! congrats ob 5k subs my dude

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