Cakewars 2 (Teams) [PvP]

This is Cake Wars 2. It’s similar to the previous Cake Wars map released by Team Infinite Minds except for now that you will be able to play it with teams. Some features included are the trading and generator system. All functions of the map is automated by command blocks. For example, you won’t be able to start unless a certain amount of players have joined the game. The map is perfectly suitable for Realms or LAN parties!

Creator:Β Team Infinite Minds, Twitter Account, Website
Updated:Β 21 September, 2018 (read changelog)



  • New Items Shop
  • New Mode OP
  • New Loot Center Chest
  • Fixed Bugs


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6 Responses

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  1. AndroidMaster_22 says:


  2. Waluigi4Sma5h says:

    I just noticed this is the same thing as the cakewars that is posted just before this
    I can’t really see differences, still a well made map though

    If there are differences please point them out to me

  3. Team Infinite Minds says:

    I make improvements to some improvements and here I do them without the need to change links.

    that you can notice in the file that you download.

  4. Morgan says:

    Hey, did you steal this map and try to take credit as your own? Its literally the same map as CakeWars 2 PvP.

    • SicreckOM says:

      Hello, as the creator of the map, you can believe this. but I’m seeing that it will remove the map of sgcakewas

  5. Strike says:

    did anybody realize the download was in mcwolrd the team misspelled it but it is a pretty good map

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