Capes Addon

The Capes Addon lets you add a cape to your character in Minecraft PE. So far there are 10 different capes to choose from all which originally exist in the PC version of Minecraft.

The best thing about this mod is that the capes have a beautiful animation and will change in position based on how you move your character in-game.

Creator: Narax (Twitter Account), Erjill (Twitter Account)


How to set a cape?

Begin by installing the mod by installing the downloaded .APK file.

Next time you launch BlockLauncher a new button named Capes will appear in the bottom-right of the start screen. Tap on it once to open the capes menu.


Find the cape which you want to use and tap on it once. Then exit the capes menu and go in-game


The cape is added on the back of your player character and looks very much as it does on the PC version of Minecraft. It does have an animation which will make it move depending how you move your character which is very cool.



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132 Responses

4.5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Best Crafting PE says:

    really like this mod 😀

  2. Shafit57 says:

    Wow 🙂

  3. Fogarasi Katalin says:

    It was good 🙂

  4. Dariel says:

    Was heronrine made after steve

  5. cold_master1293 says:


  6. cold_master1293 says:

    Fun mod

  7. Leon tay says:


  8. Malekkiller says:

    I love cape

  9. CrossJoy says:

    Why my cape all are in black colour?

  10. _Aidan_ says:

    Does it work for iOS?

  11. Chloe says:

    Are you sure it only works for android I really wanted a cape on my IPhone.

  12. Notus says:

    Why all of the cape is black ?

  13. Nightdragon says:

    my dad doesn’t know how to use Dropbox

    • Editor says:

      Show him this (keep in mind that this will only work on Android devices (no Apple devices!)):

      1. Click the download link for Dropbox. When you try to download the mod a message will pop up on the screen asking you to login. But just ignore this and tap outside the login box on the dark area.
      2. Then click the download button again and the download process will start.
      3. Use a file manager app like ES File Explorer and use it to locate the downloaded file. Usually it should be located in your “Download” folder.
      4. Tap on the downloaded .apk file and install the mod, allow everything.
      5. Restart BlockLauncher and it should work. 🙂

  14. Darkangel says:

    this mod is very cool

  15. Person says:

    All my capes are black?!

  16. Kyle says:

    Editor pleaseeeee make a mod for 0.12.0 and capes with it pleaseeeeee ans put it on semptember 10 or 15

  17. whoiam says:

    How do i disable this mod?
    Its crash everytime i attacked a zombie

  18. Jazion says:

    Dear Maker Of This Mod, Can you make it for 0.12.1 too? i hope you make it for 0.12.1 b13.

  19. The pro player says:

    how do i dont wear the cape please help me when i chose a cape how do i un wear it plese someone help me

  20. Noob1 says:

    Is cape an instrument?

  21. Jhon_JCPE says:

    Wow this is so cool now i have cape in my survival letsplay 🙂

  22. Guest says:

    Is this addon working for 0.12.2 or at least 0.12.1?

  23. _TheHumanDroid_ says:

    I sure hope mojang adds capes son p.s is this working in Mcpe v0.12.3 alpha

  24. Ilongsqiud says:

    Dose this work on mutilplayer???

  25. Cymeru says:

    Why does it say “Error. The bla bla mod doesn’t bla bla with your version bla bla”. I have 12.3 yet it’s not compatible with it. Yes, I am using block launcher. The latest one. Not the premium one tho, but I guess that shouldn’t matter :/

  26. Mattyew says:

    A can you put this mod for different versions like 0.13.1

  27. Zaidzafar_ says:

    This work for mcpe 0.13.1 ?

  28. John says:

    Please editor I loved this last time when I had 0.11.1 please updated this to 0.13.1 or 0.14.0 please

  29. Amy Klingshirn says:

    this is a really awesome do:D

  30. BrittsPaws says:

    Is this compatible to 0.14.0?

  31. Natedog says:

    This isn’t for mcpe 0.14.0 plz add

  32. rylai says:

    Can this mod work on Mine craft 0.14.0? To: Editor

  33. Benjamin says:

    Is this for minecraft PE?

  34. William and says:

    Does it work for Kindle fire HD 7?

  35. mason626 says:

    Editer, how do you download this?

  36. Rhianna says:

    How do i install? I’m iOS and there is no download button

  37. Amy klingshirn says:

    I hope they can work out the problems in the future

  38. Dantdm says:

    It is good!!!

  39. Lance Hendricks says:

    Does this work for 0.14.3?

  40. Praveen says:

    Will it work on v0.14.2……????

  41. daeth_kid_1234 says:

    I love minecraft

  42. Darcy says:

    How do you get a cape on Minecraft Pe on your apple iPad

  43. TheBlockChef says:

    Does it work for 0.15.4?

  44. DanTDM says:

    You can update this mod?

  45. EllieThePug says:

    How do I get a cape?!?!?!?!?!?

  46. Anonymous says:

    If you are like on a multiplayer world, con other players see it?

  47. Roxykate says:

    Hi DanTDM love your videos

  48. Sean iOS says:

    Why everything android editor add a mcpack link and make it a addon why a mod give ios another chance to download this add it now

  49. Lovelikesmaps says:

    Yo how I get it off drobox
    I wonna use it

  50. Pat says:

    Someone help me I’m sorta new to Dropbox I don’t have the app someone plz tell me what to do after I download it to my iCloud Drive?

  51. Herobrine Renzedevil says:

    Haha time to kill player’s in the minecraft.My name:Herobrine Renzedevil

  52. Sanstheskeleton says:

    First of all. It’s not a add on second it says add on third it’s. Usless

  53. XxTeenDarthxX says:

    Da Editor ish right herobrine is a made up joke

  54. Enmonst says:


  55. Ricky5646 says:

    Editor please put this mod for the latest version of mcpe like all the versions please mostly on betas and the 1.0.4 please

  56. Ricky5646 says:

    Yep its a mod not add-on and add it fast for 1.0.4

  57. Ricky5646 says:

    And all the mcpe editions

  58. Bullet says:

    Does this work on ios?

  59. Cake says:

    I wish this was .mcworld!

  60. Deathsake says:

    Can it be for .mcworld?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Herobrine is real he doesn’t exist in Minecraft but he always comes to your world to warn us about entity 303 taking revenge against Minecraft and us!!!

  62. MexicanGamer says:

    Does it work for 1.0.6? My block launcher only supports 1.1.4,1.0.5 and 1.0.6
    Please respond as fast as possible.

  63. SaladAss says:

    What kind of version that works on that

  64. Sophie says:

    This won’t even work

  65. Jeremiah says:

    What version do I need

  66. Yamondreale says:

    This wont work for me how do u use it?

  67. Lost SilvetteYT says:

    Do u srsly Need Blocklauncher Pls Make One Without BlockLauncher

  68. Matthew says:

    Well i saw herobrine and i looked at the that where on but i was the only one and it on youtube aswell

  69. Hatlesspine8255 says:

    How does is work? But in 1.2 i make skin pack. But this cool for look

  70. daiverdasco says:

    Its says sorry we can find what you looking for >:( i want cape

  71. Cole Newing says:


  72. Anonymous says:

    Lol its not an addon…

  73. Player 2017 says:

    Make it for not only Android devices

  74. PikaPlayz says:

    It’s A 404 File But It’s Still Cool

  75. XUDamagedSteveXU says:

    “Addon” in the title.. “Mod” in the description..

    What even happened here?

  76. ColossalKarma43 says:

    When it took me to dropbox, it said it couldn’t find the .apk file!

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