Castle Adventure [Adventure]

Recently an evil villager decided to overthrow your kingdom and proclaim himself as king. This obviously comes as bitter news and it’s up to you to take back what was once yours and reinstate yourself as king. It’s a fun map where you need to search for clues to find the tools you’ll need to save the kingdom.

Creator: MattH44
Updated: 19 March, 2017 (read changelog)


You’ve long ruled your kingdom but recently someone overthrew you! He is an evil man and your people is now being ruled by a complete maniac. You need to find a way to destroy him and take back your lost kingdom. To do this you’ll need a couple of different tools..


  • Play in easy
  • Survival mode
  • Max 10 render distance
  • Don’t break blocks


  • The Evil King is now the Wither Boss
  • Must be played in easy difficulty
  • Some tools are replaced with enchanted items
  • Inner castle is redesigned
  • Boss fight

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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72 Responses

  1. ARTISTIC BOY!! says:

    Where is the location in clue 2? It’s absolutely not in the MARKET SQUARE

  2. Guitardude says:

    This looks cool

  3. Christopiedia says:

    I thought the map was excellent! I love medieval design, and it had just that. Plus the storyline was great. It reminded me of some jacksepticeye animation on YouTube about him as a king. Thanks for making this man! I had a lot of fun.

  4. Code man says:

    That was awesome but you might want to make the villager king a little more strong or powerful well.. you know what
    I mean.

  5. Alina says:

    Soooooo fun i need more

  6. RedGoomba1989 says:

    Wow! This map was great! And to the comment above, yes, it is in the market squeare. Just look carefully! 5/5 stars

  7. Adam says:

    I Don’t Like it because… I LOVE IT!

  8. Jamin says:

    Great map. But I found some flaws. While doing it I accidentally found clue 10 after getting clue 6. Maybe keep the exits to the mini game blocked off so this doesn’t happen. Also for the quiz part is cheatable. All the correct ones have a pressure plate on the other side of the door

  9. KingJeff314 says:

    It was all great except the villager king was a bit disappointing. You should have had some sort of challenge like skeletons or tnt

  10. Secret says:

    I really Dong like yours map I actually Love it

  11. A Minecraft player says:

    Dude this map was solo good

  12. Port says:

    I like this map 🙂

  13. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Wow! Cool map i finish it! Pls make more!

  14. SweetyGamer says:

    I really liked it is is the best adventure map I’ve done so far good luck making more maps in future

  15. Jeffrey11 says:

    Best map ever make some more like this

  16. Anthony_Was_Here says:

    Nice map!

  17. Nilogamer05 says:

    Wheres the biggest melon stack I cant find it

  18. I'm not going anywhere says:

    Click on a lever and it will open up. I already have finished the map.

  19. FlipflopCutie says:

    I’m sorry, but what’s Clue 1: Beacon? I couldn’t find it…

  20. FlipflopCutie says:

    Actually, found it. Never mind my 1st comment!

  21. Spaz says:

    The map it’s self is okay, but the ending is gay

  22. Spaz says:

    Over all it was good, but I thought u would need to kill the ender dragon, thus the ender crystals, not kill two villagers locked up, maybe add the wither as a final boss in an underground lair, but good job

  23. DanLM says:

    How do I download this map please help me I’m a starter

  24. SelenaGomezIsDaBest says:


  25. Sam says:

    That was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  26. Mom 😘 says:

    This is such a fun map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no prize

  27. Ephraim Sun says:


  28. G real says:

    The best map ever

  29. Huggles says:

    Omg best game ever you are awesome

  30. JLan123 says:

    A few things;
    Please make the areas not open until you press a lever in the previous area
    Don’t give one hit kill tools
    Make the battle harder, maybe drop us into the end
    And the gate could be all fences, down, and when you press the gate key (now a button) it pushes gravel up forcing the fences up, opening gate

    Thanks if you reply

  31. YongYea says:

    Was the digit code

  32. YongYea says:

    MattH44 what was the digit code is

  33. Olivia Conklin says:

    The map was great!😊

  34. Seakitten3084 says:

    How do you get those huge levels on those tools? Can you be on 1.0.4 to get that kind of tools? Thanks

  35. Harley says:

    Instead of fighting the wither you should make it where you have to go to the end and get an enchanted bow!! That would be super fun and there should be places where you can buy dirt blocks and other items

  36. Matthew says:

    How do u make the items so op

  37. CMAN says:

    This map has promise, but it is far too laggy. No way I could play this.

  38. James says:

    Great map although the emerald parkour can be cheated by jumping on the block on the right when you fall down and the wither at the end blew up the roof and flew away so I had to go into creative to chase it down, but otherwise great map I really enjoyed finding the tools

  39. Darklord says:

    Best map ever

  40. MattTheMiner44 says:

    1-cool design

    2-easy clues
    I well give it a 8.5/10
    With the title of EPIC MAP

  41. Nopz says:

    My goodness so many comment reading

  42. Bdude1994 says:

    Do you mind if I record this for YouTube?

    • MattH44 says:

      No, that would be awesome! Once you’ve made the video, can you comment the link of the video in the comment section?

  43. Odd lemon says:

    Great map. Took a bit of time to complete but definitely worth it. Nice job man

  44. Odd lemon says:

    Great map. Took a bit of time to complete but definitely worth it. Nice job man

  45. Katie says:

    Where’s clue 5?

  46. Spaz says:

    MattH44 you’re a legend, ima spaz

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