Blu’s Redstone House [Creation]

Redstone in Bedrock Edition is quite complicated to work with. This map consists of a fairly decent house filled with simple to more complicated redstone contraptions. Most of the contraptions are BluFlyaway’s own designs. From simple hidden rooms to overly complicated garage doors each room has at least one redstone contraption. There is also an underground section which will be worked on more in the future.

Creator: BluFlyawayTwitter Account


  • Redstone contraptions ranging from simple to complicated ones
  • Secret rooms
  • Unique redstone designs
  • Almost all redstone wires are flushed in the ground.

Note: Most of the contraptions take up a lot of space so I can’t put in much of it in the rooms.


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27 Responses

4.7 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Lloyd says:

    You think BEDROCK redstone’s complicated? Java redstone has quasi-connectivity, sticky pistons spit out their blocks when given a 1-tick pulse, and BUD powering. Just sayin’.

    Nice house, tho.

    • BluFlyaway says:

      That’s what makes life easier bruh. The mechanisms are so much easier to control. Look at bedrock’s redstone. Monostable circuits don’t function properly, they are souch harder to compact and not to mention the observer blocks not detecting some updates and redstone connecting up to pistons
      when u don’t want them to making life harder. No sir, i prefer java edition’s redstone mechanics

    • Iwillreasureyou says:

      Dude, we’re talking that the pistons are slower, no buds, different observers, pistons being a like redstone component, moveable file entities and different monostable circuits. Redstone in Bedrock is not the original Redstone most people are used to.

    • LETMESNOW says:

      honestly, java edition is so much easier to do redstone on, I saw Blu’s double piston extender (or at least the version that you can make on bedrock edition), and it’s so much more complicated then a normal double piston extender on java edition.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing House

  3. Assassiner354 says:

    Nice house!

  4. Rikhil says:

    Every thing is untexterd because you put the education stuff other than that you did a great job 👌

  5. Exotickidjr says:

    Sup “really great world”

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Chris says:

    Cool House Good Job For Whoever Created It

  8. Meep says:

    What do they use for the chemistry

  9. Rem says:

    Cool one

  10. Toz says:

    I will a red stone house

  11. Notch says:

    I Officially say that i dont work in mojang.

  12. ParKourNinjaKid says:

    It is cool😮

  13. lightningfan says:

    how did you get the horse named horsey and what are his stats and how did you get them

  14. lightningfan says:

    what enchantments did the diamond sword have in the underground section

  15. eternity303 says:

    Very great map Blu I hope you notice this comment cuz I wanna use the concepts of the contraptions in this map in my upcomingap pls😁

  16. BroccolliJay says:

    this map has untextured stuff i hate it this sucks update it so it has textures

  17. Jb Mejica says:

    Nice map i like it

  18. HeroNotch says:

    Super COOL

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Angel says:


  21. moisesvieirasb says:


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