Camouflage Doors Resource Pack

This is a resource pack which changes the design for all of the doors in Minecraft to make them better blend in with the surrounding terrain. Mobs such as villagers or zombies will still treat the doors just as before so it’s more suitable for multiplayer servers where you want an easy option to hide something such as a base.

Creator: RealMrLava
Updated: 16 May, 2018 (new version!)

How does it work?

The textures for the doors have been redesigned to look just the same as to some of the most common terrain blocks in Minecraft. This means that you can much easier hide your base from other players. However, it will only work for players who have got the pack enabled at the same time as yourself (e.g. if the resource pack is required for a certain world).

  • Oak Door = Dirt Door
  • Spruce Door = Cobblestone Door
  • Birch Door = Sand Door
  • Jungle Door = Red Sand Door
  • Acacia Door = Stone Door
  • Dark Oak Door = Granite Door
  • Iron Door = Andesite Door
  • Wooden Trapdoor = Dirt Trapdoor
  • Iron Trapdoor = Stone Trapdoor

Here is an example of how it can be used in-game. In this case I built a small base on the inside of a mountain and then used a dirt door to hide it.

And here is another example for the stone trapdoor.


You will most likely use this in multiplayer. The tutorial below is for multiplayer. If you want it globally in single player then just go to Settings Global resources > Activate pack.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for the file here.

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99 Responses

3.63 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Bidoof12 says:

    Wow This Is great to hide a base I love it

    • Joey says:

      How did you get it to work?

      • Cameron Hodge says:

        Don’t you know how to read?! It tells you exactly how it works, stupid!

      • CommentControl says:

        All you have to do is press the .MCpack button, and hold on the download button, then click the button that says,”open”, you will then be redirected to another page, that says,”Open in MineCraft PE”. VOILA! It will start importing the resource pack… and it will be installed!

    • Dillon says:

      How do i install is and how do i use it because my blocklauncher ain’t working soo how do i use it

      • Ayu says:

        @ Dillon, find the file using a file explorer (most phones have one built in, but if you don’t have on). Click on it and if it gives you a choice of what to open it with, pick “Minecraft”. The app should open and it should say “resource pack importing…” or something like that. Find the world you want it in, go to the settings for that world, and find it in “resource packs” or “behavior packs”. Click on it and then click the plus button to add it to that world and you should be good! (If you’re planning on making it a multiplayer world, check the box that says something like “require other players to accept resource packs”) Blocklauncher is not required to install mods anymore.

  2. DaLurkingPotato says:

    This is smart. 👍🏼

  3. NFCorp2017 says:

    I have made a last GamerTag change because I don’t want to update it on Xbox every year so I will now be know as NFPEGamer. Can you change it to that on my posts

  4. Lukas says:

    This is amazing I was always waiting for something like this to be posted. 😀

  5. AddonLover says:

    The Last Door On The 2nd Picture Is Not A Gravel Door But It’s An Andesite Door.

  6. Big Smoke says:

    Editor it’s granite not gravel

  7. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Nice can make secret hidden base with this texture pack

    • Germ102 says:

      I can make so many Secret Bases with these camouflage doors and camouflage trapdoors 😂😂😂😂😉😉

  8. Big Smoke says:

    Editor it’s granite not gravel ok

  9. Son Goku says:


  10. Sean says:


  11. Sam says:

    Cool! I love it.

  12. MC guy says:

    Where is “the toturial below”

  13. Kyle says:

    Best addon EVER

  14. Rainbow🌈 says:

    Goood for secret bases ya know

  15. Fire_hunter says:


  16. Pietro888 says:

    hey, pls update this resource pack so it incorporates trapdoors, as some of my bases are straight underground!!

  17. Cheeriodude says:

    I’ve atually been looking for this for a while! Thanks!!! <3

  18. TheGhastKing332 says:

    Hey this looks awesome but you said the iron door is gravel but it is andisite sorry if this seems picky but it is andisite

  19. CosmicHunter298 says:


  20. PLS LOOK T THIS says:


  21. Maria Dizon says:

    Hi nice resource pack I hope they will add more camaflouge door

    • Germ102 says:

      Editor,can you PLEASE add more camouflage doors and more camouflage trapdoors PLEASE😟

      • leminecraft03 says:

        He can’t add blocks with a texture pack. Texture pack change textures of blocks. A mod can add blocks and mods on pe is only for androïd.

  22. Eddy says:

    Wow 10/10 amazing!!!

  23. Minecraft Master says:

    Hey Editor is the ultimate npcs mod compatible for mcpe version 1.0.2 and if it is plz give me the download link for mediafire plz bc i really want that mod

  24. Ayman says:

    Looks fab nice one.

  25. Unknown says:

    Nice Work Camouflage Doors God Work

  26. anonomous says:

    The iron is andesite not gravel

  27. anonomous says:

    The irondoor is andesite not gravel

  28. RealMrLava says:

    MCPEDL tnx for posting it! I will submit more awesome addons.

  29. RealMrLava says:

    Thank you for all that loves my Addon
    I promise I will create more addons.<3

  30. Charles beast 1 says:

    i love this i can finally make a hide and seek world

  31. 3vro5 says:

    Why is the resource pack called ‘…’? Lol

  32. SrGoulKaneki says:


  33. OguzTRPvP says:

    Haha awesome mod ADD-ON 🙂

  34. Kevin says:

    I think you should make an obsidian door!

  35. RealMrLava says:

    Editor in the last picture you say its a dirt trapdoor but itsba stone.

  36. Marmar says:

    Whenever I try to download it it takes me to a Zip file can you make it so there will be an mcpack

  37. maisong says:

    The stone trapdoor is labeled as dirt. It might just be a typo.

  38. ℅N®DN™ says:

    Wow Its Great.. I Like It..

  39. LondonzTaDahz says:

    Wow it’s Kinda sneaky I pranked My Sister and She Won’t find Her house XD
    She said Where is my house????

  40. Austin Davis says:

    You can go through birch half slabs at just the right angle
    It’s only happens when the resource pack is enabled
    Is this a bug?

  41. Hussein says:

    I am gonna hide my base from my brothers 😈

  42. Austin Davis says:

    Can you make one way glass

  43. Ariana says:

    I want the mod plz I cryed

  44. Angelcanchola says:

    Minecraft is the best game when I want to build minecraft is always there for me.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it to work. Every time I try it crashes. 😕

  46. Pongsakorn says:

    It good,I like it

  47. Camera says:

    I can’t download it

  48. Camera says:

    It doesn’t work

  49. Gevorg says:

    I can’t seem to download the recourse pack🤬

  50. Gamer-9281769 says:

    What am I trying to tell you Editor, is My submission to my map called: Fortnite Battle Royale have a unique mode than any other PvP maps because if you open the ender chest or the left-top on it (on inside a battle bus near the gliding area) it will have a lot of husk spawn eggs to use as a bot (you know video game AIs) but you only need to spawn 14 of them. This gamemode is called “Offline Mode” but in “Online Mode”, the player limitation is only up to 4 because of the chest items. There is a unique (and rarest) weapon is the “Infinity Gauntlet of undying”. Another unique Thing is A trident and 2nd rarest weapon, One of them have” loyalty” enchantment and one of them is normal. If download link not found i will fix it.

  51. Daniel says:

    When it finish downloading were can i find it

  52. ??? says:

    Make levers look like torches

  53. Nighr35355 says:

    I loooooooooove it sooooo much they look alike

  54. MinecraftProAlyson says:

    I love it! I can hide from my brother that always kills me! Its The best!

  55. Ooopf says:

    Mcpe is not showing it in my resource packs help me please

  56. I Am Basically The Wither Boss says:

    Im on de update aquatic and the new trapdoors look like ores so u can do it underground as long as there is ores around.

  57. Millie Ackland says:

    I think it’s cool but how do you download it

  58. Dancing Dream says:

    How do you download it?

  59. Anonymous says:

    Only the trapdoors works. The doors look regular.

  60. FuntimeLolbit says:

    i wish that there were concrete block doors. 🙁 btw i hav’nt played it yet XD

  61. Zed says:

    Its goood

  62. Something Wrong... Yay! says:

    I’ve been using this texture for a little while, but then I realised… WHAT! The Andesite door still acts like the iron door! Sadly I cant use that door for secret bases, but then I realised again… Yay! The Andesite door can be used for button secret bases!!! (Did I take so much time writing this comment?)

  63. I don't wanna use my real name says:

    I think the dirt trapdoor should be able to be grass

  64. Hamsapriya. J says:

    This oak door is amazing I can hide anywhere dude

  65. Hamsapriya. J says:

    I don’t know if I like it or not

    It took me hours to download it

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