BrainGames 1 [Puzzle]

BrainGames 1 is a puzzle map which takes advantage of some of the new features introduced in 0.14 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. In total there are 7 levels and in each one you will be given very few hints, some blocks and the objective is to find out how to access the next level. The gameplay is quite similar to the popular MindDud puzzle map series.

Does your brain have the capacity to solve the puzzle? Download the map and find out!

Creator: AndrejHQ, Twitter Account


  • No cheating
  • Don’t break blocks (unless they are a part of the puzzle)

braingames braingames-1 braingames-2

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27 Responses

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  1. RudeGbx says:

    Where’s the download link

  2. Papiersnipper says:

    Congrats to the map maker! It was a really good map! I hope that there comes more maps cause it was fantastic!

  3. M3G4TR0NV0M1T says:

    The zip file is empty!

  4. Jorge says:

    Looks cool but, it could maybe have more challenges.

  5. RaphieeM says:

    I posted a video on this! 😀 This is a very cool map. Definitely worth donwloading!

  6. andyCarool says:

    Please make another link download like mediafire i cant download it on dropbox

  7. TheEvilBlazer says:

    Hey i recorded a video on this. Search for my channel TheEvilBlazer

  8. TheEvilBlazer says:
    Here’s the link to me playing it.

  9. ItsJustChris says: Can I be added to the hall of fame?

  10. Xso Diamond says:

    I recorded a video on this MY CHANNEL IS XSO DIAMOND

    Go here to watch it


  11. MineBlocks says:

    Is this only for Minecraft 0.14.0?

  12. Jadaven213 says:

    I want to be on hall of fame

  13. Shopnil Don says:

    I recorded

  14. harry says:

    i can’t download it

  15. Mateo says:

    there is nothing in the file

  16. Anonymous says:

    I did a video on this and OMG it did not work out as we expected… Not the map’s fault, but we are idiots hence why it didn’t work xD

  17. SocialT says:

    I really loved the map! My name is SocialT and I had a ton of fun playing your map!

  18. OctalSleet93051 says:

    This is cool

  19. NCL says:

    Please make this compatible with 1.2.x. I really want to play this map. Thank you!

  20. Anonymous says:

    The download link say file not found

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