Camouflage Block Mod

The Camouflage Block Mod lets you simply and fast turn one block into another. One use could be when you are building a structure and easily want to be able to shift the block types in the structure afterwards without having to mine them first. Instead you can just tap on the the camouflage blocks which you have used to build the structure with the type of block you want it to be instead.

Creator: wilco375

Block ID & Crafting Recipe

  • Camouflage Block (250) – 8 wood + 1 bonemeal

How to use it?

Place down a camouflage block and then tap on it with a block of your choice to make it shift into that block instead.


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7 Responses

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  1. husky24 says:

    Why can’t I down load it

  2. Belle Castro says:

    Can you please make this for ios

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