Capture the Wool [PvP]

Capture the Wool is a map for up to 12 players with six players on each team. The map starts out in a united area where all the players spawn. From there you will have to split up in two teams and then head in the two different directions based on which team you are on.


The next thing each team member has to do is to choose his player class.

  • King
  • Scout
  • Builder
  • Archer
  • Soldier
  • Tank

Each class got its own unique gear and weapons and the player should play accordingly to what class he has chosen.

Once chosen a class each there are a couple of beds in the same room. Pick one each and do some sleeping to set your spawn points.


Once everybody has chosen a class each and continued toward their base then somebody should start a countdown from ten in the text chat.

As soon the game has started one of the main objectives is to protect the holy wool which each base got one block of and it’s located in the center of the base.

The other main objective is to capture the other team’s wool block and bring it to your base and place it on top of your own wool. When that’s done then that team has won.

Creator: Kmaan31

ctw1 ctw2 ctw3 ctw4 ctw5 ctw6 ctw7


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7 Responses

  1. vilethedisester says:

    How to do multiplayer with out WiFi ???

  2. vilethedisester says:

    Can’t use wifi when I try it it say cannot connect to world???

  3. aaron says:

    When I try to open the world it just crashes.

  4. Minecraft king says:

    Can you pleeeeaaaasssseeee add a link to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DashingEscape says:

    me to

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